Book 8: Chapter 65 - Got in Touch

“Hahahaha!” I burst out in laughter. I added, “I said that so you could live longer. When you were in a coma, the moment I said that I was going to look for a few more men, you almost woke up from anger.”

“That’s enough!” He suddenly flipped me over and pushed me down beneath him again, staring down at me aggressively. “Do you want to see my superpower?!” he bellowed. His expression and tone had already returned to His Highness Xing Chuan’s threatening manner.

I chuckled under him and his stern expression relaxed in my chuckle as he gave in. I hugged him as his weight settled onto my body, and he lay there like a child resting in his mother’s embrace.

“I think it’s quite nice like this too,” I said. My eyes were filled with the sight of nebulae. I had once thought that I could simply see nebulae from here. It was only now that I’d found out that the place simply worked like an observatory.

“With you and Harry… How did it feel?” Xing Chuan suddenly asked a silly question.

“What do you mean, how did it feel?” I was confused.

Cough.” He looked embarrassed, asking, “That night, Harry was boasting about it, did you know?”

I blushed, crying, “Harry, that idiot!”

“After that night, he came to me to boast about it. He told me I didn’t have to transform him back, because he thinks his current form is even better than his old one.”

My heart was racing. How dare Harry go around talking about that! I complained, “You men sure like to talk about these things when you have nothing to do, huh?!”

“Yeah,” Xing Chuan admitted frankly. I rolled my eyes speechlessly. They were like a prime minister, two generals, and a work minister around me. But they discussed matters like that when they gathered among themselves?! They were just like ordinary men when their lofty images were taken away.

“It’s an expression of confidence by men. So, I think you’ll be exhausted in the future."

“… What do you mean?”

He lifted his body off me and smirked playfully, saying, “Because there will be competition, with victory and defeat to be determined in bed.”

I pretended that I didn’t understand, gasping, “You want to determine victory and defeat in bed?! Am I the judge?!” Xing Chuan’s face grew grave in an instant.

“Hahaha!” I laughed heartily. I joked, “Xing Chuan, who is always cautious, meets his comeuppance too. Hahaha! Mm!”

A kiss interrupted my laughter, and I couldn’t laugh anymore as my lips were locked with his under the stars…

On the second day, He Lei led his brothers in the Aurora Legion, rushing to drill the troops and pick up where they’d left off. The troops were warriors who had once followed Harry and He Lei, so they adapted very quickly.

Lucifer patrolled high in the sky. The skies in the north were freezing cold, but he wasn’t afraid. He and Harry shared the same constitution. They weren’t afraid of the cold, but they were weak to heat. As their human genes were integrating well, their heat resistance was growing stronger too.

I pushed Xing Chuan along and stood in front of Ice Dragon’s hatch. We saw He Lei training his troops in the hangar. It was a pathetic sight to see that they only had fewer than a hundred soldiers left.

I’d remembered my first visit to the Aurora Legion. It had been filled with people from top to bottom, going in and out of every tunnel. Although they had worn tattered clothing, they could rely on each other. The elderly had taken care of the young children. The men had looked after the women. It had been everyone’s home.

I looked up, seeing the empty base that looked like a beehive. I said, “The old monster ordered Chaksu to gather the metahumans on the ground, but he took in many people who didn’t have superpowers too. Why?” According to Silver Moon City’s merciless character, they definitely wouldn’t waste their resources on ordinary people.

“To win people’s hearts, one has to project the image of a saint. Cough, cough…” Xing Chuan coughed.

I shook my head, saying, “I think it wasn’t that. Maybe Chaksu really sincerely wanted to help these people who had nowhere to go, because he wasn’t a human but he wanted to become one…”

Xing Chuan looked at me sideways, asking, “He’s already dead. Does it matter if he was a good or bad man?”

I was confused, “I don’t know… Although Margaery ate humans, she didn’t allow the other Ghost Eclipsers to touch the women in her livable zones. Although Corpse King was wicked, he was loyal to Margaery. They weren’t good people, but I always saw traces of humanity in them…”

Xing Chuan turned to look ahead as He Lei stole glances at us while he trained the soldiers. Xing Chuan let out a light chuckle, saying, “Listening to what you say… The people on Silver Moon City are the ones who bear no humanity. They are the true Ghost Eclipsers of this world… Cough, cough…

I put his blanket on him and said, “Let’s go back into Ice Dragon.”

Xing Chuan waved, replying, “Boring.” Zong Ben spiraled down from above, landing on his armrest. Xing Chuan looked at him while he glanced back and lay down.

I looked at Zong Ben curiously, asking, “What equipment did Raffles upgrade for you?” Zong Ben ignored me, stretching. He closed his wings and wrapped his body in them, behaving mysteriously.

“Your Highness, He Lei! Your Highness! He Lei!” Suddenly, Uncle Yorkshire called for us from the tunnel, running and waving.

He Lei shouted at Doggo and the others, saying, “You carry on!”

“Yes!” They replied in unison and continued training.

As Uncle Yorkshire arrived in front of us, He Lei came over too. He asked Uncle Yorkshire seriously, “Uncle Yorkshire, what’s up?”

Uncle Yorkshire told us happily, “Silver Moon City received our message and said that they want to speak to He Lei.” He then looked at He Lei.

He Lei looked at Xing Chuan and I. We nodded at him and he vanished in an instant.

Uncle Yorkshire looked at us with a reserved look, “Everything happened just as you predicted.” He couldn’t help but steal a few glances at Xing Chuan out of curiosity.

They still didn’t know that the old man I was pushing around was the once high and mighty His Highness Xing Chuan, who had been handsome and admired by many girls.

Still, Uncle Yorkshire didn’t ask about him out of politeness. They had probably only seen that Xing Chuan was old and in a wheelchair, looking pitiful. We hadn’t explained in detail, either.

“Did they ask about Chaksu?” I asked Uncle Yorkshire.

Uncle Yorkshire nodded, “Just as you guessed, they asked. They asked where Chaksu was. We replied as you instructed, saying he was sick."

The recent events had become funny, in a sense. Silver Moon City definitely wanted to hide the fact that they’d had moles among the Aurora Legion. So, they had to pretend that they didn’t know about Chaksu’s death, even though they had to ask about him publicly. Even if the person who asked had no idea that Chaksu was the mole, Cang Yu would have gotten them to ask the question anyway.

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