Book 8: Chapter 64 - Sit Together and Have a Heart-to-heart Talk

“But… I like men who speak like this. It feels very elegant and wise. I like men like this,” I said happily.

Pfft. Then you shouldn’t like Harry,” Xing Chuan joked.

I chuckled, replying, “Right. I found it strange too. I should have liked Raffles back then. Raffles should have been my type: Smart, wise, elegant. But he was too timid. He only confessed his love for me when Harry encouraged him to.”

“Harry really loves you. You make him worry all the time,” Xing Chuan said with a smile. He became apologetic, saying, “I ruined him, but he… forgave me…"

“And that’s why I love him. He always says that he wants to safeguard my kindness, but he’s always been far kinder than I am. When you transform back, leave him the way he is. He’s been enjoying his merman self recently. He’s been showing off everyday.”

“Hehehe… Yeah, because he wants to become the only one by your side. No matter how outstanding Raffles and Ah Zong are, they’re humans. He wants to be different. He became so much better looking when he grew hair…” Xing Chuan said. “Plus, he looks better than the ordinary Harry did back then…”

“Haha. He would be proud of himself if he heard you giving him compliments. You’re his greatest competitor!”

“Yeah…” He wore a doting smile, looking at me deeply. He lifted his hand to stroke my face.

I smiled at him, saying, “You should rest.”

He shook his head, saying, “I read about a phenomenon in an ancient book: Momentary recovery of consciousness just before death. I’m worried that I’ll never see you again if I close my eyes…”

“Nonsense! This isn’t a momentary recovery of consciousness before death! It won’t be so long. Don’t be silly!” I looked at him angrily, saying, “I hope Silver Moon City will come to me sooner. Then I can look for Cang Yu in Silver Moon City! I’ll grab him by the neck and make him return the lives he consumed! The inhumane b*stard!”

His gaze became worried and somber as he repeated my words. “You want… Silver Moon City to come to you?”

I realized that I’d let something slip by accident. I smiled, saying, “To come to us. Xing… Say… will we fall asleep looking at each other?” I looked deeply into his eyes. I really hoped that one day everyone could just lie down and look at each other without worry.

He smiled, saying, “I don’t know. I used to fall asleep looking at the stars in the sky… I felt as if my mother were looking into my eyes, and it made me feel at ease…”

“Me too. The Earth I came from is a star in the sky here. So, I feel as if my family is watching me from the sky too. It makes me feel at ease… Ha!” I suddenly realized, “It turned out that it’s true when people say that family is watching us from above! It might be true that the humans on Earth originally came from other planets too. They look up into the starry night sky when they miss their families. That belief must have come from this.”

“Possibly…” Xing Chuan nodded in agreement.

We looked at each other and smiled. The stars had become our families. We clasped our hands together, interlacing our fingers, and slowly went to sleep watching each other…

A warm breeze blew against my face and I slowly opened my eyes. I saw the brilliant universe before me, magnificent nebulae spiraling in the distance.

“The most beautiful scenery in Silver Moon City is here…” Xing Chuan said. I turned around in confusion, and I was surprised to see the original Xing Chuan. His short black hair fluttered in the breeze, showing his handsome face vaguely. He was looking at the nebula in the distance. He lifted his hand, pointing at the sky. “The glass here is made of telescopic material. That’s why we can see the nebulae from here.”

I looked down and saw the entirety of Silver Moon City. We were at the back of his room, the tip of the silver moon. I remembered this place. Xing Chuan had always stood here, watching the nebulae in the distance.

I looked at him with confusion, because I had only seen Jun and Zong Ben in my dreams before. Is the Xing Chuan before my eyes real?

I extended my hand to touch his face, feeling a sense of warmth. The sensation told me that he was real!

He raised his hand and wrapped it around mine. He turned to look at me, saying, “It’s real. I poked you earlier too."

“Huh? Hahahaha!” I chuckled, saying, “It turns out that you have your childish moments too…”

Suddenly, he pounced at me and kissed my lips. The very next moment, his body was pressing against mine, pushing me down to the ground. He bit my lips aggressively. His burning, passionate kiss released his pain and suppressed desire for me.

We began panting as the temperature rose. I immediately pushed him away and broke the kiss. His eyes burned darkly as he said, “Bing, my time…”

I quickly covered his mouth, saying angrily, “All the more reason why you can’t have me under such conditions.” I knew his character. Plus, he had never hid his desire for me.

I looked at him seriously, saying, “If you were to fulfill your wish here today, would you still want to live?”

His gaze became dull. I bit my lips, which were numb from his chewing. I said, “Don’t worry. When I’m certain you’re going to die, I’ll grant you your wish so you can die in peace.”

He let out a stifled laugh. He turned around and lay next to me, saying, “I would forsake myself too… I’m such an old man. How can I not know about my body’s condition? I’m a goner…”

I supported my body up and looked at him with a malicious smile. “But now we know we can do this,” I said playfully, winking at him.

He was stunned, and his eyes boiled with desire again.

“But… why?” I looked at my hand and then at his. Our burning hands clasped together again. “I’ve seen your memories… I used to experience this with Jun and Zong Ben, but that was because of the spirit flower and blue crystal energy…”

“It might be because our symbiotic flowers have shared more intimate contact now…” Xing Chuan stroked my face, looking at me. “If I knew I could do this, I would have wanted sleep with you everyday…”

I rubbed my cheek against his palm, saying, “If we had known this was going to happen, I might already be yours if you had brought me back to Silver Moon City…” 

A pang of regret flashed across his eyes. He said, “Yeah. So, I’m the dumbest person in the world. I’m the one who gave you to Harry, that idiot…” He looked upset. He obviously regretted his choice.

I chuckled, saying, “Thank you for giving me such an interesting life, for allowing me to meet Harry, Raffles and Ah Zong, for letting me receive love from so many men…”

“Stop…” He suddenly retracted his hand and clutched his heart. His eyebrows were tightly knitted, as though someone had stabbed him in the heart.

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