Book 8: Chapter 63 - I Only Want to Look at You in My Last Moment

“But we can’t lose you…” She choked back sobs. Her sorrowful voice spread out from behind her fingers. Ice Dragon lowered his chin in silence too.

“Cang Yu is inhumane!” I roared at Xiao Ying. At that moment, I lost it. Why couldn’t she understand that our mission couldn’t fail, because it would affect the fate of all humans?

I took a deep breath to calm myself down. I spoke again, saying, “Xiao Ying, once we fail, Cang Yu will counterattack against Radical Star. He’ll stop at nothing to destroy us because he won’t allow anyone to be evenly matched with Silver Moon City and escape his control, obstructing his plans. If we failed, the world would be in his hands again and everything would go back to how it was. Xiao Ying, we only have this one chance. My success rate is low, but yours is high! We can’t lose this opportunity. Ice Dragon is only a bunch of data. He can’t calculate a person’s feelings! Hagrid Jones is obsessed with metahumans. He’ll definitely need my genes. I can buy time. Trust me, I’ll be fine!” I reassured her loudly, because how could I comfort her if I was hesitant myself?

“Then, you’d better promise!” Xiao Ying extended her hand before me. Her hand gradually appeared in reality. She lifted her pinky, looking at me and sobbing, “Promise!”

My heart ached. I looked at her, nodding with a smile. “Mm! I promise!” I lifted my pinky and hooked it onto hers. She jumped at me and a bunch of data suddenly materialized in front of me, wailing tearfully. “When everything has ended, let’s go back to Noah to get Xue Gie and the others!”

“Mm, when this ends, let’s reunite with Xue Gie and the others in Noah,” I said. We hugged each other in the cockpit for a long time. Sisters, are you doing well? Xiao Ying and I miss you a lot.

I took out my badge again. Xiao Ying looked at it and nodded silently. She turned herself into a stream of data, entering my badge. I put my badge back onto my chest, feeling the additional weight of another life in it as I wore it.

Ice Dragon looked at me in silence. It was his first time behaving so quietly.I looked at  him, saying, “It’s rare that you’re so quiet.”

Ice Dragon kept quiet for a while before he looked at me and said, “I think I have feelings now. I’m sad, and it affects my judgment. Master, I feel that your survival rate is increasing because I added in the factor of emotions. I reckon Cang Yu will be affected by emotions too.”

Hmph, does he have emotions…” I shook my head, chuckling.

Ice Dragon pointed at my chest, saying, “Don’t forget whose belonging you brought with you. He has no feelings for you, but he had an intimate relationship with that person. According to my studies of humans, no matter how rational a person might be, they would break down if they saw the belongings of their loved one.”

I looked at Ice Dragon and he slowly gave me a thumbs up. I couldn’t help but laugh, but the sound faded quickly. I walked forward and hugged his holographic figure.

“Master, you’re acting as if you aren’t coming back. Don’t do that…” He choked back sobs, “I feel like crying now…”

“I’ll be back, pal! You’re connected to me at all times. You’ll know if anything happens to me, right?”


“So, don’t let me die. I believe in your analysis and judgment. You’ll just have to save me then,” I said as I let go of him. He wore an extremely solemn expression, something I had never seen on his face since I’d first known him. That expression reminded me of Haggs.

“I wouldn’t let anything happen to you, my dear Master!” he said grimly, as if he were making an oath. I believed in Ice Dragon. What he said gave me peace of mind.

When I left the cockpit, Xing Chuan suddenly appeared in the doorway. He was in his wheelchair, staring at my face. I felt guilty at his sharp stare, asking, “How, how long have you been here?”

He didn’t answer. He turned and said, “I don’t have much time left. I want to be with you at all times when I’m awake. To look at you…”

I smiled, saying, “Sure.” I pushed his wheelchair and walked forward.

Cough…” His coughing became worse than before, and more frequent, too. He needed to rest. Only when he was asleep would his coughing subside.

“Didn’t I ask Raffles and Lucifer to send you back?” I pushed him into my room.

He coughed into his fist, saying, “I told Lucifer to monitor the brainwaves within this region and assigned Raffles to strengthen Zong Ben’s equipment. Cough, cough…

“Strengthen Zong Ben’s equipment?” I asked, looking at him with confusion.

Cough, cough, cough, cough… Cough, cough…” He was coughing so badly that he couldn’t talk.

I patted his back, saying, “Don’t talk. Let’s get some rest first.”

Cough, cough, cough…” He coughed, nodding.

I took his face mask from the armrest and put it on him. It was like an atomizer for treatment. It could stop him from coughing. I made the back of his chair recline and turned it into a bed, putting it next to mine.

I put a blanket on him then lay on my bed, as if I were sleeping next to him. I turned to look at him and he was stupefied. It was our first time sleeping so close together ever since I’d brought him back to Queen Town.

“Does it feel like that?” I asked, chuckling.

He breathed gently, asking softly, “Like what?”

“Like back in Silver Moon City. When you slept next to me…” I held his hand under the blanket. His eyes grew moist. He nodded, saying, “This is my worst punishment from God… I couldn’t have you when I loved you, I can’t do it anymore when I have you… Hehehe…” He made fun of himself and let out a long, heavy sigh. He said, “This is what I deserve… Hehehehe…”

When he was young, he’d had stamina and a powerful superpower, but he couldn’t have my love. Now, he had my love, but his body was in a sorry state. Even if he had the energy to, his arrogant self wouldn’t allow him to sleep with me in his hoary form.

He’d once asked for it, but couldn’t get it. It was the same then, but different.

“Xing, I’ll transform you back…” I said, holding his hand tightly.

I looked at him while he smiled at me behind the mask, saying, “Merely to sleep with thee, I am content…”

“Since when did you become so poetic?” I let out a burst of stifled laughter. He made me feel as if we were in the ancient times of the world where I came from.

“Do you like it?” he asked, looking at me gently. His eyes were as bright as stars, saying, “We had ancient times here too. I read some books here so you would find it more familiar.”

“It’ll only make me feel as if I’m traveling in time,” I joked. Which guy my age would speak like that? They were either talkative or emo guys.

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