Book 8: Chapter 62 - Plan C

I stopped pushing Xing Chuan’s wheelchair and looked at him for a long time.

“What’s wrong?” Xing Chuan asked, coughing lightly.

I looked at him with confusion, asking, “Why did you not know who the spies for Silver Moon City were among the Aurora Legion? Have you never contacted the moles among the Aurora Legion?”

“Bing, how could you suspect Xing?” Raffles asked angrily. He thought I was suspecting Xing Chuan.

I quickly explained myself. “Of course I’m not suspecting him. I just find it hard to believe. Xing was supposed to be the inheritor of Silver Moon City. He was considered the old monster’s most important ambassador, but the old monster hid this from him. He didn’t trust him.” The old monster hadn’t believed in Xing Chuan. Who did he trust besides himself? He didn’t treat anyone on Silver Moon City as a friend or family member. He didn’t love anyone. Was he not lonely living like that? He lived in Silver Moon City, which was cold and filled with robots. Had he ever thought of living with Professor Yin Yue?

Cough, cough…” Xing Chuan coughed and continued, “I was full of myself back then. I held the disorderly Aurora Legion in contempt. So, I thought the Aurora Legion didn’t deserve Silver Moon City’s attention. In the end, the Aurora Legion was actually formed by someone the old monster sent. Cough, cough. Hmph… Heh, it’s obvious that I am only an artificial human in the old monster’s eyes. He viewed me as a spare part, a chess piece. I didn’t deserve to know all his plans… Cough, cough… A chess piece that he could abandon at any time. How could I know too many secrets?”

Sigh…” I sighed, nodding. I added, “Yeah. He couldn’t throw you off and expose his secret.”

“It’s lonely playing god too…” Raffles said, sighing. He then held Xing Chuan’s shoulder and looked at me, saying, “Bring Xing to get some rest…”

I thought for a while and looked at Raffles, saying, “You bring Xing to the medic capsule. I have something to take care of.”

“Sure.” Raffles pushed Xing Chuan into the room, while Xing Chuan turned to look at me, coughing. His sharp gaze revealed his suspicion.

I felt guilty underneath his gaze. I felt as if no secrets could escape his eyes. I quickly turned and walked to the cockpit. The door opened and I called, “Xiao Ying.”

Xiao Ying immediately appeared in front of me, asking, “Are we… executing plan B now?” She smiled at me.

I was in no mood to joke with her. I replied, “I’m afraid that we have to prepare for plan C.”

“What?” The smile on Xiao Ying’s face vanished. She looked at me anxiously, asking, “Do we have to use plan C? Are you sure?!”

Plan C was the plan that only Xiao Ying and I knew, because the backup plan couldn’t be discovered by Harry, Ah Zong, Raffles, Xing Chuan, He Lei, and Lucifer. Once they found out, they wouldn’t agree with it.

I’d mentioned once that I could just head to Silver Moon City because Cang Yu would definitely want to capture me. But they had objected to the idea vigorously because they loved me and cared for me. They didn’t want to see me get hurt or to be in any kind of danger.

But, I’d set up plan C in secret anyway. The only other party who knew of it was Ice Dragon. It was meant to be the final plan if both plan A and plan B failed. It was also the final plan I’d had in the event Silver Moon City captured me.

The plan was much simpler compared to the other two plans. I would bring Xiao Ying with me. When Silver Moon City captured me, I would bring her along with me. Then, I would fall with Silver Moon City. In plan C, I could bring Xiao Ying into Silver Moon City smoothly, but my safety was uncertain due to the unfamiliarity of Cang Yu’s superpower.

Previously, Raffles and Haggs had concluded that Cang Yu’s superpower would be similar to mine. In short, Cang Yu wasn’t afraid of high radiation. It was proven that he could resist level eight radiation, as we had met in the garden library back then. We had never seen him entering the center of any radiation zone after that. So, it was unknown if he could resist radiation at the same level I could, but it wasn’t impossible.

If he wasn’t afraid of radiation, I, who was a super strong metahuman to other metahumans, would become an ordinary person in front of him.

Besides the ability to absorb and release blue crystal energy, I had no other superpowers. However, Cang Yu had a terrifying superpower we didn’t understand. It was also the reason why Xing Chuan, Harry and the other men had been against my plan.

Once I became an ordinary person, losing the protection of blue crystal energy, I couldn’t attack. Victory and defeat in the battle between us would be unpredictable then.

Xiao Ying fell silent. Ice Dragon appeared next to her, smiling. He reported, “Master, I have the obligation to remind you that the success rate of your plan C is 99.99%, but your personal survival rate is less than 40%.”

“Shut up!” I didn’t want to hear anything gloomy before the war. It would affect my emotions.

“There’s a 98% chance that Cang Yu is a super anti-radiation metahuman like you are…” Ice Dragon obviously ignored my command and continued, “He survived the explosion of the blue crystal stone back then. The other scientists who worked with him vanished, but only he survived. That process sounds similar to your release of energy; others disintegrate, but you remain intact. Therefore, there’s a 98% chance that your superpower will be useless against him.”

“Bing… you heard that. You’d better be cautious,” Xiao Ying advised anxiously.

“Plus, we aren’t sure if Cang Yu has a second superpower,” Ice Dragon continued to nag. “Even if he doesn’t, Silver Moon City is his home territory. Mm… Master, you’re out of the running…”

“Xiao Ying, reformat him.” I glared at Ice Dragon and he immediately shut his mouth, still smiling.

Xiao Ying remained silent. I took off the Radical Star badge on my chest, placing it in front of her. I said, “Come on.”

Xiao Ying looked away, looking demotivated. She said, “You’re always sure of success, but there’s less than fifty percent chance of winning this time. I can’t agree.” 

“Xiao Ying! This is an order!” I roared.

“But you say that everyone has to come back alive all the time. Does that not include yourself?!” Xiao Ying roared back.

I clenched the badge in my hand tightly, saying, “It’s exactly because the success rate isn’t high, so we have to succeed on the first try. If we lose this opportunity, there’s no telling when we’ll get another! And if we fail, we might bring a disastrous war to Radical Star!” I looked at Xiao Ying, telling her solemnly, “Radical Star was just established not long ago. Everyone is still working hard to build a beautiful home. Can you watch our beautiful Radical Star being engulfed in war again?!”

Xiao Ying lowered her chin and became quiet again. I continued, “Think about your Moon Palace. Your beautiful husbands and your children…”

Xiao Ying slowly covered her ears, shaking her head vigorously. She bellowed, “I don’t want to listen to you! I don’t want to listen to you! I don’t want anything to happen to you!”

“Xiao Ying! We’re warriors!” I roared at her. She began sobbing sorrowfully, covering her face.

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