Book 8: Chapter 61 - Restrained Actions with Silence

“Wha-what?!” The three uncles were surprised, exclaiming, “The children on Silver Moon City are artificial too?”

“Yes,” Raffles answered. He wore a somber look, explaining, “But the children don’t know. Bing intentionally kept it a secret because she didn’t want the children to find out after we took control of Silver Moon City."

“We understand now…” The three uncles nodded, sighing. Their emotions were complicated.

“That’s why Silver Moon City will figure out a way that causes the least damage to itself…” Su Yang continued coldly. “Although the Aurora Legion didn’t maintain much power and Silver Moon City didn’t bother with you, they’ll be fearful of the unknown military strength that the North Star brought, which is to say, the people on my battleship,” Su Yang said, pointing at himself. “In the meeting earlier, Lil Bing didn’t go into detail about my military strength. To Silver Moon City, it poses a great enough threat. When the mole reports to them about Lil’ Bing wiping out the Ghost Eclipsers, they will definitely assume that Lil’ Bing has powerful military strength. According to my understanding about Silver Moon City, they won’t send troops to fight against us. The same way they never fought against the Ghost Eclipsers head on back then, because they were fearful of the Ghost Eclipsers’ power.”

The uncles exchanged glances, nodding. Uncle Hesher looked at Su Yang confusedly, saying, “You… are the Great Ghost King?”


“Why do you know so much about Silver Moon City?” Uncle Mucheng couldn’t help but ask.

Su Yang looked at them and paused. Uncle Hesher lifted his hand, beckoning, “We’d better not ask. What we need the most now is to trust each other.”

Su Yang was stunned but he seemed relieved, saying, “It’s okay. Because… I am the old monster’s son.”

The three uncles gawked in surprise. They couldn’t even gasp in admiration.

“And…” A pang of disappointment flashed across his eyes. He looked at the pile of flesh in the electric cage, saying, “I’m just like him. I was made.”

The three uncles slowly closed their mouths awkwardly. Their expression grew complicated. They looked at Su Yang, not knowing how to respond.

“I think they might possibly go according to our plan,” I said, catching everyone’s attention and also soothing their awkwardness. I continued, “They should send someone down to get in touch with us, just as we planned, because they know that that will be when we have the least manpower and have the fewest guards. So…”

“They’ll send an elite troop,” Su Yang added. He smirked and said, “So, whether they’re here to attack or to negotiate, we’ll achieve our goal. They’ll be sending a spaceship down.”

Raffles smiled too, saying, “That’s right. Our plan is to capture Silver Moon City’s spaceship. As for the plan after conquering the spaceship, Lil’ Bing didn’t clarify. So, the mole should have no idea what our plan is.”

We exchanged glances and the three uncles became cautious, saying, “Whatever we said now definitely can’t spread beyond this interrogation room!”

“Mmhmm!” They all nodded at the same time.

“What’s your plan, Lil’ Bing?” Su Yang looked at me seriously, and the three uncles did the same.

I thought for a while before I said grimly, “We’ll deal with the changes without making a move. We’ll cope with shifting events by sticking to a fundamental principle!”

Everyone nodded in agreement. We were aware of the existence of the second mole, but he didn’t know that we knew of his existence. So, we would use him to call down Silver Moon City.

Originally, Silver Moon City might have looked down upon the Aurora Legion and ignored the invitation for a meeting. They might not have sent anyone down, or they might have only sent an ordinary spaceship that didn’t connect to the server. We would have had to figure out other techniques for Xiao Ying to hack into the CPU.

Plus, the thing that we’d least expected was that Chaksu was the mole. If He Lei had sent an invite to Silver Moon City, they would definitely have asked about Chaksu’s situation. They would be suspicious of us too.

But now, things became simple. Cang Yu would definitely send his best men, because he knew that I was here. I, the North Star, had come back again.

He had been searching for the strongest metahuman all his life. Now I, the strongest metahuman, would be right before his eyes. How could he let me escape from his control again?

Silver Moon City would definitely send someone down!

After we set up Plan B, the three uncles gave us full cooperation.

He Lei and his brothers decided on their new equipment, too. Doggo and the other men who had put on new equipment were thrilled. It was hard to believe that there was another mole among them. I had to keep it a secret from He Lei first. He was still upset over Chaksu’s betrayal. If he were to know that there was another Silver Moon City mole among his brothers who had risked death together, he would be broken by grief.

I’d never expected that He Lei, who always acted resolutely, was so soft-hearted. But the idiot was blunt when it came to relationships. He would tell people he liked them directly if he liked them, and tell people he disliked them directly if he didn’t. He wasn’t a gentleman at all.

Su Yang’s battleship took off as he entered the provided coordinates. He was going to put on a show as planned. Most people had no idea that there was a change in our plans.

He Lei, Lucifer, the brothers in the Aurora Legion, and I watched as the battleship left. Suddenly, a spaceship descended from a larger craft, flying toward us.

Who just arrived?

As the battleship left, the spaceship stopped in front of us. He Lei and I were confused, going forward to greet the person inside.

The hatch opened and Raffles helped Xing Chuan down.

"Xing!” He Lei was surprised.

“Xing!” Lucifer ran to hold Xing Chuan, replacing Raffles.

I went forward, surprised yet worried. I held Xing Chuan, asking, “You woke up?” He still looked weary and his hair had grown whiter, fluttering in the wind. He nodded at me. His eyes were filled with worry.

“I can’t stop him,” Raffles said helplessly.

“Let’s not talk here. Hurry up and get in,” I said.

Xing Chuan’s wheelchair emerged from the spaceship too. We helped Xing Chuan into his seat. Then, Lucifer quickly retrieved a cape from the medic box to put it over Xing Chuan as the chilly breeze blew snowflakes past him.

We returned to the base once again. Raffles and I pushed Xing Chuan onto Ice Dragon, because Ice Dragon contained his medic capsule.

He Lei led the Aurora Legion to adjust to their new equipment and weapons. Lucifer followed him.

When He Lei walked past Ice Dragon, I looked at him, activating the communicator. “He Lei, I think you’d better check on Sayee.”

He Lei paused. He nodded, saying, “I will.” Then he continued forward with Lucifer.

Raffles looked at me, asking worriedly, “Is Sayee doing alright?”

Cough, cough… Did He Lei make himself clear…” Xing Chuan only asked if He Lei had made things clear to Sayee. He didn’t care how Sayee was doing.

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