Book 8: Chapter 60 - Double Agent

“Look. This isn’t a self-recovery superpower,” Lucifer explained in a scientist’s even tone. “This is physiological fluid, the most basic nutrient solution for making an artificial human. It can quickly repair physical wounds. He isn’t even an artificial human, who would have blood. He’s just a hybrid made of nutrient solution.”

Uncle Mucheng looked at Chaksu, saying, “Brother, wake up. We don’t care if you’re a human or a day monster, or even an artificial human. Because you’re our brother Chaksu in our hearts!”

Chaksu was stunned, looking at the three uncles blankly. Uncle Yorkshire looked away and sighed. Uncle Hesher nodded, adding, “Chaksu, no matter who you are, you did this because someone gave you a command. We don’t blame you. Don’t you want to go to a new world and live a new life? When this is over, the Queen can definitely find a way for you to remain human. You won’t deteriorate into a day monster. By then, we can live together…”

Chaksu’s eyes welled up in tears behind the bars of the electric cage, but he burst out in laughter, saying, “Hahaha! Hahaha! Are you idiots? Who treated you like brothers?!” The three uncles were shocked.

Chaksu pointed at them scornfully, saying, “You’re all my master’s chess pieces. Your purpose was only to look for the strongest human genes. You’ll all die soon but my master will live forever! My master is God! He is God!”

“Chaksu, you’re such a b*stard!” Uncle Yorkshire couldn’t stop himself from rolling up his sleeves.

“Hahahaha! Hahahaha!” Master…” Chaksu lifted his chin and tears rolled down his cheeks. He said, “Please bring me back to Silver Moon City... Please bring me back to you…”

“Hurry up and move away!” Raffles suddenly shouted at the three uncles, who had yet to realize what was happening.

Bang! With a loud noise, Chaksu exploded into pieces inside the electric cage. Some pieces of his body flew into the wall and slid down, while others were burned to ashes.

The three uncles stood dumbfounded in front of the electric cage. I looked at the shattered pieces in shock. I was still thinking about the tears in Chaksu’s eyes. Had they been from guilt towards the three uncles, or from the fear of knowing death was around the corner? 

In his deteriorating consciousness, there might have been a different Chaksu from the way he’d spoken. How complicated of a situation had he been in? There was no way to find out now, because he’d become a pile of mangled flesh on the ground. No, he’d become the debris of an artificial body. There was no blood to be seen anywhere.

“How did he explode?!” Lucifer was shocked. He looked at Raffles in surprise. Raffles pointed at the monitor, explaining, “There was vigorous brainwave activity here earlier. It must have been the brainwave that controlled Chaksu.”

Brainwave? I suddenly recalled Nora, who had the brainwave manipulation superpower. “Brainwave? Externally?!” I gasped in surprise.

Raffles creased his eyebrows, nodding. He said, “It means that there was a metahuman controlling him nearby.”

A metahuman killed Chaksu?

The window suddenly became transparent. Su Yang looked at the pile of murky flesh in the electric cage, saying, “There’s another mole.”

“What?! Another one?!” The three uncles exclaimed in surprise. They immediately clarified, “Not us!” 

Lucifer looked at Raffles and Raffles nodded, saying, “Not them. The brainwave came from outside. Not within this room.”

“Can you find the source?” I asked closely.

Raffles shook his head, saying, “It happened too suddenly. We can’t trace the source in time. But because of that, we can assume that the metahuman should be nearby. That’s why the Great Ghost King is right. There’s another mole.”

The uncles heard Raffles mention the Great Ghost King and immediately looked at Su Yang.

Actually, Raffles hadn’t needed to explain. Any logical reasoning wouldn’t point at the three uncles. Which mole would be stupid enough to show their superpower in front of us? Wouldn’t they simply be exposing themselves?

There was another mole. Was it because they’d been worried that Chaksu would betray them? There were various kinds of interrogation techniques. Some even required zero technique. A brain manipulation metahuman could read your mind without you saying a word. The human brain was like a hard drive to those metahumans, giving them all kinds of important information.

That was right. It had to be the mole’s intention to destroy the ‘hard drive’ so I would have nothing to trace. They’d exposed themselves, but we couldn’t identify who it was.

“If there was another mole, didn’t they find out all our plans?” Uncle Mucheng said anxiously, “We have to immediately find out who they are. Otherwise, what if Silver Moon City finds out?”

“Why did Silver Moon City send so many moles into the Aurora Legion?! Sigh!” Uncle Yorkshire sighed, slapping his thigh in anger. Then, he turned to take a few looks at the remains of Chaksu.

Uncle Hesher clenched his fist, saying, “What Aurora Legion? Silver Moon City formed the Aurora Legion. What’s so strange about them putting two moles among us?”

“Regardless, we have to find out who the other mole is first!”

Su Yang, Raffles, Lucifer, and the three uncles looked at me simultaneously. I began thinking, “If there’s another mole, they’ve definitely had enough time to report to Silver Moon City. So, it’s too late.”

“What should we do then?” Uncle Hesher sighed, shaking his head. “It’s so hard to guard against Silver Moon City. I guess we have no choice but to fight a hard battle against them!”

“There might not be a war,” Su Yang said calmly. Everyone looked at him as he continued, “I know how Silver Moon City works. They’ve always focused on maintaining their power, because some children on Silver Moon City are chosen carefully, while the other children are super metahumans made through countless experiments. It isn’t easy to make a perfect metahuman. I believe Raffles, who once stayed in Silver Moon City’s science lab, should understand.”

Su Yang looked at Raffles, and he nodded. I recalled that Raffles had gone through countless experiments and destroyed many broken fertilized eggs. I was suddenly reminded of a saying that was suitable for making fun of the experiments: You already lost at the starting line.

Fertilized eggs went through strict filters. If they noticed that the genetic information didn’t meet their requirements, the eggs would be destroyed.

“So, to them, the people on Silver Moon City aren’t important citizens, but rather precious assets. That’s why they haven’t started any wars,” Su Yang explained. The thought sent chills down my spine. Gale and the other men weren’t treated as humans, but rather as property. The moment I recalled that I had once been on Silver Moon City and my eggs might have been sampled when I let my guard down, I felt nauseated.

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