Book 8: Chapter 59 - Brotherhood

I waved and the images formed again. Girls taking care of young children, girls studying with Sis Ceci, girls dancing happily in Radical Star wearing beautiful dresses…

“Wow!” came loud exclamations. The men’s eyes shot open as though they had seen heaven. This was probably the ideal new world in their hearts: A world with countless girls, a world with more than just men.

Suddenly, I felt a human breeze. He had returned. So quickly?! Didn’t he chase after Sayee? Did he not manage to find her?

“Brother He Lei?!” Loghead was the first to respond. He asked hastily, “Where’s Sayee? How is she doing?” Sayee’s other men looked at He Lei with complicated expressions.

I was also wondering why He Lei had returned so quickly.

He Lei creased his eyebrows, showing his concern over the situation. He replied, “Sayee says that she wants to be alone.”

It turned out that Sayee wanted some time alone. It was understandable. Everyone lowered their heads and sighed.

“Sayee is only a girl, but she followed us and suffered in this place with extreme weather…”

“Sigh… Stop it…”

He Lei looked at everyone, saying, “I’ll bring everyone over to grab equipment in preparation for the war.”

Everyone’s spirits rose when they heard that. They stood up in excitement, saying, “Yes!”

He Lei looked at the three pioneers, saying, “Uncle Yorkshire, the three of you should get some rest.”

“Hey! Are you belittling us?! Who was the one who taught you how to grapple back then!?” Uncle Mucheng roared at He Lei, and He Lei creased his eyebrows.

“Exactly! How dare you complain that we’re old?! We can still fight!” Uncle Yorkshire said, showing off his chest muscles.

Uncle Hesher raised his hand and waved. Soon, a swirl of fog spiraled in his palm. He exclaimed, “Don’t think you’re so amazing after wiping out the Ghost Eclipsers! Hmph. In our eyes, you’re just a child!” 

He Lei’s eyebrows knitted together tightly. He was strict when it came to military discipline too. He held the three pioneers in high esteem, but they had to obey his commands as part of his troop. He was worried that they would get injured. To He Lei, the three of them were like his fathers.

I pressed down on his shoulder, trying to convince him. “Let them go. They deserve to be part of this war.”

“Her Highness is right!”

“You’d better watch how amazing we are!”

Hmph! How dare you complain about us!”

The three uncles walked past me, stopping in front of He Lei. One punched him, and He Lei took it without a word. He glanced at me, sighing helplessly. He then prepared to lead everyone to upgrade their equipment.

The three uncles walked toward me. They exchanged glances, wanting to say something to me, but seemed hesitant. “Your Highness, can we… see Chaksu for a bit?” 

Everyone stopped and looked at the three pioneers with complicated emotions. The three uncles didn’t hide their anger. Uncle Mucheng raised his fist, saying, “We just want to know if he feels sorry toward us.”

The others looked at the three uncles in silence while He Lei looked at me. I nodded calmly, leading the three of them to the interrogation room.

When we arrived at the interrogation room, Su Yang was looking at Chaksu, who was surrounded by a field of electricity in front of a one-way window. Chaksu’s muscles were bulging tightly while he stared ahead, panting.

“Look at him,” Su Yang said, pointing at Chaksu in front of him. “He still has a day monster’s rage. Every time he transforms, he looks even more like a day monster. His transformation is damaging his human genes. He hardly transformed in the past, right?” he asked, looking at the three uncles.

The three of them nodded, saying, “It turned out that this was the reason…”

Su Yang’s expression was calmer than before. He looked at Chaksu, saying, “The old monster let him become human. To him, the old monster is his god. He will never betray the old monster.”

“Is he really artificial?” The three uncles felt a complicated emotion. They were angry at him, yet they pitied him. Su Yang nodded at them. The three of them turned emotional from surprise.

I looked at them, asking, “Do you still want to see him?”

The three uncles became hesitant, but soon, Uncle Mucheng said through gritted teeth “Although he is artificial, he was once our brother. We can’t just not view him as human!” Uncle Yorkshire and Uncle Hesher nodded in agreement.

I was moved and opened the door for them. Electricity flickered inside, and Chaksu was bellowing, “Ah! Ah!” His mouth was open, and he drooled as he roared.

“How did he become like this…” Xiao Ying’s voice resounded in my ear.

“He’s transforming,” Raffles suddenly replied. I immediately looked in the direction of the voice. I was speechless. As expected, Raffles had already set up his study equipment in the corner, studying Chaksu. Lucifer was helping Raffles by the side too.

The three uncles heard Raffles and looked at him. I introduced him to them, saying, “This is my husband and our chief scientist, Professor Raffles.”

“Oh!” The three uncles looked at Raffles in admiration. Raffles’ identity as a scientist was given great prestige by ordinary people.

I walked next to Raffles and saw Chaksu’s skin sample, which Zong Ben had torn off, in the equipment box next to him.

The three uncles turned and walked to Chaksu. Chaksu’s teeth had become as sharp as a day monster’s, but he calmed down a little when he saw the three uncles.

“Chaksu, are you still you?” Uncle Mucheng asked, looking at him with heartache.

Chaksu panted. “Mucheng, Yorkshire, Hesher, don’t believe in the North Star. You have to believe in Silver Moon City. Only Silver Moon City can bring us hope. Only Silver Moon City can bring us a bright future!”

“Chaksu! Wake up!” Uncle Yorkshire lost his temper. He roared, “How many years have Silver Moon City been up there?! If they were willing to help us, they would have helped us long ago! They aren’t willing to help us because they haven’t found the strongest gene that they’re looking for!”

“Isn’t it a good thing to evolve humans further?” Chaksu roared. “Look at me! Look at me!” He pointed at himself and said, “I was originally a day monster. Do you think I wanted to become a day monster? But Cang Yu turned me into a human and evolved me. I’m a human now! A human!”

“No. To be exact, you’re a hybrid day monster,” Lucifer said loudly. “You were created. That’s why your genes are unstable and deteriorate every time you transform. I’m a true human!” He pointed at himself proudly.

“Ah! Ah! Bullsh*t! Bullsh*t!” Chaksu charged towards the electric cage, which flashed and burned him on the spot. His skin was scorched by the electricity, but was soon covered in milky white starch, recovering quickly.

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