Book 8: Chapter 58 - Having to Unite

I continued seriously. “The ones you saw earlier were the Great Ghost King and his legendary sixteen Ghost Messengers.”


“What, what is going on?

“Are, are we really working with the Ghost Eclipsers?”

“No way! Her Highness killed all the Ghost Eclipsers!”

“Don’t doubt the Queen! Everyone saw Radical Star!”

“The Queen is definitely not related to the Ghost Eclipsers! Let’s listen to what Her Highness says!”

There was a sudden commotion in the meeting room, and everyone looked insecure. Just then, Uncle Yorkshire stood up again, roaring, “Everyone, quiet! As we chose to believe in the Queen, we have to maintain unswerving trust in her!”

The others fell silent again, looking guilty. Uncle Yorkshire bowed at me and took his seat again. The three uncles held me in reverence and high respect.

I looked at everyone, explaining, “When I first hid myself among the Ghost Eclipsers, I was once like everyone else, determined to kill every Ghost Eclipser! But when I saw… them…” I lifted my hand and an image formed again. It was Margaery’s group of beautiful young men, including Moto and Juye, who had been terrified of Margaery…

Since I had retrieved Ice Dragon, he’d automatically recorded my every movement. Ice Dragon had recorded everything I saw and heard, every single war, and every meeting. He was a witness to history!

“These men were the Bloody Queen Margaery’s group of beautiful young men. They were Ghost Eclipsers too, but at the same time… they were also… food,” I waved again, then a blood pool, human meat storehouse, and kitchen appeared. As the gory images appeared, many people couldn’t help but retch.


Although the people in the east lived in poverty, although they were afraid of the Ghost Eclispers, although they had heard how terrifying the Ghost Eclipsers were, they were survivors. They had never seen how brutal the Ghost Eclipsers were, nor had they seen how the Ghost Eclipsers ate humans. They were merely instinctively afraid of a man-eating tribe. It was simply a human instinct.

“Margaery only ate beautiful young men, and only their inner thigh meat. So, were these young men Ghost Eclipsers? I thought to myself for a long time, and decided: No, they were just like us! They were victims who had it worse than we did! They lived under the terrifying rule of the Ghost Eclipsers. They could be eaten at any moment. Their lives were even more hopeless compared to ours in the east. They worked hard just to live an extra day. They were grateful just to survive. So, they weren’’t the Ghost Eclipsers I wanted to kill! On the contrary, they were people I wanted to rescue, so they could fight alongside me to wipe out the Ghost Eclipsers!”

I waved again. The image was replaced with miners, human pigs, and slaves. I continued, “And them, them, and them! And also these people, who wanted to rebel against the Ghost Eclipsers and shake off the Ghost Eclispers’ shadow!” Gehenna, Vanish, Napoleon and the others who’d wanted to fight against the Ghost Eclispers appeared. They formed a series of images, like a whole world surrounding us.

I swept my hands across every single face, saying, “It was impossible for me to fight against the Ghost Eclipsers alone. But we did it together! We defeated the Ghost Eclipsers. We built our Radical Star together! We built our new world!” I turned to look at everyone in the Aurora Legion, saying, “Because they carried the same beliefs and desire for a new world like us! We didn’t search for the new world, but instead, we relied on ourselves to create one!”

Everyone watched in shock, and tears shimmered in their eyes again. They were tears of pity, but also of empathy. They were tears shed for kindred spirits.

“So, our beliefs are real. Our dreams are real too! We aren’t alone. We have so many friends and comrades. We can build our new world. We no longer need Silver Moon City with its high and mighty attitude, looking at us on the ground in disdain!”

“That’s right! Let’s expose Silver Moon City for the sham it is!”

“Remove Silver Moon City’s mask!”

“I wonder if my brother is still alive…” Suddenly, someone cried. “He, he was caught by the Ghost Eclipsers…” he sobbed.

“The people in my tribe were all taken away…” Then, another person cried.

In the east, there were people who had escaped from the west, and survivors who had gotten away from the Ghost Eclipsers. I kept quiet, standing right in the middle. The earlier enthusiasm was replaced by sorrow.

“Don’t cry. Her Highness said that she’s bringing us to Radical Star. By then, we might be able to find our families!” Ah Feng said with anticipation.

Hearing what Ah Feng said, they immediately wiped their tears and pulled themselves together again. I looked at the meeting room that had fewer than sixty people. The people who had left would definitely regret their decision!

I continued, “Although the Great Ghost King had intended to wipe out the Ghost Eclipsers back then, his desire to attack Silver Moon City was stronger. So, he didn’t wipe out the Ghost Eclipsers, but instead waited for a chance to get the Ghost Eclipsers to fight against Silver Moon City. He regretted his decision a lot, and felt guilty toward his sixteen Ghost Messengers, whom he raised and who trusted him. Now, he’s here to atone for his crime in the upcoming war against Silver Moon City. I hope that everyone can accept him and work together with him to take down Silver Moon City!”

Everyone nodded simultaneously.

“We will listen to Your Highness!”

“We believe in Your Highness!”

“Sigh…” Uncle Hesher sighed, “The Great Ghost King is very much like Chaksu. In the past, we asked Chaksu why we weren’t clamoring for war against the Ghost Eclipsers, and he explained that we weren’t powerful enough. Now that I think about it, it wasn’t because we weren’t powerful enough, but because there were no orders from Silver Moon City yet…”

Uncle Mucheng and Uncle Yorkshire patted Uncle Hesher’s shoulder in unison. Everyone looked at him with heavy hearts. Uncle Hesher shook his head, saying, “We regretted many things too. For example… We once saw a group of Ghost Eclipsers attacking some children, but we didn’t attack them because there were too many of them… We… chickened out…” Uncle Hesher held his head and continued, “We are all sinners… All sinners… We killed the children… If we hadn’t chickened out, we might have been able to save the children…” Uncle Hesher wailed in tears while Uncle Mucheng and Uncle Yorkshire by his sides teared, hanging their heads low too.

We are all sinners…

Everyone’s hands are tainted with other people’s blood in this world…

Death is inevitable, sometime in our lives…

“Stop crying…” I looked at everyone as they wiped their tears. I added, “From now on, I hope that everyone will only smile! Our Radical Star… has many girls…”

The moment they heard ‘girls’, the men immediately stopped crying and looked at me. See, that’s how men instinctively react to women.

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