Book 8: Chapter 57 - The New World Is Real

He Lei beckoned everyone to take a seat.

“Can, can we really go there?” Uncle Yorkshire asked in disbelief.

I smiled, replying, “Of course. The door of Radical Star is open to anyone who is willing to be one of us.”

They became teary-eyed, covering their faces.

“It turns out that the new world we have been hoping for is on the other side of the planet…”

“We were so near but we didn’t know….”

“There’s really a new world… There really is…”

“I’m still alive… I’m still alive…” I thought only the world after I died could be that beautiful world…”

“We’re so blessed… We can go to a new world… We’re so lucky…”

“Blessing… Blessing…”

“What did we do? We were stuck here…”

“We should have followed Brother He Lei… We missed the opportunity to kill the Ghost Eclispers…”

“Yeah, North Star... If you had let us follow you back then, we would have definitely followed you!” Everyone’s eyes were even shinier with tears in their eyes.

He Lei looked at everyone, saying, “If the North Star had been exposed back then, Silver Moon City would definitely go after her! Then, the new world that is in front of all of us, Radical Star, wouldn’t have been established…”

“It’s not that it wouldn’t have been established,” I cut He Lei off and said confidently, “But it would have taken a longer time. Because building this new world is my wish, and also everyone’s wish!”

“The wicked Silver Moon City!”

Bang!” Doggo slammed his fist angrily.

“Your Highness, please lead us to attack Silver Moon City!” Ah Feng’s eyes were sparkling.

“That’s right! You must bring us with you this time!”

“We aren’t afraid of death!”

“We don’t want to miss any great events anymore! We are the Aurora Legion! But we couldn’t do anything!” 

“That’s right. We feel so useless!”

“It’s so embarrassing to even say that we’re the Aurora Legion.”

“If we had children, our children would be ashamed too!”

Their feelings now were no doubt the same as Dian Ying, Flurry, and the other Ghost Messengers’ feelings.

I looked at them, moved and gratified. I said, “I thank you for your trust. I thank you for your courage. But we need to put on a show. We don’t want any sacrifices! We want to live on!”

Everyone looked at me in silence, but there was a collision of vigorous emotions in their eyes. They had so much to say, but no idea where to start.

I continued, “How can you follow me back to Radical Star if you die? How can you live a new life where you don’t need to worry about keeping warm and having food?”

Their eyes welled up with tears. They choked back sobs, wiping their tears. They took deep breaths to calm themselves.

“Your Highness! How would you like us to put on a show? We’ll listen to you!” Uncle Yorkshire said seriously.

“Is it… what you said earlier in the meeting room? To con the people from Silver Moon City into coming down here?” Uncle Hesher asked.

Everyone thought back to earlier with Uncle Hesher’s reminder.

“Yeah, I think I heard that earlier.”

“What was it? I wasn’t sure."

“Something along the lines of pretending to attack the Ghost Eclipsers and reconcile with Silver Moon City so they would send people down.”

“Yeah! Let’s con them into coming down here and capture the b*stards!”

“Capture them all and beat them up!”

Everyone was boiling with emotions.

Uncle Yorkshire stood up, waving his arms. “Everyone, calm down. Be quiet! Let’s listen to the Queen’s plan. Don’t act recklessly and ruin the Queen’s plan! We’re going against Silver Moon City!” Everyone nodded, agreeing with what Uncle Yorkshire had said.

Everyone settled down and Uncle Yorkshire bowed at me, saying, “Your Highness, please share your plan in detail. What should we do?” He sat down and everyone looked at me with high spirits, like attentive students in class.

I looked at He Lei, beckoning him to take over. Everyone here was his family and his brothers.

He Lei lifted his hand and put away all the images of Radical Star. He looked at everyone solemnly, saying, “First, the people in this battleship will pretend to be Ghost Eclipsers invading. Then, I’ll send another collaboration request to Silver Moon City, using the excuse of attacking the Ghost Eclipsers. If everything goes according to plan, Silver Moon City will definitely send a representative here. By then, we will take control of Silver Moon City’s spaceship and hack into their servers. From there, we’ll take over control of Silver Moon City and drag them down from the sky!”

Everyone listened, growing surprised and excited. All of them wore an excited expression. Even Loghead, who had been pissed at He Lei, forgot about what had happened earlier. He nodded, clenching his fists.

“When Silver Moon City lands, we’ll besiege them. There might be a fight then. We’ll seize the opportunity to take down Silver Moon City’s central area and capture Cang Yu alive. It will be the end then!” He Lei said, tightening his fist, filling people with enthusiasm.

“Yes!” Everyone clenched their fists. Some shook one another’s hands and hugged, as though victory was right before their eyes.

He Lei let out a breath of relief, finally revealing a smile. He no longer felt guilty or felt as if he were taking advantage of his brothers. Everyone there knew the plan, and everyone would partake in the it. Everyone was working hand in hand for the high and mighty Silver Moon City to fall.

Suddenly, Sayee stood up next to Uncle Yorkshire. Her head hung low, and her fists were clenched on the table. Her sudden movements reminded everyone of the earlier awkward incident. The mood in the meeting room was suddenly engulfed in awkwardness too.

“You… Sayee’s voice was soft and shivery. She clenched her fists with her head continuing to hang low, saying, “...can continue to discuss in detail…” She turned and left the meeting room.

Everyone looked down awkwardly. No one went after her. No one looked at He Lei, either. Loghead wanted to go after her but Doggo stopped him, shaking his head. Loghead sat on his seat anxiously.

“I’ll go after her,” He Lei said frankly, looking at me. I nodded and he immediately vanished from the meeting room.

He had suddenly broken up with Sayee earlier. He hadn’t given Sayee any time to soften the blow. He owed Sayee a detailed and sincere explanation. Sayee had waited for him to return with anticipation, but all she had gotten was ‘let’s break up’.

“If I were to be Sayee, judging from my temperament, I would definitely beat him up,” I said. The awkward men in the room couldn’t help but snicker. The mood in the meeting room finally eased up.

I went back to business, saying, “He Lei told me to be one hundred percent honest with all of you. So, I have to tell you that this battleship belongs to the Great Ghost King of the Ghost Eclipsers.”

Everyone was shocked again.

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