Book 8: Chapter 56 - Vast Upsurge of Emotions

Su Yang creased his eyebrows and let out a sigh. It was as though he were letting go of his hefty past from his body. He looked as though he had experienced all that life had to offer, muttering, “I was once like that too. I held the people on the ground in contempt like the old monster. I thought I was all high and mighty. Heh, in the end, I was just like R78. Such irony.” He shook his head, laughing at himself scornfully. He lifted his hand and patted my shoulder, saying, “I’m going to interrogate R78. Get everyone into the battleships and get warm.” Su Yang looked at the Aurora Legion standing in the world of ice and snow.

“Alright.” I figured they weren’t truly feeling cold, though. Their boiling anger would have kept them burning hot all over.

As Su Yang turned to return to his battleship, I walked toward He Lei. He was standing in front of his brothers, the Aurora Legion, speaking to them.

“Thank you for believing in the Queen of Radical Star and me.”

“What are you talking about, Brother He Lei! Most of us were recruited by you! We believe in you and we know that it would be impossible for you to collude with the Ghost Eclipsers.”

“We’re not blind or deaf. We know what we heard and saw."

“That’s right. Whoever wiped out the Ghost Eclipsers is our life savior!”

“Silver Moon City was up there for so long, but they couldn’t eradicate the Ghost Eclipsers. Yet, they took advantage of us. How could we still believe in them? Hmph!



Everyone complained grumpily, standing in front of the base. Snowflakes rained from above, but they were only in their thinnest, oldest clothes. Some of them were carrying guns, and some of them were holding cannons. Although they were hugging their bodies in the chilly wind, their eyes were burning with fire.

“Lei, let’s not talk about it anymore…” Standing right at the front of the crowd were the three pioneers, Uncle Yorkshire, Uncle Hesher, and Uncle Mucheng.

Uncle Mucheng waved, choking back sobs. “Stop… We can’t differentiate… what’s real and what’s fake…”

“The brother who fought alongside us is fake…”

“Our dreams and our beliefs… were they fake too? That kind of new world only exists in our imagination…”

I quickly stepped forward, saying, “No! Your beliefs and dreams are real!” Everyone looked at me simultaneously. I looked back at everyone, announcing sincerely, “The new world that you want is definitely not an illusion! I can prove it to you.” I stood in front of everyone, chest out. Everyone’s confused gaze was fixed upon me.

In the meeting room on the battleship, everyone sat in a circle, while He Lei and I stood in the middle of the ring table. Doggo and Ah Feng even carried the passed-out Loghead into the meeting room, waking him up gently. Sayee sat next to the pioneers, hanging her head low expressionlessly.

I raised my hand, and light rained down around us like blue curtains. It began to show our Radical Star.

Loghead gradually woke up under Doggo’s gentle pats. He stared when he saw He Lei, but his attention was caught by the image of Radical Star that was becoming clear. Just like everyone else, he was dumbfounded too.

Radical Star was covered in fruit forests, billowing rice fields, and also clear running rivers.

I began to explain, “This is our crop zone. The livable zone is nicely maintained, suited for various fruit plants. In truth, Silver Moon City has all kinds of seeds, but Hagrid Jones didn’t give the seeds to each livable zone in the east due to his evil plan. It led to the lack of food crops in the east, to the point where it was difficult to be well fed and warm…”

Everyone was surprised, looking at one another. “Do the cities in the east know?” someone asked.

I shook my head and replied, “Over the past sixty years, there have been few people who knew of the truth. Even if they knew that Silver Moon City had a gene bank, Silver Moon City refused to provide them with seeds, with the excuse that strong radiation on the ground was unsuitable for cultivation. They were only willing to give cities that allied with them a single kind of crop, in order to showcase Silver Moon City’s assistance toward the east. All these years, Silver Moon City has been buying the loyalty of the cities in the east by providing benefits like this.”

“That’s right… They have been doing that…”

“D*mn it!  Those people are extremely grateful to Silver Moon City, thinking that Silver Moon City is nice to them!”

“Why did they only provide one kind of crop?” someone asked, confused.

“Because they don’t want crops to propagate and the ground to eventually become prosperous,” I replied. I further explained, “If the economy on the ground became prosperous, like Radical Star, there would be civilization and military equipment. Then, the forces on the ground would surpass Silver Moon City. In the end, Silver Moon City wouldn’t be able to control the people on the ground.”

“Surpass Silver Moon City?! How is that possible?!” Everyone shook their heads, expressing their doubts.

I looked at He Lei and he smiled. He swept his hand at the image and it instantly split into ten different views. Every view showed people working in the fields. Everyone exclaimed at the sight, “Wow!”

I smiled at everyone, saying, “It was only one of the livable zones in Radical Star that we showed you earlier. This is Radical Star…” I gestured to the images, explaining, “We’ve started farming in every livable zone. We cleansed the soil. We built buildings like this in radiation zones that aren’t suitable for farming…” I zoomed into Zone 1’s image, saying, “We move the clean soil farther from the irradiated ground. We cleanse rainwater layer by layer before we irrigate the crops. On top of that, we started poultry farming…”  I zoomed to Ledo’s livable zone image. It was filled with chickens, and ducks swam in the river.

“What is this?!”

“They’re so cute!”

“What animals are these?!”

“They are chickens and ducks,” He Lei answered.

Someone gulped and asked, “Can we eat them?”

“How can you eat them when they look so cute?”

“Stop it. I want to eat them too…”

“Hahahaha!” Everyone laughed, watching the chickens and ducks.

He Lei chuckled too. He waved and the green field in Zone 8 was magnified. He said, “Besides chickens and ducks, there are also cows, goats and horses. Radical Star is developing agriculture alongside industry and technology.” He waved and the image of our military base and Raffles’s lab came into sight. He continued, “There are also schools, hospitals, libraries, and malls…” Everyone gasped in admiration as He Lei introduced these things.




“Oh my god…”

They were astonished.

I looked at everyone, announcing, “From now on, this will be everyone’s home.”

Everyone looked at me as though someone had pressed the pause button. Their dull gazes suddenly churned, and their eyes quivered vigorously in the shimmering reflection from the image.

“Long live the Queen!” Doggo suddenly cheered enthusiastically, tears welling up in his eyes.

Then, they stood up one after another, cheering,

“Long live the Queen!”

“Long live the Queen!”

“Long live the Queen!”

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