Book 2: Chapter 31 - The Sealed Garden of Eden

“Raffles! Raffles!” Harry patted the screen anxiously as though he could pat Raffles’s face. “What’s wrong with you?! Didn’t you say it was dangerous! Why aren’t you responding?!”

Raffles slowly came back to reality but his grayish-blue eyes were looking in front of him dully, as if his other brain was analyzing something unbelievable, “The volume of radiation in the radiation zone increases in a pattern. Hence, we designed a calculation algorithm to calculate the radiation volume in each zone so that we could estimate the radiation volume in the center of the radiation zone. However, from the data that was transmitted earlier, the radiation volume in the center of the radiation zone has far exceeded our estimations. Our algorithm is obsolete in the center of the radiation zone!”

“Then, how high is it?!” Harry shouted, “Hurry up! Would Luo Bing be alright?”

Raffles looked to the front and shook his head blankly, “It should be in the multiples, yet Luo Bing is fine. She is unbelievable!”

“D*mn it! How could you make such a mistake? Luo Bing!” Harry suddenly roared at me angrily, “Are you courting death?! If you could only resist up to the radiation volume that Raffles and his team had estimated, you would have been dead! From now on, do not act hastily without my command. Do you hear me?”

Maybe because I couldn’t really feel any effects, I couldn’t feel their tension or the severity of the situation. Enchanted by the beauty of the historical site. I couldn’t be bothered to be fearful of death.

I knew that exploration involved risk-taking. In this unique world, it was worth it to sacrifice for the sake of exploration!

My heart started racing from excitement. I couldn’t resist the temptation of the Garden of Eden that God had sealed. I didn’t hesitate to get up from my seat. “I’d like to take a look outside.”

“What?! You are going out?! Get back here!” Harry roared at me but I’d already gone to the door. “Luo Bing, you have to obey my instructions! I am your captain! Did you hear what I said earlier…” Harry looked anxious enough to climb through the screen to grab me if he could. 

If he did, he’d really be Sadako then.

“Harry, let her go out.” Unexpectedly, it was Raffles, who’d first yelled at me to stop before danger, who now agreed to let me go. “She is a true radiationer.”

I stood in front of the door, the only remaining obstacle between me and the outside world. I felt indescribably excited!

“I suggest you bring along your communicator and weapon,” Ice Dragon reminded. *Swoosh!* A small cubicle opened on the wall next to the door, revealing a white helmet and a gun!

The design of the helmet was light and simple. Only half the size of the motorcycle helmet from my world, it didn’t look cumbersome at all. Its half-moon design covered the back of the head, and it weighed very little. From the side view, it looked like a crescent moon.

I picked it up and it was light and handy, weighing as much as an ordinary cap. When I put it on, two round covers extended over my ears, fixing the half-moon helmet onto my head. The inner side of the helmet moulded closely against the back of my head, which felt very comfortable.

“The oxygen outside is harmless, so you won’t need a gas mask,” Ice Dragon said.


*Swoosh.* A lens dropped down over my left eye. Ice Dragon instantly started transmitting data back to Noah City, but it didn’t affect my vision.

I picked up my gun and rubbed it happily. I finally have my own gun. I spun it and slid it into my waist holster. “Open the door!”

“Yes! Have fun!” Ice Dragon said casually.

When the door opened, fresh air greeted me. I had never expected that the freshest air would be trapped in here. The outside world seemed refreshing and extremely silent.

I couldn’t help but shout, “Ah!” My voice reverberated and echoed throughout the entire city, as if greeting me back. It seemed as if I was the only one in this world. No, not just “as if”, since it’s the truth.

I jumped out of Ice Dragon as my voice echoed. Green plants covered the ground, thick vines dotted with palm-sized blue flowers sprawling all around. 

The flowers grew on the roots like mushrooms, their petals so thin that they were almost translucent, like insect wings. Instead of a stamen, it had a puffed-up membrane like a bubble that seemed as if it would burst if a needle pierced it. What a strange flower.

*Whee.* The scouting robots flew around me; one hovered above the blue flower and scanned it with its blue lights to collect data.

I didn’t touch the flower out of worry that it might be poisonous. I had already barged in here, I couldn’t just touch everything recklessly, especially these beautiful colorful flowers. In my own world, my father used to train me outdoors. That was how I knew the prettier a plant was, the more likely it would be poisonous. Let alone in this world that was filled with radiation. There were too many things that were unknown, even to Raffles.

“So magical. This flower doesn’t seem like a plant,” Raffles’ voice exclaimed in my ear in surprise. “The Nemesis brought about so much unknown potential. Oh yeah, blue crystal energy had appeared then too. Ice Dragon, let the scouting robots spread out. We’ve finally entered here, we have to gather more data!” Raffles seemed to be very excited, just like me. I believed that he definitely would’ve wanted to come here personally if he could. He’d love this place.

The scouting robots flew in all directions. Blue lights from the robots twinkled occasionally in the silent city. 

I turned around to study the light wall, then walked towards it.

“Luo Bing, be careful!” Raffles reminded.

“You shouldn’t let her go out! There is no organization, no discipline, and she doesn’t even obey my instructions!” Harry said aggrievedly, every single comment aimed at me. “Raffles! I tell you, you’d better complete the radiation resistance suit for me! I have to watch after her!”

“Terminate conversation.” I thought they were too annoying.

“Luo Bing, how dare you! You!” Harry’s voice was cut off before he could finish. Finally, peace and quiet.

I walked before the light wall, which shimmered in rainbow colors under the sunlight. It was as beautiful and enchanting as the aurora. Seemingly having sensed my approach, the light wall suddenly moved closer to me. Shocked, I was about to step back to dodge it, but then I glimpsed light spots separating from the light wall. No, it was more like the light spots had been lured out by my presence.

The familiar blue light spots were bigger than those I’d seen in Noah City’s test cabin and reservoir, and appeared more distinct. As they slowly flowed towards me like liquid, I could see that they were connected to one another in a long light ribbon, just like a string of tadpole eggs that had turned blue and flown into the sky.

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