Book 8: Chapter 55 - Believe in the North Star

“North Star?!”

“That woman is the North Star?!”

“The North Star is still alive!”

“Where is she?!”

“She’s there!” Someone suddenly shouted, pointing at me.

I stood high and mighty above Ice Dragon. Zong Ben flew back to me, landing on my shoulder proudly like an eagle. Everyone’s attention was directed toward me, and the crowd was dumbfounded.

I stared at Chaksu coldly, saying, “As you’re one of Cang Yu’s believers, I’ll tell you that I’ll attack Silver Moon City with the intention to capture him alive and have a public trial before everyone!” I couldn’t hold back my anger toward Cang Yu. I roared, “In this world... Every survivor has the right to know the truth! To know how Silver Moon City fooled them! To know who made them live in such a world!” Every single word I uttered reverberated through the base!

The base fell silent. Everyone’s expressions grew angry, and rage began to boil in their eyes!

Sayee stood dumbfounded in the crowd. Her gaze moved between Chaksu, He Lei, and the rest of the people anxiously. She lifted her hand and covered her mouth. Her eyes filled with complicated emotions.

I looked at He Lei, while He Lei looked back at me with a grateful smile. He had been right that we shouldn’t hide from the members of the Aurora Legion, because they were also the victims of the end of the world. Every one of them had the right to know the truth!

“The North Star wiped out the Ghost Eclipsers! We believe in the North Star!” Someone suddenly cheered, breaking the silence on the base.

“That’s right! We believe in whoever wiped out the Ghost Eclipsers!”

“Believe in the North Star!”

“Believe in the North Star!”

“The North Star!”

“The North Star!”

“The North Star!” everyone chanted in unison.

“Attack Silver Moon City!” Someone shouted in a louder voice and everyone raised their fists together. Their anger was instantly ignited and they cheered.

“Attack Silver Moon City!”

“Attack Silver Moon City!”

“Attack Silver Moon City!”

Their cheer went on and on. Anger burned away their dispirited state and made them burn with enthusiasm again.

I raised my hand and everyone fell silent, looking at me with rage boiling in their eyes. I looked at them, saying, “We’re going to attack Silver Moon City, but the people in Silver Moon City are just like…” My heart grew heavy. I looked at Chaksu as he lay collapsed on the ground, but his gaze remained a chilly gleam. I wanted to say they were just artificial humans like Chaksu. Their bodies had been created. Their memories… had been forged. They were pitiful. They were innocent.

But I refrained from saying it, because once I announced the truth, Gale, Yama, and the others would find out in the future. To them, it would no doubt be a huge hit. I wasn’t sure if they could accept it as open-heartedly as Su Yang, embracing their true identity.

I removed my gaze from Chaksu and continued, “Just like Chaksu. They were fooled by Cang Yu’s beautiful speech. They didn’t know that they were following a demon. They didn’t know that they were only gene sources that he was taking advantage of. Their genes were stored in the gene bank in Silver Moon City, so that Cang Yu could create artificial humans as he wished…” In truth, it was obvious that Chaksu was artificial. His blood and his flesh were so unnatural. His blood wasn’t like a human’s, nor was it like a day monster’s.

Everyone’s anger was replaced with shock. Their expressions grew complicated. There was sympathy for the people on Silver Moon City mixed in with their anger.

“What should we do, North Star?” someone asked loudly. It was Ah Feng.

“Yes, North Star! Give us your command! We want to follow you!”

“We want to follow you, North Star!”

“Tell us what should we do! How do we capture the b*stard!”

“North Star, we’re willing to do whatever you tell us to do!”

“North Star, hurry up and tell us!”

“North Star, hurry up and tell us!”

Everyone was boiling with enthusiasm. No one could stop their determination to capture Cang Yu. I felt gratified, looking at everyone happily.

Suddenly, there was a buzz in the air. A huge shadow blocked the entire sky over the base. Everyone looked above in surprise while I looked up with a smile, saying, “Ice Dragon, tell the Great Ghost King to calm down. Our plan can be executed as planned.

Su Yang’s huge battleship hovered above us. Not only did Xing Chuan and Su Yang want to take revenge on Silver Moon City; so did the Aurora Legion and everyone living on the ground too. That even applied to the Ghost Eclipsers who had died.

Su Yang’s battleship stopped on the ice field outside the base. Even the spacecraft that I had retrieved for the Aurora Legion from Croton City had been confiscated by Silver Moon City. The Aurora Legion wasn’t in good shape.

We put a superpower inhibitor on Chaksu before we escorted him onto Su Yang’s battleship. Su Yang stood off to the side, looking shocked when he saw Chaksu. It seemed that he knew Chaksu.

Chaksu continued to struggle in Lucifer’s grasp. He roared at the Aurora Legion in front of the base, “Don’t believe in that woman! She’s taking advantage of you! Don’t believe in her! Don’t be fooled! She’ll only lead you to your death!” Everyone just stared at him with anger. Disappointment and betrayal made them even angrier. 

Flurry and Dian Yin stood at the entrance, looking at Chaksu with their brows tightly knitted.

I stood next to Su Yang, asking, “What is it? Do you know him?”

Su Yang thought and nodded, answering, “I remember that his code number should be R78. Back then, the old monster was studying how to strengthen the human genes in day monsters, flying corpses, and water ghosts, and also their genes after mutation. That’s why there were many monsters created. There were very few who could change between human and beast form like Lucifer. This R78 was the only successful case.”

“So… He is entirely manmade?” I asked, feeling rather sad for Chaksu, who was blindly loyal.

Su Yang nodded, smirking coldly. “Do you think Silver Moon City would have a naturally born day monster? He was made with day monster and human genes, and also some metahuman genes.”

What Su Yang said reminded me of the scouting trip with Harry when we had discovered the mysterious lab. There had been all kinds of half-human, half-beast monsters in the capsules.

“The old monster doesn’t respect life, so he could never find the perfect blend of genes,” Su Yang turned to look at Lucifer, who was pushing Chaksu forward, and he added, “Raffles respected the progression of life. That’s why Lucifer naturally evolved…” 

I was agitated, roaring, “The old monster wanted to gather the metahumans on the ground to fight against the Ghost Eclipsers. He didn’t even send a proper human, but an artificial day monster?! He’s so disrespectful to the people on the ground! The people on the ground are really nothing in his eyes!” I was really angry. This showed the great contempt Cang Yu held towards the people on the ground!


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