Book 8: Chapter 54 - Huge Day Monster

Lucifer began to transform as he hit the wall, bouncing off it. He leaped toward Chaksu, seizing him with his flying corpse form. Howl! Lucifer howled and spread his wings, sealing off all the routes ahead of Chaksu.

Chaksu narrowed his eyes, drawing back his lips. He made a hissing noise like a day monster. He looked toward both sides, panting. He jumped on a worn out spacecraft, staring at Lucifer in shock.

The originally spacious hangar had instantly been filled up by two huge monsters. The scene was similar to watching King Kong fighting against Godzilla.

He Lei appeared again, stopping between Lucifer and Chaksu. Everyone was even more surprised at the sight.


“Brother He Lei!”

“What’s going on?!”

“Brother He Lei! What happened between you and Captain?!”

Just as He Lei wanted to reply, Chaksu suddenly pointed at He Lei, yelling accusingly, “He Lei betrayed us and became a Ghost Eclipser! He wants to assassinate me!”

D*mn it. The villain had sued his victim before he was prosecuted! 

Everyone immediately looked at He Lei in surprise. Sayee ran out from behind the crowd and looked at He Lei in shock, asking, “Brother He Lei! Is what the Captain says true?!” Sayee looked at He Lei in disbelief, just like everyone else.

He Lei didn’t panic from the false accusation. Rather, he looked at Chaksu even more solemnly and calmly. He said, “Chaksu is Silver Moon City’s spy. He formed the Aurora Legion to gather forces for Silver Moon City on the ground!”


“How is that possible?”

“It’s impossible.”

“If Silver Moon City said that they wanted to form a troop on the ground, there’ll definitely be more people who want to join.”

“Yeah. Why did Silver Moon City do that?”

“Is Chaksu really Silver Moon City’s man? Why did he hide it?”

“Why did Silver Moon City hide that they formed the Aurora Legion?”

As expected, everyone couldn’t understand the situation, nor could they believe in He Lei without anyone clarifying such a complicated incident.

“Hurry up and kill He Lei!” Chaksu roared a command.

Everyone was shocked and hesitated, because He Lei was also an idol that they adored. They couldn’t believe what Chaksu had said all of a sudden, and couldn’t respond accordingly.

Chaksu saw that everyone had hesitated, so he flung his hand at He Lei. He Lei had yet to move when Lucifer’s huge hand collided with Chaksu’s. “Bang!” The two huge monsters resumed fighting head-on.

“Captain! I once trusted you!” He Lei said grimly. He then vanished angrily. He appeared on Lucifer’s arm in an instant, aiming his gun at Chaksu’s face. He roared, “But you betrayed us!” The light condensed and hit Chaksu’s face in one shot.

“Ah!” Chaksu groaned in pain, holding his face. The shot only left a burned circle on his face, but didn’t puncture him. It seemed that Chaksu’s superpower was far beyond our expectations. He Lei really didn’t know much about him.

He Lei looked at him in surprise, obviously unaware that Chaksu had the ability to be immune to piercing weapons. He Lei was a speed metahuman instead of a strength metahuman, so He Lei’s superpower was at a disadvantage. He couldn’t fight against Chaksu.

“Let me take care of him,” Lucifer said, raising his hand. He Lei jumped toward the spacecraft by the side. Then Lucifer lifted his foot to kick Chaksu. Chaksu moved a few steps back from the kick, stomping a few flying vehicles flat before he regained balance.

He glared at Lucifer, asking, “I never expected that you would have succeeded in beast evolution too!”

Beast evolution? Is that what Silver Moon City calls the evolution that day monsters, flying corpses, water ghosts, and other species go through? In the eyes of Silver Moon City, they aren’t humans, but rather beasts?

“We’re called the sky tribe. We’re humans! We’re much more good looking than you are!” Lucifer rectified.

Chaksu raised both his claws, smirking malignantly. “You’re just like me. Just a monster!” Chaksu roared and pounced at Lucifer.

Suddenly, a silver gleam flashed across Chaksu’s face. He immediately groaned, “Ah!” The silver gleam stopped in the air. It was Zong Ben. There was a piece of pale skin on his sharp claw. Milky starch dripped from the skin like glue. It didn’t look like human blood, nor did it look like flying corpse blood.

Chaksu slowly let go of his hand, revealing his injured face. A piece of skin was gone, vaguely showing his pale flesh. The disgusting part was that it looked like loosely hanging, rotten flesh.

I looked at Ice Dragon, saying, “Play our earlier conversation.”

“Yes,” he replied.

I stood up after I gave the command. The top of the hull opened and I slowly ascended…

“Professor Hagrid Jones has been conducting a secret experiment since that time to study human evolution...” The conversation that had taken place in the meeting room earlier began to replay in the air, catching everyone’s attention. They were stunned on the spot when they saw me. “He discovered that blue crystal energy could stimulate evolution in human genetics, so he bombed Kansa Star using blue crystal energy, which is what we called the end of the world…”

“What? What is she talking about?”

“Who is Hagrid Jones?”

“Who is she?”

Chaksu panicked when he saw the image and conversation from the meeting room earlier. He suddenly pounced at Lucifer and the two giant monsters resumed their fight.

Everyone immediately moved back as they continued to watch the image in the air. Their intense curiosity made them unable to resist finding out about the truth. Everyone at the end of the world had the right to know the truth from back then!



Chaksu and Lucifer continued to fight as I spoke.

“He has been monitoring the gradual evolution of the humans on Kansa Star from Silver Moon City. In order to find the strongest metahuman, he needs war, because constant fighting will reveal the strongest one.

“All of Kansa Star became what Hagrid Jones hoped for. The law of the jungle applied, and the weak were destined to be eliminated while the strong would definitely survive. But suddenly, a day came when a Ghost King united the Ghost Eclipsers...

“So, there had to be someone who would fight against the Ghost Eclipsers, becoming their opponents!

“Chaksu! How did you find out about this base?! Which livable zone are you from?!”

The last question reverberated through the base.

“Bang!” Chaksu was pressed against the steel wall amid the resounding echoes of the question. Lucifer pierced his shoulder and pinned him firmly to the wall. It wasn’t fresh blood that flowed out, but rather milky white starch!

Everyone looked at Chaksu somberly in disappointment. The few pioneers who had fought alongside Chaksu, forming the Aurora Legion, walked out from among the crowd. They looked at him, asking, “Is this true, Chaksu?”

Chaksu roared ferociously, “Don’t believe in the North Star. She has no evidence!” His roar shocked everyone further.

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