Book 8: Chapter 53 - Fake Leader

My gaze grew grim, staring at Captain Chaksu. I roared the way my uncles interrogated suspects, “Chaksu! How did you find out about this base?! Which livable zone are you from?!”

Chaksu was frightened by my sudden roar! He suddenly got up, looked at He Lei, and then looked at me. His cheeks twitched as he said, “I don’t believe what you said! How could you possibly wipe out the Ghost Eclipsers?! You’re definitely working hand in hand with the Ghost Eclipsers!” His muscles suddenly bulged all over and his skin turned pale, like the day monsters outside.

His arms began to lengthen while his body grew huge. He bellowed at me, “North Star! You’re no longer this world’s friend, but the world’s enemy! Wait until Silver Moon City takes care of you!” He swung his long arms and shoved He Lei, who hadn’t kept his guard up against him. Then, he slammed his hand toward me!

Pak!” The image before me disappeared, and it struck a chill in my heart.

Ice Dragon narrowed his eyes, letting out a chilly gleam. He said, “The device broke.”

“I never expected that the mole that we were looking for was Captain Chaksu himself! This, this is unbelievable!” Xiao Ying said, touching her face in disbelief. It was as though whatever had happened sent a chill down her spine.

I had never expected that the spy that we were looking for was the founder of the Aurora Legion, Captain Chaksu!

No wonder he hadn’t been surprised about my gender when he saw that I was alive. He’d known I was a woman. After Silver Moon City had lost me, Chaksu could continue to search for my whereabouts on the ground.

No wonder when we’d said that we suspected the mole to be among the pioneers, he was so sure that the spy wasn’t among his brothers.

“The people on the ground lived so miserably in darkness, without hope. They were given a leader like Chaksu then, and he could unite everyone’s hearts, so Silver Moon City could better control them…” I was scared out of my wits. These dark politics were so terrifying!

Lucifer immediately got up and flexed his sharp claws.

I looked at the damaged image, commanding, “Ice Dragon, inform the Great Ghost King that they can begin their journey. If it’s necessary…” There was a heavy weight over my heart but I had to make a decision, continuing, “Take control of the base in case things get chaotic!” I could explain to them after I seized control.


“Release scouting robots.”

The scouting robots were released, and images formed again. There was no one at the quiet square and the scouting robot flew further.

“Send me! I’ll capture Chaksu!” Lucifer requested. I nodded and he immediately left the cockpit, jumping off Ice Dragon.

The image of the meeting room returned, showing He Lei. He was clenching his fists angrily, supporting himself against the table. His chest was heaving up and down. He said grimly, “I’ll chase after him.” Then, he vanished from the meeting room.

“Ah!” Xiao Ying held her head, saying, “It’s so scary! This is so scary! Cang Yu is so scary! What exactly is real in this world?”

She sounded like Dian Yin when he had first found out about the truth of the world. She was beginning to question her life.

I would have reacted the same way if it had been the past me. I’d trusted Captain Chaksu, and I had admired him for forming the Aurora Legion to fight a war. But in the end, it had all been fake.

I creased my eyebrows, saying, “We can finally see the truth behind the illusion. Cang Yu definitely wanted to see humans fighting against the Ghost Eclipsers, but the livable zones were too far apart. Both parties lacked communication and connections too. That was why no one could lead or unite everyone. So, he created a leader due to his impatience for war. He used that leader to unite and lead everyone to build a base here. When the time came, he could trigger a war in collaboration with Silver Moon City again. The most crucial thing is that the Aurora Legion could become his chess piece, allowing him to use them however he wanted. By then, they would be the masters of justice. Who would suspect this person of being from Silver Moon City? So what if they found out he was from Silver Moon City? Everyone’s hatred against the Ghost Eclipsers surpassed their disappointment with Silver Moon City. They might even have thanked Silver Moon City for forming the Aurora Legion, giving them hope…”

“That’s true…” Xiao Ying lowered her face sadly, saying, “If you weren’t here as a variable, the progression of our history might have stayed under Cang Yu’s control…”

I sighed, “No wonder Cang Yu wanted to continue to live. He is simply living like a god. He can make humans, cause incidents, and even control history. Oh my god…” I hadn’t said ‘oh my god’ for such a long time.

“Master, Chaksu is charging in our direction,” Ice Dragon said.

Xiao Ying let out a cold chuckle, saying, “He has guts. He wants to capture Brother Bing.”

“I don’t think he’s here to catch Master… We have the map of the base. There’s only one entrance here,” Ice Dragon reported with a smile.

“He might not know that I’m in Ice Dragon. He should be running out to warn Silver Moon City…” I stared at the entrance that Ice Dragon had zoomed in on. Chaksu was running toward there.

Lucifer was in position, loosening his limbs and neck. I stared at the spot coldly, saying, “He’s afraid that I’m going to kill him, so he’s running away…”

Bang!” Suddenly, there was an opening in the entrance. It looked as if a huge object had barged through, splitting the metal wall outward. At the same time, an unusually huge flying corpse burst out from the opening, knocking away Lucifer, who had yet to enter battle mode. Lucifer flew away from the impact, knocked into the wall.

Just then, He Lei appeared in front of Chaksu, roaring, “You can’t run away!”

“Go away!” Captain Chaksu swept his long arm at He Lei. He Lei dodged and the spaceship next to him was flipped over by Chaksu’s arm, spinning in the air. It then landed with a loud bang, showing how powerful Chaksu was after he transformed.

I looked at the sight in shock. Xiao Ying’s eyes were wide as she exclaimed, “This, this is a human-shaped flying corpse that Silver Moon City invented, isn’t it?!”

“Very possible,” Ice Dragon answered calmly. He analyzed the situation and continued, “Professor Raffles once mentioned that Silver Moon City has grasped more advanced genetic technology and they could further evolve day monsters, water ghosts, and flying corpses. Master, can you get Zong Ben to collect some samples from Chaksu so I can go through a simple analysis? I believe Raffles and Professor Haggs would be very interested in this huge day monster.”

I agreed with Ice Dragon’s suggestion, responding immediately, “Alright. Zong Ben, where are you? Did you hear us? Please collect some samples.”

An extra screen showed Zong Ben’s view. He gave me a thumbs up, signaling ‘OK’. He began to charge back at high speed.

It was chaotic outside. It had definitely stirred up a hubbub when such a huge flying corpse suddenly began running around. Many people poured out from each entrance, looking at it in shock.

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