Book 8: Chapter 52 - Who Is the Mole?

“Go ahead,” I replied, looking at He Lei solemnly.

He Lei thought for a while, reorganizing his speech. He said, “The Aurora Legion was once taken advantage of by Silver Moon City. If we were to say that we are going to collaborate with Silver Moon City again, it might stir a commotion among my brothers. Plus, as they were taken advantage of by Silver Moon City before, I feel that we would be doing the same to them if we didn’t inform my brothers about the truth and hid our plans from them. I…” He Lei spoke in hesitation and paused. He let out a heavy sigh, as though he couldn’t continue with what he wanted to say or didn’t know how to express his contradicting feelings.

He knew that there were times when secret missions couldn’t be shared, and he also knew that there was a mole among the Aurora Legion. But he felt that he was taking advantage of his brothers because of the upcoming plan.

The Aurora Legion had once been taken advantage of by Silver Moon City. He felt uneasy for us to be “taking advantage” of them again.

What he said reminded me that I hadn’t hesitated as he had, but now, I thought what he said was right. It was inappropriate for us to do that. We hated people who took advantage of others the most. How could we do the same? How could I earn He Lei’s brothers’ trust in the future?

I was worried then, too. I muttered, “But… Silver Moon City’s mole is still among the Aurora Legion…”

“How do you know there’s a mole?!” Captain Chaksu exclaimed in surprise.

He Lei and I exchanged a glance. He Lei’s expression grew somber, explaining, “Silver Moon City has always been watching the entire world. That’s why they must be watching the Aurora Legion too. Even at the formation of the Aurora Legion, they already sent their mole…”

“Impossible!” Captain Chaksu waved. His face grew pale, roaring, “Those are my good brothers. How could one of them be Silver Moon City’s mole?!” He reacted just like He Lei. They didn’t want to suspect their brothers.

“Captain Chaksu,” I took over the conversation because it would be better if I was the one who said what I was about to say. Chaksu and the other pioneers were He Lei’s idols, and the agony in the bottom of his heart was imaginable. “Why did I say that Silver Moon City was the biggest lie? Because their leader has a terrifying plan…” 

“His Highness Xing Chuan?” Chaksu looked at me with confusion.

I shook my head, answering, “No, Cang Yu.” When I said Cang Yu’s name, Chaksu’s gaze turned dull. He seemed to have been taken by surprise.

“Cang Yu was someone named Professor Hagrid Jones sixty years ago. He was the world’s first metahuman. His superpower is to consume other people’s lifespan to make himself immortal."

Chaksu stayed stunned as I spoke. His flickering gaze seemed to express his disbelief in what I said. I knew that what I said was hard to believe, especially for people like Chaksu who didn’t even know about Hagrid Jones.

“Professor Hagrid Jones has been conducting a secret experiment since that time to study human evolution. He discovered that blue crystal energy could stimulate evolution in human genetics, so he bombed Kansa Star using blue crystal energy, which is what we called the end of the world…”

My voice grew deep as I looked at Captain Chaksu, who found it unacceptable. I continued, “As humans went through evolution, Hagrid Jones didn’t stop his study. He wants to look for the pinnacle of human genetics. So, he has been monitoring the gradual evolution of the humans on Kansa Star from Silver Moon City. In order to find the strongest metahuman, he needs war, because constant fighting will reveal the strongest one. People on the ground became Ghost Eclipsers due to the end of the world, and that was what he needed. The Ghost Eclipsers were barbaric, offensive, and obsessive. Everywhere they went, they plundered. In order to acquire resources, the Ghost Eclipsers constantly fought…” My speech seemed to explain Hagrid Jones’ observations and the progress of humans over the past sixty years.

“All of Kansa Star became what Hagrid Jones hoped for. The law of the jungle applied, and the weak were destined to be eliminated while the strong would definitely survive. But suddenly, a day came when a Ghost King united the Ghost Eclipsers and they lived in harmony. It ruined Hagrid Jones’ plan. There couldn’t be civilization in the strongest force on Kansa Star. Once there was civilization, the world would slowly unite and become peaceful. How could it stimulate stronger genes then?! So, there had to be someone who would fight against the Ghost Eclipsers, becoming their opponents!”

“The Aurora Legion!” He Lei looked at me in shock, asking, “Did… the Aurora Legion form because of that?”

I shook my head, answering, “Not necessarily. There will always be counterattacks where there is oppression. The people in the past were too weak, and there was no force that dared fight back, just like Noah City that has been hiding underground…” I let out a heavy sigh. It was a pity what had happened to Noah City back then. They had abandoned Xue Gie’s parents along with the others in order to protect more people. They hadn’t sent help, but had instead run away on their own. I couldn’t blame Xue Gie’s parents for wanting to fight against Noah City after such a betrayal.

“Captain Chaksu, how did you get the idea to form the Aurora Legion back then?” I asked, looking at Captain Chaksu. He was lost in his thoughts, sitting there, looking forward blankly. “Captain Chaksu?” I called again, but he didn’t respond.

I looked at his expression, and an idea flashed through my head. I quickly replayed what I’d said earlier in my head: Cang Yu needed someone to fight against the Ghost Eclipsers, stirring up another war… Everyone holed up back then, and no one dared to fight against them…

Who formed the Aurora Legion?! How did the Aurora Legion start?!

The person who had formed the Aurora Legion definitely had the determination and courage to fight against the Ghost Eclipsers. He also had to have a certain level of military capability. For instance, the ability to find this base…

However, the base was so remote, at the edge of the north. How could someone from the end of the world know about it? Most of them were illiterate!

There was a saying from my world: “Poverty stifles ambition”. It referred to the lack of ideas that came from a deficiency in knowledge. They were like frogs at the bottom of a well, who didn’t dare to jump out of their world, but instead restricted themselves to their own areas.

Most of the information in this world had been damaged. How had Chaksu obtained any information and found this base, at the end of the world where information was limited? Had he stumbled across this base?

I looked at He Lei, while He Lei looked at Captain Chaksu in low spirits. He Lei’s face grew pale and his forehead was covered in cold sweat. His clear, dark eyes were filled with disbelief and agony, and he was reluctant to suspect the worst. His breathing became heavy. Was he suspecting Captain Chaksu too? He Lei found it hard to accept that his idol could suddenly become the mole.

I was surprised at my speculation too. I was even like He Lei, unwilling to believe it.

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