Book 8: Chapter 51 - Don’t Want to Take Advantage of My Brothers

“Radical Star is now a paradise. The science team led by Raffles is transforming the ecology in the west: planting various crops, opening up new rivers, searching for clean water sources, cleansing the soil. Captain, we’re realizing your dream!” He Lei said excitedly, looking at Captain Chaksu with the same admiration he’d had back then.

He Lei was hardly ever emotional. He had always been calm and steady, but he acted like a young man again when he was with Chaksu.

Captain Chaksu looked as if he had been worn down by time. His sideburns had turned white completely. His wrinkles had grown significantly over the series of setbacks. His black hair was edged with silver frost, and the glow on his face had faded too.

Captain Chaksu slowly came back to reality with tears quivering in his eyes. He held He Lei’s hand, asking, “Lei, what you said… Is it true? Is it true?!” He choked back sobs. It seemed to be hard to suppress his excitement, as the Ghost Eclipsers had finally been wiped out.

“Yes!” He Lei finally smiled, giving off a relaxed vibe. He added, “We came back to tell you this good news. We came to ask for your cooperation in taking down Silver Moon City!”

“What?!” Captain Chaksu reacted in surprise. It was a normal reaction. Everyone who heard that we wanted to attack Silver Moon City was surprised.

He Lei reined in his smile and became solemn again, saying, “Silver Moon City is a sham. It took advantage of us and sacrificed so many of our brothers. We have to avenge them! We have to demand justice for all our sacrificed brothers!” He Lei clenched his fists angrily, and his expression showed that he couldn’t forgive whatever that Silver Moon City had done to them!

Captain Chaksu’s eyebrows were tightly knitted. He slowly let go of He Lei’s hand and took a seat. He thought for a long time, showing a worried look. He hesitated, saying, “It isn’t easy to attack Silver Moon City. Plus, with our force now…” Captain Chaksu looked at He Lei, asking, “You said… We? Who else came with you?”

He Lei smiled and raised his hand, saying, “It’s her. The North Star of the past, and the current Queen of Radical Star!”

Light streamed out from our badge, weaving my holographic image. Captain Chaksu looked surprised when he saw me. He was dumbfounded as he sat there.

I smiled at Captain Chaksu, saying, “Long time no see, Captain.”

“You, you’re really alive?!” he exclaimed. I never expected that Captain Chaksu’s first reaction would be that I was alive. I’d thought he would ask me who I was. After all, he had only seen me as a man. Although I looked similar in my female appearance, my appearance and body shape had grown vastly different over the last five years. I’d grown much taller too.

I chuckled, replying, “Yes, I’m hard to kill.”

Captain Chaksu’s expression grew complicated. He looked at me for a long time before he smiled, sighing. “You’re really the North Star. How could the North Star die so easily?”

“Bing didn’t die, but Silver Moon City lost track of her. If Silver Moon City had found out that Bing was alive, they would have hunted her down, because she’s the biggest threat to them!” He Lei explained on my behalf.

“Right, right, right.” Captain Chaksu nodded continuously, adding, “Lil’ Bing’s superpower is extremely dangerous and powerful. Silver Moon City wouldn’t let her get out of their control.”

“Captain, Silver Moon City is the biggest lie!” He Lei’s expression became angry. Captain Chaksu looked down and his expression grew solemn. He Lei was boiling with anger as he continued, “They used the Aurora Legion. They wanted us and the Ghost Eclipsers to wear each other out, eliminating both of us. Captain, Silver Moon City is the world’s biggest enemy!”

“But… We…” Captain Chaksu paused, looking up at He Lei. “Lei, to be frank with you, the Aurora Legion only has the people you saw left. How can we fight against Silver Moon City?” Captain Chaksu sighed. His eyes flickered, asking probingly, “Do you have few forces left after fighting against the Ghost Eclipsers?”

He Lei smiled calmly and confidently. His smile confused Captain Chaksu. He Lei looked at me and I smiled, saying, “Captain, we think it’s not worth starting a normal war against Silver Moon City.”

“Not worth it? Then… why did you say that you want to attack Silver Moon City?” Captain Chaksu seemed to be confused.

I continued, “Our warriors aren’t weak compared to the people in Silver Moon City, but the people on Silver Moon City were once my comrades. So, I don’t want them to kill each other. It isn’t worth that sacrifice. Plus, there are many precious resources in Silver Moon City. If we were to fight head-on, the damage inflicted on Silver Moon City would be unpredictable…” Chaksu nodded as I spoke.

“So, we want to take control of Silver Moon City!” I said, clenching my right fist. I caught Captain Chaksu’s attention and I continued, “We’ll work together to tempt Silver Moon City down. I need you to reconcile with Silver Moon City so they can send a representative here to discuss how to attack the Ghost Eclipsers, who have always been Silver Moon City’s target. So, they’ll definitely come down. They might even assign all the metahumans in the east to join…”

“But… Didn’t you wipe out all the Ghost Eclipsers?” Captain Chaksu sounded cautious.

I smirked coldly, saying, “That’s the point. We want to tempt them to come down before they find out!”

Captain Chaksu was still confused, asking, “Then? Are you thinking of threatening Silver Moon City by kidnapping their representative?” He let out a chuckle and continued, “Heh… The people of Silver Moon City are ruthless. How could we possibly threaten them?”

“We have plans on hand…” I said, smiling. I didn’t share my entire plan. I didn’t share the same trust He Lei had for Captain Chaksu.

Captain Chaksu nodded doubtfully, but he didn’t pursue the topic further. The corners of his lips slowly lifted, revealing a calm smile. “The North Star’s plan will definitely work. Everyone believes in the North Star!” he suddenly said happily, as though all his doubts and concerns had vanished at that very moment. “Alright then! We’ll give you our full cooperation. But… I’m worried that everyone will find out we’re going to collaborate with Silver Moon City again, and they might…” he said, creasing his eyebrows.

“Bing, I have something that I need to talk to you about,” He Lei said, looking at me seriously while Captain Chaksu looked at him. I saw He Lei’s exceptionally solemn expression. The thing that he wanted to talk about was definitely very important.

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