Book 8: Chapter 50 - Got in Touch

“I understand now! You fell in love with the Queen of Radical Star, didn’t you?!” Loghead suddenly roared, spitting his saliva all over in anger.

I sighed, creasing my eyebrows.

He Lei didn’t manage to respond in time because Loghead had made that remark out of a sudden. Doggo’s face grew pale as he punched Loghead, saying, “Loghead, calm the f*ck down!” 

Bang!” A punch landed on Loghead’s face. Loghead moved out of He Lei’s way and fainted on the spot. Doggo immediately held Loghead up, looking at He Lei, saying, “Brother He Lei, go and do your thing. I’ll look after Loghead.”

He Lei’s eyebrows were tightly knitted, looking in the direction of Ice Dragon. He looked apologetic. Among all factors, humans were the toughest to keep under control, because humans had feelings and were easily influenced by emotions.

If He Lei hadn’t confess to Sayee, Loghead, who was head over heels for Sayee, wouldn’t have lost control and he wouldn’t have exposed all of us due to his anger.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. Feelings are bad. They severely affect humans’ rationality. That’s why you aren’t as rational as I am,” Ice Dragon said, smiling withpride.

I held my forehead, muttering, “That’s what makes us humans, and you only a bunch of data.”

Ouch. That hurts!” Ice Dragon held his fragile heart, looking sad.

“Who is the Queen of Radical Star?”

“I have never heard of her…”

“Stop it. Sayee hasn’t said anything until now…”

Everyone whispered among themselves, looking at the silent Sayee either in sorrow or awkwardness. Sayee had stood dumbfounded since He Lei’s speech. I felt heartache at the sight too.

“Brother He Lei, Brother He Lei,” a person called, running from afar.

Doggo saw the person and shouted, “Over here, Ah Feng! Brother He Lei, hurry up and catch up with Ah Feng.” He Lei patted Doggo’s shoulder, signifying his gratitude.

Ah Feng was the person He Lei had sent to inform Captain Chaksu back then. Ah Feng came forward excitedly and hugged He Lei. He had known that He Lei would return, so he was calm compared to the surprised crowd. He said, “Brother He Lei, you’re finally back! It’as been a year!” 

“Bring me to the Captain.”

“Sure!” Ah Feng brought He Lei with him, while the others dismissed themselves in awkward silence. A few guys stayed by Sayee’s side, looking at her with concern in silence.

Doggo carried Loghead and looked at Sayee apologetically. He let out a heavy sigh and turned away with Loghead.

Only Sayee and those few guys were left at the square, standing at the dark hangar. There were only a few mute spaceships keeping them company.

“Tsk. It’s such a painful sight to watch…” Ice Dragon began to express his sympathy.

“I don’t think so. Look, she has another four to five men keeping her company,” Lucifer said, raising his eyebrows.

“She has no feelings for those men,” Xiao Ying said, puffing her cheeks. “I can tell at one glance. It’s good that Brother He Lei was so straightforward. A short moment of pain is better than a long period of pain. Give Sayee some time and she’ll fall for another man, just like me,” Xiao Ying said. She made a heart shape with her hands, adding, “Fat-Two, Silver Snake, Sia, Joey, I love them all. I’m going to have a baby with each of them!”

I looked at Sayee for a while before I swiped her image away. I looked at Xiao Ying, saying, “They would be thrilled if they heard you say that. But you would have to be pregnant for at least five years. Didn’t you refuse to have babies?”

“Heh…” Xiao Ying replied playfully, “I wanted to see the world and kill enemies in the war back then. The world is at peace now. It’s time. It’s time. Heh…” I gave her a doting smile. She was the most peculiar among all of us. 

“Master, Sayee left,” Ice Dragon notified me.

I had mixed feelings, so I kept quiet. I then stood up and walked up to the windshield. It became transparent, showing the entire square. Sayee was walking back, and the few men followed next to her in silence. They wanted to say something but kept quiet in the end, walking quietly next to Sayee.

Sayee looked at the dim base in front of her, spiritless. She stopped and took a look at the base. She smiled, revealing a disdainful smirk. Then, she turned back and walked forward in huge strides, vanishing into the darkness.

Sayee… looked different from before. Her last smirk and her final turning figure didn’t look like the Sayee I had once known.

The Sayee in my impression was shy and timid. She had been extremely insecure and afraid to look into my eyes because of the Ghost Eclipsers’ persecution. She seemed to have improved a lot over the years.

“Bing, I’ve arrived at the meeting room,” He Lei suddenly reported. At the same time, an image formed in front of us, showing a door.

Ah Feng pushed the door open and Captain Chaksu said in greeting, “He Lei! You’re finally back!” The screen was filled with Captain Chaksu’s chest muscles. They were hugging each other tightly.

“Captain, I’m back. Sorry I kept you waiting for so long.”

“It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s good that you’re back now. Hurry up and tell me about the situation with the Ghost Eclipsers. Did you bring back important news?” Captain Chaksu finally let go of He Lei. I saw He Lei’s hand on the screen. He had taken off our badge.

“Captain, that’s what I want to talk to you about!” He Lei flipped his hand and the badge flew up and hovered in the air, sharing the view of the whole meeting room with us. Chaksu looked at it, saying, “This… looks like Silver Moon City’s technology.”

He Lei began to report solemnly, “Captain, we already wiped out the Ghost Eclipsers in the west. The purpose of our return is to attack Silver Moon City.”

“What?!” Captain Chaksu exclaimed in surprise, looking at He Lei, gawking. 

He Lei was even more solemn than he had been a year before. He added, “I left back then because I saw the North Star. She allowed me to follow her to the west to wipe out the Ghost Eclipsers. But we couldn’t let Silver Moon City find out, so I had to leave with her in secret. Please forgive me, Captain.”

Captain Chaksu was still shocked, asking, “The North Star is real?!”

“Yes, she kept her whereabouts secret in case Silver Moon City were to go after her. After we arrived in the west, we infiltrated the Ghost Eclipsers very quickly. We united the metahumans within the ranks of the Ghost Eclipsers who wanted to counterattack. In a year’s time, we wiped out the Ghost Eclipsers, united the west, and established a brand new Radical Star!” He Lei got more passionate as he spoke, while Captain Chaksu’s jaw dropped even further.

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