Book 8: Chapter 49 - Don’t Act on Impulse

Everyone surrounded He Lei outside Ice Dragon, and Sayee pounced on He Lei. Ice Dragon played a close-up shot in front of me, as though it were a romantic film.

Xiao Ying let out a stifled laugh, joining the fun. “Should we hush Brother He Lei and remind him of the importance of the mission?”

I rolled my eyes at her, ignoring her while Ice Dragon played their conversation out loud.

“He Lei, where have you been?!” Sayee choked back sobs, hugging him tightly.

He Lei pushed her away gently. No matter how tough a man was, he would grow soft-hearted when it came to a girl. Even though He Lei didn’t love Sayee that way, Sayee was his family after all. They had been dependent on each other for survival, like brother and sister.

He Lei held Sayee’s shoulder, gazing deep into her eyes, like a brother who had left his hometown reuniting with his sister. He creased his eyebrows, saying, “You lost weight.” Tears rolled down from Sayee’s eyes and she wailed tearfully, hanging her head low.

Some of the surrounding crowd sighed. Some cried. Some were angry.

“He Lei, where have you been?! Everyone was worried sick!”

“Brother He Lei… Everyone thought you were dead…”

“Many people left the base. They left… Sigh…”

“Those people aren’t worthy. They’re all traitors! Hmph! They lick Silver Moon City’s boots! They never thought about who took them in!”

“Yeah! They’re heartless! Just like the Ghost Eclipsers!”

“The Ghost Eclipsers deserved to die!” Suddenly, Doggo and Loghead shouted. They were extremely excited, clamoring, “Our Brother He Lei killed all the Ghost Eclipsers!” He Lei immediately turned to look at them, and they stood on the spot awkwardly.

I held my forehead.

“The two of them are really unreliable…” Xiao Ying covered her face, shaking her head.

Loghead looked at Doggo, and Doggo looked back at Loghead. They immediately added, “What we meant was that Brother He Lei can bring us to kill all the Ghost Eclipsers, and make those who left the Aurora Legion, those who gave up our dream, regret it!”

“That’s right!” Everyone cheered excitedly.

“By then, we would be famous and everyone would know us. But they would be nothing!” Doggo got more and more excited.

The rest of the people in the Aurora Legion surged with military spirit, cheering with their hands up.

“That’s right!”

“Brother He Lei is back now! He can lead the Aurora Legion to a bright future!”

“We’re going to kill all the Ghost Eclipsers and everyone is going to know how amazing we are!”

“That’s right!”

“That’s right!”

“He Lei!”

“He Lei!”

“He Lei!”

They suddenly cheered He Lei’s name over and over again. Doggo and Loghead stuck their tongues out and moved behind the crowd.

He Lei looked at everyone, moved. But his gaze turned somber and apologetic, because He Lei knew that these people had no chance to kill the Ghost Eclipsers anymore.

“Alright! Everyone stop! Brother He Lei has something important to do!” Doggo shouted from behind everyone.

The crowd became quiet. They looked at He Lei, soaring with the anticipation of revenge and restoring the prestige of the Aurora Legion.

He Lei looked at everyone left. His emotions became more complicated, seeing the crowd’s determined expressions.

He looked down at Sayee again and Sayee broke into a smile, wiping her tears. She punched He Lei’s chest jokingly, saying, “I was going to follow another man if you hadn’t come back any sooner.”

He Lei was stunned. He avoided eye contact with her, creasing his eyebrows.

He Lei was definitely struggling to deal with Sayee. She was like his sister. How could he explain things to her?

I felt bad for He Lei too. I thought he was forcing himself too hard. He could totally put me aside and…

“I’m sorry, Sayee.” He Lei suddenly looked at Sayee solemnly as everyone went silent. I slapped my forehead. He isn’t thinking about being frank with her now, right?

He Lei had always been very straightforward. He had never hidden anything from people that he trusted.

“I can’t be in the way of your happiness,” He Lei said. Sayee was stunned on the spot, while the surrounding crowd looked at one another in shock.

He Lei held Sayee’s hands and explained further, “I fell in love with someone else. So, you should look for your own happiness. I didn’t live up to your expectations. I’m sorry.” He Lei let go of Sayee’s hands and walked away from the crowd.

Everyone was surprised and awkward. Some of them looked at Sayee, some of them looked at He Lei, some moved out of the way for He Lei, and some went closer to Sayee and looked at her with concern.

“Brother He Lei, what are you talking about?!” Loghead suddenly grabbed He Lei by his collar. He questioned angrily, “Brother He Lei, do you know that Sayee has been waiting for you?! Sayee has liked you for so many years. How could you do that?!”

“Yo! That boy really loves Sayee. Mm… These people are easily swayed by their own sentiments,” Ice Dragon commented, shaking his head.

Xiao Ying cringed, saying, “Brother He Lei should amend his temperament. How could he just break up in front of everyone? That’s so embarrassing for the girl.”

“I am impressed with Brother He Lei though. I definitely couldn’t say it out loud if I were him,” Lucifer joined Xiao Ying.


“Brother Bing.”


“What do you think?” The three of them asked me in unison.

“Shut up, all of you!” I said rudely. Were they really worried for He Lei? They looked like they were enjoying the show.

Loghead held onto He Lei, not behaving like a log at all. He Lei stared back, saying, “I made it clear now because I don’t want to abuse her kindness. We were young and we didn’t know what we were feeling. But now that I know, I have to be responsible and deal with our feelings. I don’t love Sayee that way. I view her as my sister. I can’t lie to myself or her and make her give birth to our children in the future…”

“What’s wrong with that?!” Sayee likes you and you should be by her side. There are so few girls, and how dare you forsake her…” Loghead roared in anger.

“I’m not forsaking her! How could I forsake my sister?!”

“Then why aren’t you with her?!” Loghead roared at He Lei.

He Lei’s eyebrows were tightly knitted. It was obvious that he was getting annoyed. Loghead was too emotional. There were very few women at the end of the world. Many men thought it was nice enough to have a girl with them. Why talk about feelings? What were feelings?

“Shut up!” Doggo quickly went forward and held Loghead back. He said, “Sayee hasn’t said anything yet. Plus, even if He Lei isn’t going to be with Sayee, you’re still going to be with her, right?”

“That’s different! Brother He Lei has always been the one in Sayee’s heart!” Loghead roared, staring at He Lei with his eyes wide.

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