Book 8: Chapter 48 - Return to the Base of Aurora Legion

When we approached the base, people ran out of it, waving at us emotionally.

“I saw Sayee.” I didn’t know if Ice Dragon had done it on purpose. He put Sayee’s close-up shot in front of me, and He Lei felt extremely awkward.

“Brother He Lei, is that your wife?!” Lucifer asked loudly too.

I looked at the awkward He Lei, asking, “Sayee has other men?”

He Lei relaxed. He looked at Sayee’s emotional expression on Ice Dragon’s projection, answering, “Yes. I’m always out and I can’t keep her company. I was worried that she was lonely, so I got my brothers to keep her company.”

When the boyfriend left, he told his brothers to take care of his girlfriend. In the end, the brothers took care of her even in bed. If this were to happen in the world I came from, they would have been killed. But it seemed so reasonable at the end of the world. For instance, when Harry and the other men headed out to war, they would entrust me with Raffles.

Although I had been here for five years, I still found it rather uncomfortable. It was hard for me to change my worldview.

Ice Dragon slowly descended under the lead of Loghead and Doggo’s spaceship. He Lei got up solemnly. He looked at me, saying, “I shall go.”

“Mm, keep in touch,” I said, tapping on my ear. He checked his chest again to see if Radical Star’s badge was there and it was working normally. He turned to leave the cabin, while Lucifer and I stayed in the spaceship. After He Lei met up with Chaksu, we would see Chaksu through He Lei.

“Brother He Lei!”

“Brother He Lei!”

“Brother He Lei!”

Our spaceship had yet to come to a complete stop, but we could hear the cheering from outside. He Lei was a star. He shined wherever he went.

“Brother He Lei lives up to his reputation. He’s so popular everywhere he goes,” Lucifer said enviously. “Bing, if I had been an adult man when we fought the war back then, would I be as popular as Brother He Lei, Brother Harry, and the others?” Lucifer asked, unwilling to admit defeat.

He had only been a child when we fought the war back then. Although he was cool as a flying corpse, his form would still frighten the others. But he only looked like a young teen when he transformed back into human form. He had many secret admirers, but there weren’t many who worshipped him.

I looked at him with a smile, asking, “Lucifer, do you really need so many people to like you?”

Lucifer broke into a smile and squatted next to my seat happily. He looked up at me, saying, “I only need you to like me.” I tapped his forehead and he blinked, adding, “It’d be great if Brother Harry and the others liked me too. Then, they wouldn’t stop me from being together with you.”

I looked at him helplessly. If I were to tell him that I had watched him grow up, he would definitely be upset.

Zong Ben suddenly flew in from the side and circled around.

“You want to head out?” I asked. He nodded in response. I opened the hatch and he flew out. I shouted, “Don’t just kill as you wish!” He continued forward. I wondered if he had heard me.

Ice Dragon finally came to a stop as the warriors cheered. Sayee ran up to everyone. She looked more mature than before. She, who had once been a young lady, had become a woman.

Her two long braids hung down in front of her chest, and her puffy linen dress looked old but clean. Every patch was neatly sewn, making the ugly dress look like an intentional design.

There were no other women or girls among them. I remembered there had been women and children when I’d visited the last time. But now, there was only Sayee left.

The collaboration between the Aurora Legion and Silver Moon City had broadened their views. They’d realized that there were many cities outside. There were nice people who were willing to take them in too, like… Noah City.

Doggo and Loghead mentioned that many people had gone to Noah City after what happened in Blue Shield City. Elder Alufa had been helping many people because of what had happened with Xue Gie’s parents back then. He seemed to be repenting for his sin.

Then, Xue Gie and the other crews’ mothers had returned to Noah City. They had once been abandoned, so they were even more willing to accept and help other people at the end of the world.

Noah City seemed to have gained a reputation in the west.

The others left, but Sayee stayed because she wanted to wait for He Lei. It made my feelings complicated. It made me feel guilty, as though I had taken away her man. No matter how many men Sayee had, it wouldn’t diminish such guilty feelings.

“Sayee looks quite ordinary…” Ice Dragon tried to provoke me.

I rolled my eyes at him, saying, “Shut up!”

“Ice Dragon, do you want to be reformatted?” Xiao Ying asked, crossing her arms while looking at him. Ice Dragon merely smiled, turning off Sayee’s image.

“But Sayee is an anti-radiationer,” Xiao Ying suddenly added.

I was surprised, asking, “So, she’s a metahuman?”

Xiao Ying nodded, looking at me confusedly. She asked, “Didn’t you know? You saved her back then.”

“There are strong and weak metahumans. Sayee is only an anti-radiationer. Just like the miners, like Gru and the others,” Ice Dragon added, smiling.

Xiao Ying nodded, saying, “So, this kind of woman still needs to be protected. You saved her back then. She would, of course, fall in love with her savior. But Brother He Lei doesn’t love her. So, it’s easy to resolve. Brother Bing, don’t worry.” Xiao Ying winked at me, sending me heart signs.

I narrowed my eyes, looking at her smilingly. “Aren’t you hungry in there? Do you want to come out and have a drink?”

“Hehe,” Xiao Ying chuckled. She said, “You’d hit me if I came out. I don’t want to. I have many beautiful men here. It’s fun in here.”

Xiao Ying’s superpower was amazing. It seemed to be useless in normal situations, but her superpower definitely had the power to make everyone jealous. What could be cooler than creating a world like a god?

“Oh yeah. Brother Bing, are we… going to go back to take a look at Noah?” Xiao Ying paused as she asked.

“Go to Noah for what?! So that they can betray us again?!” Lucifer said coldly. He crossed his legs, sitting in front of me.

Xiao Ying felt awkward. She licked her lips, not knowing what to say.

I knew that Xiao Ying missed home. It wasn’t only her; Raffles, Harry, Sis Ceci, Uncle Mason, Joey, Sia, and the others also missed Noah City too. But they cared for me. It would be too selfish of me if they were to stay away because of the rift between Arsenal and me. They were going too far for my sake.

I smiled, looking at Xiao Ying. I said, “Once the war against Silver Moon City ends, there won’t be any enemies. We’ll return to Noah then.”

Xiao Ying looked at me happily, nodding heavily.

How long could I hold grudges against my family? It had been so long. How could it surpass the love and care all of Noah had given me? I couldn’t forget how Elder Alufa and everyone else had taken care of me just because Arsenal had betrayed me.

Their loving kindness had drowned the betrayal long ago. I missed Noah, my first hometown, too.

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