Book 8: Chapter 47 - Their North Star

“Seriously?!” Loghead and Doggo still couldn’t believe that what they’d heard was true.

“You, you, you, you, you really wiped out the Ghost Eclipsers?! And conquered the entire west?! How, how, how, how is this possible?!” Loghead was stuttering again.

“The Ghost Eclipsers are wiped out! The Ghost Eclipsers are wiped out!” Doggo cheered louder and louder, shaking Loghead’s shoulders vigorously. “Did you hear that? The Ghost Eclipsers are wiped out! It is possible with the North Star! The North Star! The North Star wiped out the Ghost Eclipsers!”

Loghead slowly came back to reality and looked at me in astonishment. He repeated like a tape player over and over again, “Yeah. It is possible with the North Star. It is possible… It is possible…”

They looked at me at the same time and kept staring at me.

I creased my eyebrows, glancing at He Lei and gave him an eye signal. He lowered his head so I could speak into his ears. I whispered, “Are your two brothers reliable? I think… it would be best for us to sneak into the base on our own to see Chaksu…”

“We can!” The two of them suddenly stood up straight and saluted. Their hands were shivering in the breeze as they said, “We are willing to work with the North Star!

“Please give us a chance to assist the North Star. Oh no, Your Highness! Please let us follow you!” they said, looking at me in excitement and adoration. Their hands were still shivering, and they were turning red from the cold air.

I looked at He Lei, and he nodded at me. I smiled, looking at Loghead and Doggo. I said, “Alright. Remember that this is a secret mission. Your mission is to bring me into the base in collaboration with General He Lei to see Chaksu. You absolutely can’t tell anyone that you saw me. Do you understand?”


“Don’t worry! Our lips are as tight as Ah Feng’s!”

He Lei and I exchanged a glance and smiled.

The two of them looked at Lucifer cautiously, pointing at him. They asked, “He, he isn’t coming with us, right?”

“What are you looking at? I’m the one who doesn’t trust the two of you!” Lucifer lifted his chin, smirking. “If you betray us, hmph, I’ll eat the two of you!” He looked at them, clenching his teeth, and they were frightened.

I slapped his face, saying, “That’s enough! Stop scaring them.”

Lucifer was stunned by my slap. He held his cheek with an aggrieved expression, looking at me and saying, “Just in case.”

He Lei’s expression grew gentle. He looked at Loghead and Doggo, saying, “Don’t worry. Lucifer is a mutated flying corpse. He can switch between human and flying corpse forms. We call them the sky tribe now.”

“Huh? He can turn back into a human?”

“I’ll explain slowly on the way back,” He Lei said, looking at Loghead and Doggo, who had received too much information and were unable to digest it all in one go.

“Okay!” Doggo and Loghead nodded continuously. They added, “Brother He Lei is so different from before. You’re even more handsome now! Even more amazing! Your spaceships look amazing! It’s so… beautiful…” They were attracted by Ice Dragon’s latest hull.

Men often said that they couldn’t resist the temptation of nice cars; the same was true of pilots with nice aircraft.

He Lei finally put on a gentle smile, asking, “Do you want to go in and have a look?”

“Yes!” they replied in unison, jumping in excitement.

Doggo and Loghead exclaimed in wonder when they entered Ice Dragon. They found everything astonishing, just like when they had first entered Silver Moon City’s battleship back then.

“Brother He Lei, are you really going to attack Silver Moon City?” Loghead was still doubtful.

“Those b*stards should have been taught a lesson long ago!” Doggo cursed. “They used us! Made us cannon fodder. Brother Harry found out and they killed him, especially His Highness Xing Chuan! He should go to hell!” Doggo roared.

He Lei looked at me awkwardly, and I felt awkward too. Xing Chuan, Harry and I had reconciled due to many factors. But whatever he had done to the Aurora Legion seemed like only yesterday. No one in the Aurora Legion forgave him. They still hated him to the bones.

“But Silver Moon City is so powerful. How can you win? Do you… have enough men?” Loghead asked guiltily. He stole a glance at me and quickly explained, “It’s not that we don’t believe in you, Your Highness. It’s because the Aurora Legion… isn’t how it used to be…”

“I know.” I nodded. He Lei extended his hand to pat them, urging them to calm down and not worry. I smiled at them, saying, “We’re not going to launch a war against Silver Moon City.”

“What is it then?” The two of them asked hastily.

I looked at them and smirked, answering, “We’ll demand the payment of its debt!” They were stunned, looking at each other. I continued, “Silver Moon City has abundant resources. Their gene bank is what Kansa Star needs. If we were to launch a war against them, it would cause huge damage to Silver Moon City. It would be a loss to Kansa Star. So, we’re going to conquer Silver Moon City.”

“How, how is that possible…” They didn’t look like they understood. They reckoned it was something impossible. Really, though, almost anyone would find it impossible. Silver Moon City was like a god to them. Silver Moon City had the most advanced technology. Silver Moon City was loved by everyone in the west.

That was why we had to tempt Silver Moon City into our trap. The entire west received blessings from Silver Moon City. Once the war started in Silver Moon City, they would definitely gather all the metahumans in the west to continue to serve as their cannon fodder, as the Aurora Legion had already lost.

The last thing Cang Yu wanted to see was peace. He needed chaos. Chaos led to war. With constant war, he could find the strongest metahuman, just as he desired.

“Don’t worry about Silver Moon City,” He Lei said, placing his hands on Loghead and Doggo’s shoulders. His reassuring speech gave a sense of security to anyone who looked at him. Loghead and Doggo looked at ease under He Lei’s serious gaze. They were enchanted by He Lei’s confidence. He added, “As long as you work together with us, we will avenge what happened in Steel Ghost City! We’ll let Silver Moon City know that the Aurora Legion isn’t a force to mess with!”

“Mm!” He Lei’s speech boosted Loghead and Doggo’s spirits. He Lei was their North Star. Only he could give the Aurora Legion the strength to pull themselves together again.

Ice Dragon followed behind Loghead and Doggo as they returned to the base that had once belonged to the Aurora Legion. When they reported in, they only mentioned He Lei’s return.


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