Book 8: Chapter 46 - Calm

Loghead and Doggo really fainted. There were so many things that had shocked them.

“Huh? They fainted?!” Lucifer asked, poking their collapsed bodies. He slowly shrank to his original size and squatted next to them. He complained, “Seriously? They’re so timid! I haven’t even scared them yet. This isn’t fun.”

Sigh. This Lucifer. We came for business, not for him to have fun scaring people.

“They’ve been through enough today,” He Lei said smilingly, squatting next to them. Then his expression grew solemn and he continued, “I never expected the Aurora Legion to have gone through so much when I wasn’t around…”

“True heart shows itself in difficult times. You don’t have to miss those who left. Those who stayed truly believe in the Aurora Legion, and they are the ones who will fight against Silver Moon City until the end,” I said with a cold smirk, leaning to the side. As He Lei nodded in agreement, I added, “And the mole.”

He Lei’s expression immediately turned somber again.

“Brother He Lei, you know the people in the Aurora Legion the best. Who do you think could be the spy that Silver Moon City sent?” Lucifer asked seriously too. He looked quite cool when he didn’t smile.

He Lei creased his eyebrows. He seemed to be reluctant to suspect anyone among themselves. He said, “It’s been decades since the Aurora Legion was established. When I joined, there were already many people in the Aurora Legion. However, if Silver Moon City were to have sent a spy when they were first founded, it would narrow down the suspects. There were very few people who built the base with Captain Chaksu, but they were all Captain Chaksu’s brothers… I… can’t believe that there would be a mole among them…”

It was my first time seeing him so hesitant. He had always been resolute in action. I understood how upsetting it was for him. If I were him, I wouldn’t want to suspect any of my own brothers too. But reality was harsh.

“Let’s put it in another way. Silver Moon City’s mole didn’t exactly do anything inhuman…” I felt what I’d said didn’t help him feel any better, but it was the truth. The spy among the Aurora Legion shouldn’t have been able to get any important information, unless his job was just to monitor the Aurora Legion’s movement in secret on behalf of Silver Moon City. Even so, it was relatively uncomfortable to have a mole. 

He Lei became quiet. He seemed to be evaluating which of the seniors was the most suspicious one. Looking at his painful expression, it showed how close of a relationship he shared with them and how much he held them in reverence.

As He Lei drowned in deep thought, the two lying on the ground slowly became conscious again. He Lei noticed and immediately helped them up. They sat on the ground and shook their heads. They were still muddle-headed, asking, “Where… are we?”

“Yo! You woke up!” Lucifer hopped up to them, smiling widely at them.

“Ah! Ah! Flying corpse!” Loghead and Doggo finally woke up. They moved backward, shouting. They grabbed He Lei, shouting, “Brother He Lei, he can turn into a flying corpse!” 

Lucifer smiled widely while He Lei held his forehead in embarrassment, saying, “Calm down! I’m so embarrassed. So what if he’s a flying corpse?!”

The two of them came back to reality as He Lei reprimanded them. They seemed to realize that they had embarrassed themselves.

I chuckled, walking up to Lucifer. I said, “Stop scaring them.” Then, I turned to Loghead and Doggo, saying solemnly, “We need to get in touch with Captain Chaksu immediately. But Silver Moon City has a spy among the Aurora Legion. So, I need you to keep this a secret.”

Loghead and Doggo walked out from behind He Lei. They stood dumbfounded, looking at me then at He Lei.

“I told Ah Feng to inform Captain Chaksu in secret when I left back then. So, Captain knew that I left to infiltrate the Ghost Eclipsers, but he didn’t know I left with the North Star,” He Lei added.

“Ah…” The two of them gawked again. They thought for quite some time before they finally understood the entire story.

“Ah Feng is good at keeping secrets! No wonder he kept saying Brother He Lei would be fine! He knew all along!” Doggo exclaimed in realization.

“He didn’t even tell Sayee. Sayee cried for so long…” Loghead lowered his head.

He Lei’s expression grew awkward, avoiding eye contact with me. He asked, “How’s Sayee doing? Is she okay? Did you keep her company?”

“I…” Loghead suddenly blushed. He looked away as though he were avoiding He Lei, answering, “Mm… She… believes that you will definitely return…” The atmosphere suddenly became awkward.

I was surprised to find out that Sayee didn’t only have He Lei. Then, I found myself funny for being surprised. I’d lived here for over five years. How could I not understand the culture at the end of the world? It was normal for a woman to have many men.

“Brother He Lei, is she really… the North Star?” Doggo used me as a topic of conversation. He stole a glance at me in disbelief. I glared at him coldly, and he stiffened on the spot from my imposing vibe. He stuttered, “I, I remember that… the North, North Star… is quite, quite, quite friendly…”

Hmph.” I smirked coldly. I reined in my glare and crossed my arms, leaning on Ice Dragon. I said, “The friendly Silver Moon City broke you into pieces.”

Doggo was left speechless. Loghead lowered his head too. Then, Doggo looked at me again with anticipation, saying, “But we have you now, North Star!”

“She is the Queen of Radical Star now. Call her Queen!” He Lei quickly corrected solemnly.

Doggo and Loghead blinked, giving He Lei a funny look. They joked, “Brother He Lei, why are you so serious… Is she really a queen?”

He Lei remained solemn, looking down at them. Their smiles froze and slowly became awkward under He Lei’s expression.

“She wiped out the Ghost Eclipsers, united the west, and built Radical Star. Do you think I’m joking with you?!” He Lei said strictly. The war against the Ghost Eclipsers had made him a true general, a captain just like Chaksu. His figure soared with an imposing manner that no one dared to look at directly. His dignity and his composition made him unapproachable. His every word carried a sense of gravity.

Doggo and Loghead’s expression grew in admiration and reverence, looking at He Lei’s dignified appearance.

I walked to He Lei and stood next to him. “In the war against the Ghost Eclipsers, your Brother He Lei, also the general of my northern troop, led his soldiers and wiped out the Ghost Eclipsers in the north. Then, he garrisoned Ghost King Nubis’ city and became the King of the North in Radical Star!” I introduced He Lei to them proudly.

He Lei was no longer the Brother He Lei they had known him as. He was no longer the lieutenant that had worked under Captain Chaksu and Silver Moon City; now he was my general, one of the kings in Radical Star!

Mm! I decided to make Harry and the other men kings: King of the East, King of the West, King of the North, and King of the South. They sound so much cooler now.

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