Book 2: Chapter 30 - The Historical Site, Kro

“I am not jealous!” Harry suddenly sat straight up. He looked extremely serious but he was blushing. No one knew if he was just impatient or if he felt guilty. He stole a few glances at Raffles and then looked upwards to the right. “I was just worried that you misunderstood Luo Bing. I am worried that you are hurt!”

“Humph,” Raffles looked away while he crossed his arms too. He obviously didn’t believe what Harry said.

“I wasn’t jealous of you being Noah’s Brain. Elder Alufa gave me a nickname too but I found it unpleasant,” Harry lifted his face and said in disdain.

“It’s Noah’s Leg,” Raffles said and rolled his eyes at Harry. “What’s there to be jealous of? Don’t you know that you are the one who people are jealous of? You are the strongest metahuman in Noah City. There’s no doubt about it!” Hearing Raffles’ comment, Harry slowly turned around to look at Raffles.

Raffles looked upset and discouraged as he looked to the side. “I am envious that you can go out. You can bring various resources back for Noah City. So what if I am Noah’s Brain?! All of you still make fun of me and call me a pet bunny! A white rabbit! A mascot!” Raffles looked up angrily and shouted. He seemed to be venting his dissatisfactions about his nicknames out loud. No boy would like those nicknames.

Harry looked at Raffles, apologetic and embarrassed.

Out of a sudden, both of them stopped talking. Harry opened his mouth while scratching his head impatiently, but didn’t speak. Raffles lowered his head and hugged his booklet, becoming depressed. Sometimes, there were things that couldn’t be said when they were facing each other in person, but they could suddenly express themselves when they were at a far distance.

Raffles had always been shy. He always looked away when he spoke to girls and he would also blush. He hardly spoke to other people but when he did, he never stopped. It was as if because he didn’t normally talk, he didn’t know how to stop once he started.

Whenever others made fun of him with his nicknames, he never objected to their faces but always either pretended that he couldn’t hear or just turned around and left. Hence, everyone found him fun to bully. Even the girls treated him like half a girl. Now, he finally spoke up about those cute nicknames that the others had forced on him.

I sat in between them awkwardly. I didn’t know what to say as it became quiet. Suddenly, I glimpsed the scenery from the corner of my eyes, which caught my attention. Outside my window, it was a completely intact city!

“Oh my goodness!” I almost leaped out of my seat. The light cover retracted as I plastered myself on the windshield. I could see towering buildings, skyways, trails and sky gardens, all of which were less than five hundred meters away from me!

Everything was perfectly intact. It was even filled with beautiful plants! The plants in the sky garden pierced through the glass that had originally covered them, growing abundantly. Green vines entangled around the skyways and grew up along the towering buildings! With the vines hanging on the buildings, it looked as if the buildings had long green hair decorated with blue flowers.

This scenery is so beautiful!

This is a paradise that is suitable for living!

“What happened? Luo Bing?!” Harry and Raffles asked at the same time. Two columns of lights shone down from above and their figures appeared next to me.

I continued to look in front of me in astonishment, “Ice Dragon, share this view with them. I think we’ve reached.”

“What?!” Silence followed their exclamation of surprise. They must be like me, astonished at the sight of the historical site, Kro!

The historical site, Kro, was once only a legend. Noah City had only guessed about the existence of Kro but no one had ever seen it with their own eyes. Now, I’ve come here with Ice Dragon and lifted her veil. Kro was so amazing!

We had once imagined the historical site to be covered in dust, like an abandoned city with no plants. Because the plants shouldn’t be able to survive in intense radiation. Hence, we thought it would be a dim, ruined historical site.

However, the scene before our eyes was unbelievable. There were plants! Although the plants were in a strange color, they were still plants!

As Ice Dragon approached Kro, the view before our eyes grew clearer. There was a layer of light surrounding the city. It rippled gently in front of us, just like the northern aurora. Stretching to both sides endlessly, it formed the outer wall of this Land of Peach Blossoms.

“There’s an unknown source of energy in front,” Ice Dragon stopped and started descending.

“It’s so beautiful that it looks like a mysterious garden that God has sealed,” Raffles’s remark was so poetic. Yeah, the wall of light does look like a seal.

“What’s that?” Harry asked.

“I don’t know. It may be the vigorous movement of photons, a magnetic field, or maybe even the energy of a certain location!” Raffles became extremely excited. It was the kind of excitement when scientists discovered something new. “I need data! Hurry! Ice Dragon, send out the scouting robots. No one enters until we confirm that this light wall isn’t dangerous.” 

“Preparing scouting robots. Launched scouting robots.” As Ice Dragon spoke, I saw five palm-sized round robots fly out from above. They were like five yo-yos that were cut into upper and lower layers. Both layers were spinning in opposite directions, and a strip of blue light glowed between the layers. 

They hovered for a while. Then, one of them flew closer to the light wall. It got closer bit by bit and after hovering before it for a while, flew past the light wall. After it passed through safely, all kinds of data was instantly transmitted.

My windshield transformed into a new screen. There was all sorts of data I didn’t recognize, but I could understand one set of data: oxygen level!

The light wall was safe to pass through and there was sufficient oxygen. I gave a command without hesitation, “Ice Dragon! Advance!”

“Yes!” Ice Dragon instantly sped up and broke through the light wall. All the scouting robots entered as well and dispersed in all directions!

“Dangerous!” Raffles suddenly shouted but it was too late. Ice Dragon and I had broken through the mysterious yet beautiful light wall to enter the mysterious garden that God sealed!

“Luo Bing! Raffles said it’s dangerous!” Harry shouted hastily, “Quickly return!” He was even later than Raffles because we’d already entered.

Plus, Raffles didn’t speak again after he’d shouted. I looked at him suspiciously but I saw him gawking at the screen. His expression seemed to be frozen.

What is it that’s dangerous? Didn’t he say it was dangerous? Why did he suddenly stop stopping me?

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