Book 8: Chapter 45 - Frightened

Most of the people at the end of the world only wanted to survive. There were many people who had joined the Aurora Legion to get resources. Hence, they were merely a disorderly mob.

After Harry and He Lei governed the troops, the Aurora Legion had begun to have their belief, and they had become more united. To them, Harry was someone from Silver Moon City, after all. So, He Lei played an important role for them. 

If I were to be described as the spiritual core of Silver Moon City, He Lei was the spiritual core of the Aurora Legion. I shouldn’t have taken He Lei away so recklessly back then, as it was when the Aurora Legion was at their lowest.

“Captain Chaksu keeps insisting that Brother He Lei isn’t dead and will return. But Brother He Lei, you really left us for too long…,” they said, looking at He Lei guiltily. It was as though they wanted to blame him for being away for too long yet they didn’t dare to do so.

He Lei looked apologetic, saying, “I’m sorry because there might be Silver Moon City’s mole among the Aurora Legion. So, I couldn’t let them know that I left with the North Star…”

“It’s really the North Star!” They exclaimed in surprise. Their eyes were wide open and they blabbed hastily.

“The rumors are true!”

“There was a rumor saying that the North Star defeated the Ghost Eclipsers and saved Blue Shield City. It is true then?!”

“Everyone thought that the people were muddle-headed because we only found out about what happened in Blue Shield City after a month’s time."

The spreading of information in the East was still as slow.

“Didn’t the North Star die? When the rumors about the North Star spread, everyone was excited and high-spirited. But in the end….” Loghead’s voice grew sorrowful as he sais, “Both you and the North Star went missing and we heard nothing about you. Then, we assumed that it was only a rumor and that the North Star really died and there might be someone pretending to be the North Star in Blue Shield City….”

“No one can ever pretend to be the North Star!” He Lei said loudly and grimly.

“Oh! Yeah, Brother He Lei. Someone said that the North Star is a woman. Is that true? You said that you left with the North Star. So is the North Star a he or she?!” Loghead and Doggo asked excitedly, moving their faces closer to the screen. Their tears had had left two clean trails on their dusty faces, making their dirty faces look even funkier.

He Lei remained serious as he answered, “Let’s land first. I have an important secret task to entrust the two of you.

Loghead and Doggo put away their light-hearted behavior, seeing how solemn He Lei was. They quickly put on their helmets and saluted, “Yes, sir!”

Then, we slowly descended on the ice field.

According to our original plan, we planned to sneak into the Aurora Legion secretly because we weren’t sure if there was Silver Moon City’s mole among them. Su Yang had confirmed that Silver Moon City would send a spy to be among the Aurora Legion, so it was best for us to be cautious.

When the battleships stopped on a flat layer of ice, Loghead and Doggo leaped out of their battleships and ran in our direction, shouting,

“Brother He Lei!”

“Brother He Lei!”

The moment He Lei walked out, the two of them pounced at him. He stumbled from the impact!

They held He Lei firmly and started crying, “Brother He Lei, we really missed you. Now that you’re back, we have hope again!”

“Brother He Lei, please don’t leave us again. Everyone lost their hope to persist….” Their hoarse sobs gave me heartache. They were men, but they were wailing like children. I could imagine how they must have drowned in darkness during the past year after losing He Lei.

Lucifer and I watched them in silence as we waited by the hatch. Zong Ben spread his wings and soared into the high sky, keeping his guards up.

He Lei’s solemn expression finally grew tender, as he extended his hands to pat their backs gently. He said, “Don’t worry. I won’t leave after returning this time.”

“Mm! Mm!” The two of them wiped their tears, nodding heavily.

“But there aren’t many people at the base anymore. After we were defeated, the people who originally resided at the base relocated to other cities when they found out that the other cities were living a better life.” 

“Yeah, especially after what happened in Blue Shield City. They heard that the people in Blue Shield City escaped to Noah City, so they went to Noah City too,” Loghead and Doggo took turns to tell the story.

“Because the North Star was born in Noah City. They believed that Noah City would be protected by the North Star….”

I couldn’t help but let out a stifled laugh, shaking my head.

Loghead and Doggo heard me laughing and finally noticed that there were other people around. They looked at Lucifer and me. They looked surprised the moment they saw me. They stood dumbfounded on the spot.

They weren’t stunned because they had recognized me, but because they saw a woman.

I was a Queen, and the battle uniform I wore had a dignified vibe after Ah Zong had redesigned it. The high collar spread slightly and, the faint silver and blue embroidery border assimilated my spirit flower pattern. It had slim fit cutting, setting off my body shape, yet I could move freely. 

There were hidden buttons, hidden pockets, and a belt on my arms and waist, enabling me to put my weapon and emergency medical items.

My long hair were tied into two braids and panned together at the back of my head. It was clean, which was convenient for battle, yet it enhanced my Queenly dignity.

I crossed my arms and lifted my chin, looking at Loghead and Doggo. I said, “We returned because we plan to attack Silver Moon City!”

Loghead and Doggo’s jaws dropped even wider as I spoke.

They turned robotically and glanced at He Lei as though they were reluctant to tear their gaze off me.

“Brother He Lei, who is this beauty…?” they asked softly and sneakily. But everyone could hear them because there were only a few of us, and it was extremely spacious and quiet.

“What high flown sentiments….”

He Lei smirked coldly, looking at them, “Didn’t you ask if the North Star was a man or woman?”

Their necks stiffened, staring at He Lei. They stuttered, “She, she is…?!”

He Lei nodded at them, smiling. He said, “She’s the North Star, also the current Queen of Radical Star!”

Qu-Queen?!” They exclaimed in surprise, gawking just like before.

“What’s there to be surprised about attacking Silver Moon City? We already wiped out all the Ghost Eclipsers,” Lucifer boasted, smirking coldly.

“What?!” Loghead and Doggo roared in surprise. Their voices were hoarse, and their gazes were full of disbelief. 

They looked at us, flabbergasted. Lucifer seemed to find it funny. He suddenly spread his arms and his wings, growing in size before them as he roared with his bright, deep voice, “We will be... Silver Moon City’s... terminators!” His roar blew off Loghead’s and Doggo’s helmets. The two of them were dumbstruck, and the next thing we know, they fainted on the ice ground.

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