Book 8: Chapter 44 - Meeting Brothers

Bang!” Suddenly, everything resumed to its normal state. The lines outside the windshield suddenly magnified. It was a strange feeling. Everything that was fine, suddenly increased in size, and I felt dizzy and nauseous. 

It was still a world of snow and ice before us, but there was a clear blue sky with a crystal world outside.

“We shuttled through the ice storm successfully. Yay!” Ice Dragon and Xiao Ying high-fived each other. Honestly, I felt unwell.

“Lil Bing, how are you doing?” Only my own husband knew to worry for me. Raffles looked at me with concern.

I waved and wanted to look around. Raffles immediately beckoned to stop me, “I think that it’s better for you not to look around.” The moment he said that, I heard….



He Lei and Lucifer threw up. Luckily, he had installed a setup for throwing up on the seat.

I got myself together and looked in front of me. The coordinates showed that we were nearing the secret base of the Aurora Legion.

I looked at He Lei and Lucifer after a while. They still looked a little pale.

“The data is so shocking!” Raffles looked at the data excitedly and exclaimed, “Lil Bing, I am sending the data to West Port.”

“Go ahead. I am nearing the Aurora Legion base anyway.” I finally felt better and readjusted the battleship condition. I turned off the Gash engine and reactivated the previous engine. Although we had only made a short trip, it had used up a ten-carat-sized blue crystal.

A simulated blue crystal of that size could provide Noah City a total of three months’ energy supply for all basic facilities.

“How could it be so upsetting?” He Lei sighed, shaking his head.

“I fly in the sky all the time, but I have never felt this nauseated,” Lucifer agreed, shaking his head.

I chuckled, saying, “An astronaut needs to go through strict training. We will get used to it after a few times.”

“We are going to do it again?!” Lucifer looked like he was going to give up.

“I need a glass of water,” He Lei said. Then, his armrest opened, handing him a glass of water. He downed the water in one chug.

“Master, there’s enemy’s battleship in front of us!” Ice Dragon suddenly alerted.

“They must be people from the Aurora Legion!” Xiao Ying wasn’t nervous because we had come across enemies, but she was excited. “I can’t wait to join them and hack into Silver Moon City’s system. Hurry up! I can wait no more!” She hushed, jumping around Ice Dragon.

Silver Moon City’s server was the world’s largest server. This girl definitely wanted to go in there to build an even bigger world!

“Let me take care of this,” He Lei took over the control.

I hovered our battleship on the spot, and there were really two battleships approaching us.

“Activate air projection,” He Lei said.

“Air projection activated. The opposite party activated weapon mode.”

“Activate protective shield.”

“Protective shield activated.”

“Connect my image. Begin projection!”

Suddenly, lights condensed before Ice Dragon. The opposite party thought we were going to launch an attack, so they attacked us.

“Bang! Bang!” Two rays of light hit our protective shield. As we hovered on the spot, we were basically a shooting target. We were fine because our protective shield blocked their attack.

Then, the lights before Ice Dragon spread in width and height, showing He Lei’s face. The moment He Lei appeared, the two battleships stopped.

“I am He Lei. Please stop,” He Lei said grimly before our battleship.

The opposite party’s battleships hovered in the air too.

“Turn on your communication system,” He Lei said.

“The opposite party has activated their communication system. Connecting,” Ice Dragon reported. Then, two pilots with helmets appeared before us.

“How can you prove that you are He Lei?!”

“You came from the East, where the Ghost Eclipsers are located!”

“Lieutenant He Lei is missing. Who are you?!” He sounded overbearing.

Yeah, He Lei told his men to report back that he died during the fight against the Ghost Eclipsers back when he followed us to the Ghost Eclipsers.

“I am, of course, He Lei! Can’t you tell?!” He Lei roared.

“Heh. There are many shapeshifting metahumans. You are a Ghost Eclipser!”

“Loghead! I know you are one of Sayee’s men!” He Lei said, suddenly.

I was surprised, looking at He Lei, but his gaze was fixed ahead.

Lucifer had no idea what was going on, so he looked at the pilot and He Lei, back and forth.

The pilot named Loghead was stunned. He slowly removed his helmet, revealing his handsome face.

“How about me? Do you recognize me?” Another pilot lifted his chin, narrowing his eyes. He said, “You have to say something only Brother He Lei and I know!”

He Lei looked at him grimly, saying, “You are the one who ate the rat that Fat-Two raised back then. Doggo!”

The pilot named Doggo quickly removed his helmet, standing up excitedly. He exclaimed, “You are really Brother He Lei! Brother He Lei!”

“D*ng! It was really you who ate it! The rat was so fat! You ate it, and you didn’t tell me!” Loghead exclaimed, looking at Doggo in shock. 

“Is the rat important? What is important is that our Brother He Lei came back!” They looked at He Lei in awe and adoration.

“Where have you been, Brother He Lei?!”

“Yeah! There was no news at all! We really thought you were dead!”

“Everyone thought you sacrificed yourself!”

“Why didn’t you get in touch with us if you were alive?!”

“Brother He Lei! We miss you!”

I suddenly thought of Feng Gong[1], and I let out a stifled laugh.

He Lei beckoned for them to stay quiet but Loghead and Doggo were very excited. They kept talking none stop.

“Brother He Lei, do you know the morale was low when you were not around…? Many people left. Cannon, Rocket, Machine-Gun, they left….”

Cannon? Rocket? Machine-Gun? Are these human names?

“Old Eagle, Fat Pig, Mountain Cat, Camel, they left too….” Loghead continued, wiping his tears.

Old Eagle, Fat Pig, Mountain Cat, Camel? Doggo… He Lei’s brothers all came from the zoo.

However, I could tell from their speech that the situation of the Aurora Legion wasn’t good.

“Everyone lost confidence. We have a fallout with Silver Moon City and the surrounding cities don’t dare to supply us anything. We are trapped in the extremely cold North. Life has been tough…” The two of them got more and more emotional as they teared up.

“Many people went to the surrounding cities. They should be considered as submitting to Silver Moon City. D*mn it. All traitors! They forgot how Silver Moon City framed us!” They gritted their teeth.

He Lei was surprised. His eyes were burning with anger and helplessness.


1. A xiangsheng performer in China.

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