Book 8,:Chapter 43 - New Engine

The reason why we were humans was that we had feelings. Especially when our family was in trouble, a person would forget about anything else, no matter how rational and wise he was.

Lucifer looked at Ice Dragon sorrowfully and asked, “Don’t you miss Noah? You always talk about her. Don’t you have feelings for her?”

“Oh. Now that you mention it, I am glad to know that I actually have feelings. It seems that I said that because I don’t possess intense feelings for His Highness Xing Chuan. But I do wish for him to get well soon,” Ice Dragon said, holding his cheeks while thinking.

“Ice Dragon, how could you have intense feelings for our minister, Xing Chuan?” Xiao Ying, who had already transformed into data, suddenly appeared next to Ice Dragon. She enjoyed herself being in the digital world. It was said that she could create her own world in there. She was simply like God in Minecraft.

“You are a man, and Xing Chuan is a man too. If you were to possess intense feelings for him, Queen Luo Bing would reformat you!” Xiao Ying said playfully, twitching her nose.

Ice Dragon smiled cunningly, saying, “Queen Xiao Yin is right. I have to remind everyone that the snowstorm before us will turn into an ice storm. We will be attacked by huge hailstones.”

Ice storm at the end of the world was terrifying. Just like a thunderstorm, its hailstones were the size of a wok. One hailstone could easily flatten an entire city.

We hadn’t brought any metahuman who could control natural weather during this trip. Even though Ice Dragon had a protective shield, we would be knocked around like pinballs when the huge hailstone hit us.

“How long until we arrive at Aurora Legion’s base?”

“Another twenty minutes.”

“How about the ice storm?”

“In five minutes. Coming at us from ahead.”

I began to switch to manual control, commanding, “Loading blue crystal energy. Activating new engine, Gash!”

“Awesome! We are using the new engine!” Xiao Ying cheered, clapping in excitement.

Ice Dragon looked intoxicated with pleasure, saying, “Ah... finally running the new engine. I’d really like Noah to see my new engine. She will definitely be even more impressed. I will make her... Mm... feel even better….”

“Shut up!” We shouted at him in unison.

Ice Dragon flashed a cunning smile and vanished.

“Sit tight. We are going faster,” I exhorted while I activated the Gash engine that Raffles had recently invented. The battleship was instantly engulfed in silver and blue light.

It was our first time using it since the invention of Gash. It applied short-distance leaping technology. Space-leap engine from sixty years ago was huge, and it could realize short distance travel on the surface of the planet. Although it was said to be a short distance, the distance that a plane needed to fly for ten hours and above could be easily achieved within fifteen minutes.

If we were to use the technology in the shuttler engine from back then, it couldn’t be installed in the battleship. Hence, Raffles, Jun’s parents, and the other scientists in West Port had worked together to minimize the engine size.

The engine in the past was huge because the machine needed to create energy sufficient for the travel was huge. But we only required a small piece of blue crystal to carry huge energy. As a result, the scientists could realize the reduction of the engine size and install it on a smaller battleship, making our battleship the fastest bird in the world! 

“Xiao Ying, begin data transfer!” The first activation of Gash was very meaningful to Raffles as well as Jun’s parents. All the data was important for their future study in starship and interplanetary travel.

“Gash activated! Charging energy!” Ice Dragon appeared again.

The monitor showed an image of energy charging. It was our first time using it, so we didn’t plan to increase the speed right away. Instead, we would be launching it with one goal which was to push the battleship through the entire ice storm, and we would do that when the energy showed that it was fully charged!

“Lil Bing!” Raffles’s image appeared on the other side of the monitor. He looked as excited as Xiao Ying. He said, “Gash only went through a mock trial. You might really feel unwell after activation. Remember, do not leave your seats. There might be space compression outside!”

The leaping of Gash wasn’t referring to wormhole leaping, but the surrounding space could compress due to its high speed. It was also because of its speed that the phenomena would look similar to wormhole leaping.

If anyone were to be outside, their cells might go through compression changes at such a height. Hence, when it suddenly stopped, and space resumed its normalcy in an instant, thair cells could explode, killing them.

I looked at everyone, exhorting, “Did all of you hear that? Hurry up and get in your seats!”

He Lei was already seated, and the protective shield was firmly engaged.

Lucifer quickly returned to his seat, too, curling up. Even if he were to place his feet on the ground, the protective shield would protect him.

I put down Zong Ben’s protective shield for him. He glanced at us lazily as though he was mocking us for making a fuss over something trivial.

“Is everyone ready?” I asked.

“Yes!” They replied in unison.

“Lil Bing! Let’s begin!” Raffles looked at me, thrilled with excitement.

“Yes! Hurry up!” Xiao Ying hopped excitedly.

“There are another five seconds until the charging completes. Begin countdown,” Ice Dragon said smilingly. He then counted, “Five, four, three…”

The ice storm before us was getting closer and closer. The strong, spinning gale mixed with hailstones was hitting on our windshield.

“Two, one…”

“Activate!” I said strenuously. Then, I felt the spaceship plunging out like a beast barging out of its cage!

Suddenly, everything before me was stretched into lines, filling our world. It was as though I had suddenly entered a 2D world from a 3D world. There were only simple lines in blue, white, and black in my 2D world. I couldn’t tell if they were mountains, sky, or ice in the surroundings.

“Can all of you see this?!” I pointed at the scene before me in surprise. Lucifer, He Lei, and even Zong Ben who thought all of it was boring, stood up and looked at the 2D world with their eyes wide open.

It wasn’t a space leap, so we weren’t puncturing a hole. We were merely shuttling through the original world. Hence, the scenery looked magical.

“The travel will end soon. Begin countdown….” Ice Dragon announced smilingly. We let out a groan that signified our dampened enthusiasm in unison, “Ngaw…!”

“Ten, nine, eight, seven….” Ice Dragon suddenly paused and added, “Gentle reminder. You might feel unwell when this ends.”

“We know!” I wondered if we didn’t notice how uncomfortable our bodies felt because we entered too quickly and were too surprised at the sight before us.

“Continue to countdown. Five, four…”

As Ice Dragon did the countdown, I was reluctant for it to end so quickly. Yet, I had a complicated feeling where I wanted to see how it would look like after we completed the travel. It stimulated nervousness that I had not felt for a long time. 


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