Book 8: Chapter 42 - Depart

“Nothing. Just something that irritates him…,” I said smilingly, looking at Xing Chuan. I muttered softly, “Well, you heard me. You should know that I keep my promise.”

Xing Chuan’s eyeballs rolled and twitched vigorously, and his eyelashes quivered, but he couldn’t open his eyes.

“Master, the Great Ghost King, and the sixteen Ghost Messengers are here,” Ice Dragon reported. We exchanged a glance and nodded.

“Chuan!” Su Yang’s voice was at the door. He rushed in, but he halted the moment he saw Xing Chuan.

There were too many emotions in his eyes, and he was at a loss for words.

He slowly walked next to Xing Chuan’s medic capsule and picked up his hand. He looked at Xing Chuan for very long before he choked, “I am still alive, but you are covered in white hair…” He stroked Xing Chuan’s withered white hair with his shivering hand. His touch was so gentle, yet it broke Xing Chuan’s hair. His white hair was so fragile that it shattered when touched.

Su Yang clenched his fist in agony, lowering his chin. He looked like he had lost his strength and his body swayed a little. He supported himself on the edge of the medic capsule to stand.

His chest heaved up and down vigorously as he remained silent for a long time. He then spoke again, “Don’t let Yu Xi know.”

“I understand.”

We had built our temporary war base in the huge ice cave.

The war against Silver Moon City was mainly about breaking through, but not fighting face to face.

We needed to take over Silver Moon City’s main city when it fell. After that, Su Yang would take control of Silver Moon City.

The population and the number of metahumans in Silver Moon City were huge. If we were to send our troops to fight against Silver Moon City directly, neither side would gain upper hand. On the contrary, it would allow another party to seize the chance to attack us.

We weren’t enemies with the people in Silver Moon City. They were merely people who were being fooled by lies and illusions.

Hence, I planned to conduct a public trial for Cang Yu when Su Yang took control of Silver Moon City. Of course, we needed to capture Cang Yu alive.

Su Yang’s spacecraft met with ours. They had parked outside the ice cave with the invisible mode activated. The huge spacecraft had disguised itself as a huge ice mountain, blocking the ice cave and preventing the cold from outside entering the cave.

Su Yang and I strolled at the border of the base while Dian Yin and Flurry followed close by in silence. The smooth ice surface reflected Jun’s and Zong Ben’s figures as they tailed us.

The spaceships were ready. He Lei and Lucifer stood by the sides of the spaceships, watching us from afar.

“I failed as a father…,” Su Yang let out a heavy sigh. “Many people only understand what they really want to after they die. Luo Bing, thank you for telling me the truth, so I woke up sooner…,” he said, looking at the clear ice surface ahead. It reflected his far younger and handsome face than Xing Chuan.

“My entire life was an illusion and a lie. I was drowned in the illusion until you told me about the existence of the other Su Yang. I only understood then that everything was fake. But my relationship with Yu Xi is real, and our child, Chuan, is real too,” he said, clenching his fists behind his back. He looked at his reflection on the ice surface, saying, “I once gave up those precious things for the fake things. I want to compensate it now. I don’t want anything but only my child to be back with me!” He turned to look at me, urging, “Lil Bing, you should have a chance to capture him alive, when I meet with father!”

“But you’d be in danger then!” Cang Yu was so powerful. Su Yang meeting him would definitely distract him, improving m chances of capturing him, but Su Yang would be in danger, undoubtedly.

Su Yang looked at me glumly, saying, “If I were to be in danger, remember not to save me!”

“But the Queen….”

“She will definitely agree with me. She will do the same if she were me!” Su Yang said loudly, showing his determination. I could see his determination as a parent, stopping at nothing in order to save his son through his eyes.

“Lil Bing, let me be like a father for once!” He held my shoulders firmly. He fought back his tears, looking at me deeply. He pursed his lips tightly and turned to leave. He didn’t say anything more.

From his back, I saw the weariness of a middle-aged man.

Among Su Yang, Xing Chuan, and Cang Yu, the youngest was actually the old monster, Cang Yu. His handsome appearance had fooled all of us. His elegance and wisdom had earned our reverence back then. I was so disgusted, thinking about the past. 

I took a deep breath, turned around, and walked to the battleship without hesitation.

“Let’s go!” I beckoned Lucifer and He Lei, and they immediately entered the battleship.

Jun sopped above Ice Dragon while Zong Ben followed me.

One of them would stay back to protect the base while the other would follow me to Aurora Legion. Jun’s character was more grounded and more suited for keeping watch. Zong Ben’s character was wilder, and he disliked rules, so he’d be with me. I was worried if he would cause any trouble while staying back. Usually, there was Jun to watch over him.

The battleship took off before Su Yang, with the sixteen Ghost Messengers, and Raffles. When we flew out of the ice cave, there was a snowstorm. He Lei, Lucifer, and I sat in the cockpit, watching the snow-white world.

Lucifer had been very quiet since Xing Chuan had fallen ill. He was extremely quiet that it was worrying us. I looked at him, but I couldn’t say anything to comfort him because I was equally worried for Xing Chuan. I couldn’t lie to myself.

He Lei stole glances at me, creasing his eyebrows solemnly. He was quiet too. Zong Ben lazily lay in an empty spot silently with his eyes shut.

The battleship advanced in silence. There were only noises of snowflakes howling at our windshield.

“Master, do you find the scene before you similar to when you drove Snowstorm to Kro?” Ice Dragon asked smilingly, appearing before me. He continued, “You were so impulsive back then. But you are equally impulsive now. We would be more confident if we had prepared for another month. By then, there would be a snowstorm in the West, cutting off the movement of the other western nations. It would prevent them from attacking us and siding with Silver Moon City.”

“Shut up!” I glared at him.

He maintained his smile, saying, “I am a bunch of data, so I know how to calculate the most suitable timing. In your language, I am rational. I reckon His Highness Xing Chuan would agree with what I said."

“But we are humans, and we have feelings!” He Lei said.

Ice Dragon smiled, looking at He Lei. He said, “That’s why you are all impulsive.”

“Brother Xing Chuan wouldn’t last until next month. What do you know?!” Lucifer roared angrily. His breathing was rapid, and he was unable to calm down.

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