Book 8: Chapter 41 - Prepare

I clasped my hands before my forehead, staring at the small table below. I muttered, “No matter what superpower Cang Yu has, we have to take him down!”

I lifted my chin and looked at everyone, who had walked alongside me until that day and said, “We have turned so many impossible things into possible outcomes during our journey. So, we can’t doubt ourselves. Cang Yu is a human, and also a metahuman. As long as he is a metahuman, and a human, he will have a weakness. Plus, I am going to avenge on behalf of another woman too!” I took out the moon pendant that Yin Yue had passed on to me.

Professor Yin Yue, I know that you don’t want Hagrid Jones to continue his mistake. So, I pray that you bless my journey to carry out the task you have entrusted me! Please save your other Xing Chuan.

We stood tall in the meeting room, boiling with morale.

“Hey! When are we leaving?” Xiao Ying suddenly pushed the door open, asking. She was already in her bodycon battle uniform!

It had been a long time since I had seen her in her battle uniform. She looked more mature and extremely handsome in her uniform, pushing her chest out proudly like a Queen!

“Your man, Xing Chuan, has been sent onto Ice Dragon. How long is this meeting going to be?” Xiao Ying glanced at us impatiently. She looked like she could wait no more to go for war. She was actually using that excuse to hide the fact that she was worried for Xing Chuan.

Everyone in Star Capital was worried for Xing Chuan. He had been helping and teaching everyone the whole time. Above ninety percent of the people in Star Capital were uneducated, and the rest of the ten percent mostly had scanty knowledge. 

So it was safe to say that Xing Chuan had brought up the core members in Star Capital step by step, personally. He had taught the core members, and they would teach the rest of the people.

Xing Chuan was no longer the prince from Silver Moon City, who everyone hated and avoided, but a minister who was looked highly upon with deep reverence.

How could any of them be at ease, knowing his physical condition? 

If Xing Chuan knew how everyone was concerned for him, he would definitely get move with tears again.

I stood up, looking at everyone. I put on Professor Yin Yue’s moon pendant, commanding solemnly, “Let’s go!”


Jun and Zong Ben, who were standing at the window the whole time, immediately spread their wings and soared into the high sky. 

Everyone watched as Ice Dragon ascended. Little Bing sent Harry, Ah Zong, and the rest of us off. Little Har and Little Raf were in charge of incubating the eggs while Little Bing was in charge of bringing them food.

After leaving Star Capital, Harry, Ah Zong, and I parted ways. They went back to Napoleon and Gehenna’s territory to continue with city transformation.

Gehenna and Napoleon called one after another when they found out that I was going to attack Silver Moon City ahead of schedule. They also showed their concern over Xing Chuan’s condition.

Raffles came along with us during this trip because he had to watch Xing Chuan’s condition at all times.

Jun and Zong Ben also participated the war, and they were mainly in charge of protecting me.

Regarding the end of the world, Jun’s parents and Haggs had proved that blue crystal energy was considered alien technology in their study. It was a kind of advanced technology that substantialized energy. It was like condensing nuclear energy into a jelly bean that could be carried around. 

The other party had made blue crystal energy into a space door, activating it as a wormhole to accomplish space shuttle and space leap. But they had yet to find out how Hagrid Jones had used it to destroy the world.

I was like the substantialized energy. Raffles had mentioned that I was a living blue crystal energy. However, after coming across the spirits, he had reckoned that spirits were the living blue crystal energy, while I was humanized blue crystal energy. He had become really excited about it because the characteristic of blue crystal energy that blended with anything enabled it to have greater potential.

But no matter how I absorbed or released blue crystal energy, I couldn’t bestow Xing Chuan his lifeline. I had the strongest superpower in the world, but I couldn’t save my own lover.

“Connect to Great Ghost King,” I called the Great Ghost King in the meeting room. He Lei and Raffles were by my sides, Jun and Zong Ben were standing at the meeting table, and Lucifer was keeping Xing Chuan company.

Su Yang’s image appeared. He smiled, looking at me. He asked, “Radical Star Queen, how may I help you?”

I kept quiet for a short while. Then, I looked at him solemnly, saying, “Xing Chuan….”

“What’s wrong with Chuan?” Su Yang asked glumly.

I felt a heavyweight over my heart. There were things that were hard to say. I took a deep breath, knowing it wasn’t time for me to be weak because Xing Chuan was still waiting for me to bring Cang Yu back.

Raffles held my hand, encouraging me and giving me strength.

He Lei looked at me too, looking glum and worried.

I worked hard, suppressing the pain in my heart as I said, “Great Ghost King, we are bringing forward the attack against Silver Moon City. Are your men ready?”

Su Yang’s face grew grave, replying, “They have been ready for a long time. They were only waiting for your call!”

“Great! Let’s get ready!” I commanded.

There was a grim flame that instantly ignited in Su Yang’s eyes.

We arrived at the northern border after a day. The northern-most city in Radical Star was originally the northern-most city in Nubis’s livable zone. It was called North Glacial City.

Instead of a city, it was actually closer to a village. The villagers used to use ice caves as their houses, and they were previously in charge of helping Nubis look for fish from the end of the world that were frozen in ice, or from ice water. 

After the war at Steel Ghost Town, the Aurora Legion had fought another war against Silver Moon City. The Aurora Legion’s military power had weakened, and they were forced to return to their base in the North. Hence, it was actually much nearer to go to them from our location.

North Glacial City was empty after He Lei had gone there to do improvisation. The villagers who used to suffer in the cold all year round were sent to live in a better livable zone.

Ice Dragon stopped in a spacious ice cave. It was like Queen Elsa’s empty castle.

He Lei and I came next to Xing Chuan again. He lay in the medic capsule, in a comatose state for three days, which was a worrying sight.

Lucifer’s head hung low. He wasn’t wearing his usual smile, but looked heart-achingly demotivated. 

“Haggs and I have steadied down Xing Chuan’s cell deterioration speed for now. We will freeze him if necessary,” Raffles said, looking at me seriously.

Jun and Zong Ben stood at the edge of the medic capsule, looking down in silence.

I looked at Xing Chuan affectionately. Even though he looked old, to me, he looked like a prince with a sleeping curse, waiting for his lover to wake him up.

“Xing, you have to stay strong. Otherwise….” I leaned down and muttered in his ears, “I will take in all the men that you hated just to make you angry.”

I said, and I got up, staring at him.

“What did you tell him?” Raffles asked in confusion. He Lei and Lucifer looked at Raffles, while Raffles looked at the brainwave monitor by the side, saying, “His brain activity suddenly became vigorous.”

I heard, and I chuckled mysteriously. I felt much more at ease seeing Xing Chuan responding.

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