Book 8: Chapter 40 - The War Began

Xing Chuan slowly opened his eyes in the physiotherapy cabin. The mood in the medic room was solemn.

Harry, Ah Zong, He Lei, Raffles, Jun, Zong Ben, and Lucifer were all around him. He was surprised, looking at everyone avoiding eye contact with him. He opened his mouth but didn’t say anything.

I held his hand, and he looked at me. I smiled at him, wrapping my warm hand around his cold hands. I said, “We are all here.”

He smiled wearily. He blinked before he chuckled and said, “Since I was young, it is my first time having so many people around me….” It was a happy comment that distressed everyone.

Everyone’s expression turned somber at his comment.

Harry put his hand on Xing Chuan’s shoulder. He held it firmly as though he was transmitting energy to Xing Chuan.

“We decided to attack Silver Moon City right now,” I said. He was shocked, and his expression became anxious, saying, “But everyone is not ready yet….”

“We have been preparing, Xing,” Harry said, holding Xing Chuan’s hand. Xing Chuan was surprised. He was surprised that Harry was real. He looked at Harry’s hand over his, and then he looked back at Harry, saying, “You came back.”

“How could I not be back? You’re sick.” Harry’s voice became soft. He said, “You fell sick from working hard for Bing, us, and the entire Radical Star. Of course, we came back….”

Xing Chuan’s eyes welled up with tears glistening in his eyes.

“Xing, we will bring you to Silver Moon City!” He Lei stood next to Harry, placing his hand on Xing Chuan’s arm.

“Xing, we need you. Radical Star needs you. Bing needs you too. You have to be confident in us….” Ah Zong and Harry were holding Xing Chuan’s hand together.

“Xing, don’t worry. Haggs and I found another method. If Cang Yu doesn’t return your lifeline to you, we can capture him and seize him to release his superpower!” Raffles wore an unprecedented solemnity on his face. Haggs stood out from behind him, nodding glumly as Xing Chuan looked at them in surprise.

No matter if we were to control Cang Yu using another metahuman, or using the current technology, it was doable.

Xing Chuan tried to contain his tears. He looked at Raffles, Haggs, Harry, He Lei and Ah Zong, and his tears flowed down from the corners of his eyes.

I held Xing Chuan’s hand tightly, promising, “I will catch Cang Yu alive!” Jun and Zong Ben landed on the side of the bed, giving Xing Chuan their word too.

Xing Chuan immediately shook his head. His insecurity made him emotional, shouting, “No! Don’t take the risk for me. Don’t… Cough, cough, cough…” He started coughing vigorously.

Lucifer immediately helped Xing Chuan up and patted his back gently, saying, “Xing, calm down!”

“No, you don’t understand!” Xing Chuan was agitated. He waved his hand, shouting, “You don’t understand how powerful and how terrifying he is. He can explode Silver Moon City easily. It will be the best to bury him along with Silver Moon City! Cough, cough, cough! Don’t go close to him! You must not go near him! Don’t give him any chance to counter! Cough, cough, cough!!!” Xing Chuan shouted with all his strength. It was obvious that Cang Yu brought about fear in him.

Xing Chuan was fearless, but he was afraid of Cang Yu.

I held his hand tightly, saying, “Xing, calm down. I will be careful.”

“Bing, it’s not worth taking the risk for me… Not worth it…. Don’t get close to Cang Yu. Bomb Silver Moon City and let him float away in the universe. Let him stay away from Kansa Star… Cough!” He coughed and spatted a mouthful of blood.

I looked at him with an aching heart. His gaze became hazy as he shook his head. He repeated, “Don’t take the risk… Bomb Silver Moon City… Boom Silver Moon City… Bury him in the universe… Bury him… in the universe….”

I looked at everyone with tears in my eyes. Everyone nodded at me in unison. I hugged Xing Chuan, saying, “Alright. Calm down. I promise to bomb Silver Moon City and make him disappear…”

“Alright… Alright…” He gradually lost his strength in my embrace and his head fell onto my arm without a squeak.

I hugged his head tightly while Lucifer wiped his tears away, biting his lips.

His blood tainted my sleeve, and my gaze turned grim as I commanded, “Attack Silver Moon City. Capture Cang Yu alive!”

“Yes!” Everyone’s eyes were burning flames. The flame to take revenge for this world, for everyone who had died at the end of the world, for everyone who was suffering, and for Xing Chuan!

Everything had happened because of one person, and it was Cang Yu!

We had always been preparing for war against Silver Moon City. We had never slowed down in military training because of nation-building.

Plus, it was the Great Ghost King who clamored war against Silver Moon City. The sixteen Ghost Messengers had been preparing for the past decades. They couldn’t suppress their desire for war anymore. They would be charging the forefront no matter when they declared war.

“He Lei, Lucifer and I will bring Xing Chuan to Nubis’s capital city tomorrow,” I said. We began deploying and setting formation while Xing Chuan was in a coma. Otherwise, he would be raising an objection again.

“Let us go too!” Harry said simultaneously with Ah Zong.

I looked at them seriously, “The Great Ghost King is sending his troop for the war against Silver Moon City, giving the sixteen Ghost Messengers an opportunity to prove themselves. On top of that, Radical Star can’t send out everyone. We can’t have all three generals leaving Radical Star! You have to stay back, continue to rebuild the nation and wipe out the running Ghost Eclipsers. The people in Radical Star would only be at ease with you here. The running Ghost Eclipsers wouldn’t dare to trespass then!”

Harry creased his eyebrows, irritated. Ah Zong patted his shoulders and nodded at him, saying, “Alright! We will stay back!” Harry looked at me even more solemnly, exhorting, “You have to be careful yourself.”

Raffles’s eyebrows were tightly knitted when he said, “Haggs and I will stay back in Star Capital. We will figure out other ways in case you can’t…,” his voice became softer at the end of the sentence, looking at the floor anxiously, “...capture him alive.”

“I will definitely capture Cang Yu alive!” I said loudly.

“But what if Cang Yu’s superpower is similar to Bing. Would the superpower inhibitor be nullified?” Lucifer asked, looking at us anxiously.

Everyone was shocked at his doubt. I was hit in the head too. Yeah. Cang Yu’s superpower is similar to mine. What if the superpower inhibitor doesn't work on him? How do I capture him alive?

We barely know anything about Cang Yu. Does he only have the terrifying consuming superpower? Is his superpower offensive or defensive? Does he have other superpowers?

Xing Chuan was afraid of Cang Yu because he could consume other’s energy. He said that Cang Yu was extremely powerful. Then, we might have to take his comment seriously because even Xing Chuan and Su Yang, who were closest to Cang Yu didn’t know his superpower.

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