Book 8: Chapter 39 - In Great Urgency

Lucifer wore all his emotions on his face. His innocence and kindness didn’t change because he had grown up overnight, and he continued to carry his beautiful character.

In the world that was once only selfish and wicked, Lucifer heralded the coming of a new world. In the new world, our children would be like him, innocent and kind, living in the new world carefreely.

“I don’t want to be Brother Xing Chuan’s substitute,” Lucifer said in distress.

“I know. That’s why your Brother Xing Chuan knows that he did wrong too….” I held Lucifer’s arm, saying, “He wants to apologize to you personally, but you know he can’t come up here in his current condition.”

Lucifer smiled but became upset again. He said, “I know and understand why Brother Xing Chuan wants me to be his substitute. It is because….” He turned to look at me and placed his hand behind me. His upper body was closer to me when he did that. He continued, “Brother Xing Chuan can’t keep you company. He thinks that he doesn’t have much time left….”

His gaze grew sombre, and I lowered my face with a heavy heart.

“Bing…” He slowly raised his hand and touched my face, saying, “I won’t be Brother Xing Chuan’s substitute, but I will definitely be by your side. Brother Xing Chuan can too….”  He hugged me, and I leaned on his muscular broad chest. The young man who was once in my embrace had grown up, giving me a sense of security an adult man could.

“Oh yeah! I haven’t told Raffles and Harry the good news!” I exclaimed, leaving Lucifer’s embrace. He cheered happily, “They will definitely be thrilled when they find out! Let me tell them!” Lucifer suddenly carried me by my waist. Before I could tell him to wait, he already spread his wings and leaped in haste.

I held his neck tightly. It was terrifying when he plunged.

Jun and Zong Ben did the same, leading the way before him. They brought us to the garden in Raffles’s lab. Raffles was taking a stroll with Xing Chuan in the garden, enjoying the sun.

“Xing!” Lucifer landed with me in his arms. Then, he put me down before running to Xing Chuan. He no longer called him Brother Xing Chuan, but just ‘Xing.’ Lucifer really didn’t want to be a child anymore.

He couldn’t be blamed. He had grown up overnight and experienced growing up. But to us, he was still the younger brother from the day before. We still needed time to adapt.

Xing Chuan revealed a relaxed smile, probably because he saw Lucifer’s smile.

Lucifer looked at Raffles and Xing Chuan excitedly, announcing, “Raffles, Xing, Little Bing gave birth!”

“Huh?” Raffles and Xing Chuan looked at me, dumbfounded.

I blushed, pointed at our symbolic building, rectifying, “That Little Bing.”

Xing Chuan and Raffles suddenly came back to reality. Raffles was thrilled with excitement, but Xing Chuan somehow looked disappointed, lowering his head after being surprised for the first few seconds.

“That’s great! Does Harry know?!” Raffles asked Lucifer happily, not noticing Xing Chuan’s changed expression.

Lucifer replied with a smile, “I’ll tell him now!”

“Sure. Ice Dragon, connect Harry!” Raffles immediately contacted Harry. Lucifer took over Xing Chuan from Raffles, looking forward excitedly.

I kept watching Xing Chuan. What’s wrong with him?

“Connect General Harry right away,” Ice Dragon said smilingly. As he said, Harry appeared before us. He was combing his fingers through his redhead, saying, “Waifu, you are missing me, aren’t you?” He looked up and saw Raffles instead. He looked embarrassed.

“Harry! Little Bing gave birth!” Lucifer shouted. He was so excited that he moved next to Raffles.

Harry was stunned like Raffles and Xing Chuan when they first heard the news.

“That Little Bing!” Raffles quickly added.

“Really?! Is it yours or mine?” Harry asked, as though his own child was born.

“How could we tell? They are only eggs!” Lucifer replied.

Raffles chuckled.

“How many of them?” Harry asked closely.

“Little Bing laid six eggs,” Lucifer said excitedly.

“Six! We have six children!”

“Yes. I am looking forward to seeing them hatch.”

“The six are surely mine!” Harry was very sure.

“How can you be so sure? They might be mine.” Raffles was unwilling to admit defeat.

“Looking at Little Har’s high-spirited character, it must be him.”

“Not necessarily. Sometimes, it’s better to conserve strength and build up energy than letting it all out.”

Raffles had learned to fight back.

“You can check their DNA when they hatch.”

“Don’t be disappointed then.”

They were arguing whose children they were, excitedly.

Little Har, Little Bing, and Little Raf were like our children. We had watched them being born in the incubator. We had raised them. To us, they were family.

When Harry and Raffles were bantering, I walked next to Xing Chuan. I looked at him with concern, asking, “Xing, what’s wrong? Are you upset?” 

Lucifer, who was holding Xing Chuan and listening to Harry and Raffles’s banter, heard me. He turned to look at us.

Xing Chuan shook his head, forcing a smile. He said, “Star Radical is welcoming new lives, and it is a lucky six. It is a good sign…. Cough, cough. I really wish to….” His voice grew weak, saying, “I really want to see… your child….” His body suddenly collapsed.

“Xing!” Lucifer and I shouted in unison, holding his collapsed body. Was he upset because Little Bing sounded like Lil Bing?

Raffles and Harry heard our exclamation and looked at us simultaneously. They looked worried.

“Xing Chuan!” They rushed over.

Xing Chuan supported himself against Lucifer and me. He smiled, shaking his head. He added, “It’s a pity… that I can’t… see….” He slowly closed his eyes, and his entire body sunk, losing all his strength.

“Xing!” Lucifer carried him and placed him in the wheelchair. He held Xing Chuan’s hand tightly, as his eyes grew red. “Xing! Don’t leave me! I will listen to you and study hard. I don’t want to be your replacement because I can’t replace you! Xing! Wake up!” Lucifer choked with sobs, holding Xing Chuan’s hand tightly.

My throat began to hurt. Raffles patted Lucifer’s back, saying in melancholy, “Lucifer, hurry up. Bring Xing to the medic cabin.” 

“Mm!” Lucifer quickly pushed Xing Chuan’s wheelchair and went to the medic cabin along with Raffles.

I took a deep breath and fought back my tears. I looked at Harry. He also looked sad and worried, as I said, “Harry, I think we can’t wait until December.”

Harry looked at me, and gaze grew sadder as he said, “With your command, we can attack Silver Moon City at any time!”

I nodded, saying, “Inform He Lei. Prepare for war!”

I turned to look at the gloomy night sky. Silver Moon City, here we come!

Are you ready?!

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