Book 8: Chapter 38 - Gave Birth

Their nest was huge, like a mountain. It wasn’t easy to climb up. Luckily, there was a flying vehicle on the side. It was prepared for the ease of visiting the lucid birds. 

The moment the flying vehicle ascended, I saw Little Raf’s butt. He raised it high, swaying left and right anxiously. He seemed restless. 

Then, we saw Little Har circling anxiously around the nest. What’s wrong with them?

I stopped the flying vehicle by the side of the nest. I saw Lucifer, who was next to Little Bing, cheering, “Little Bing! You can do it! Mm!” Lucifer was making noises like he was taking a poop.

I looked at Little Bing. She had her neck stretched straight, and butt raised high. Her claws were clenched, exerting strength!

“What’s wrong with Little Bing?!” I quickly came next to Lucifer. He was happy to see me. He hugged me happily, saying, “Bing! Little Bing is going to give birth!”

I got excited, asking in reply, “Really?!”

“Really!” He hugged me tightly. I patted him, saying, “Hurry up and let go of me. I want to see her.”

Lucifer let go of me, and I looked up at Little Bing’s butt. It didn’t seem right!

“I think I see something!” I said when I saw something coming out from her butt.

“That’s Little Bing’s poop….” Lucifer said, looking at me awkwardly.

I looked back at him, embarrassed.

“Be careful!” He suddenly leaped at me, and there was a huge pile of something that fell from the sky. The air was immediately filled with an indescribably moist, warm smell.

When the lucid birds were vegan, their poop smelled green. So, it wasn’t smelly. But the current sight was nauseating.

Lucifer pounced at me and his snow-white hair hung by the side of his face. There were soft, dried leaves under me, but the small ‘mountain’ was nearby.

“Kiss,” Lucifer said, looking at me. Then, he leaned down.

I immediately blocked his lips, and he looked disappointed. “Bing doesn’t kiss me now,” he said in distress with his lips touching my palm and tickling it.

I pushed him off me, retracting my hand. “Lucifer! Little Bing just took a dump. Do you think I have the mood…?” Before I could finish my sentence, he kissed me. His soft lips jammed mine, wearing a smile.

Jun and Zong Ben flew past and stopped on Little Raf’s head. They covered their faces with their wings. They should be covering their nose instead, although they couldn’t smell anything.

Lucifer left my lips happily, saying, “Little Bing gave birth! The lucid bird’s poop is to protect the fragile egg.” Lucifer walked next to Little Bing as he explained. Little Bing looked like she was still in great pain.

Little Har returned to the nest. He grabbed a thick branch and started to fiddle around. As expected, there were two small eggs appearing among the grass.

Lucifer stroked Little Bing, who was still exerting strength. “Lucid birds are huge animals, but their eggs are small. Because of their height, the egg might crack falling from there,” Lucifer explained, pointing at Little Bing’s highly raised butt.

I suddenly felt sorry that I hardly knew the lucid birds.

I quickly went forward and stroked Little Bing’s leg alongside Lucifer. She looked like it was strenuous for her. She was giving birth, standing. It seemed that she could better exert strength that way.

Little Har carried the two eggs out and stuffed them into the feathers on his chest. I looked at him in surprise, exclaiming, Little Har is stuffing the eggs into his feathers!”

“That’s because there’s a pouch there! Come and see!” Lucifer said, pulling me before Little Raf. He waved at Little Raf, saying, “Little Raf, down.”

Little Raf lay down and Lucifer ran to his chest and spread the layers of his feathers. It revealed a layer of skin. Lucifer said, “Look!”

I went forward curiously, and I was shocked at the sight. Little Raf really had the same pouch as the penguins and kangaroos! No wonder the lucid birds were known as male marsupials.

Bang!” There was another loud bang. Jun and Zong Ben flew, and Little Raf immediately rushed over. Little Bing gave birth to another.

Lucifer and I rushed over too. Little Raf had already spread the poop and found an egg. He stuffed it into his pouch without hesitation, hiding it lovingly.

Lucid birds were really clean animals. They cherish their personal hygiene and the nest’s cleanliness. They would never step on their own poop, and they would poop far, far away. But, they neglected all their principles just to find their children earlier and protect them.

Little Bing looked like she was still pushing. Lucifer and I quickly came next to her to keep her company.

“Little Bing! You can do it! Mm!”

“Little Bing!!! Mm!!!”

“Bang!” There was another bang. Jun and Zong Ben were flying around the green pile.

Little Raf immediately went forward to check. Just then, Little Bing took two steps forward before she collapsed. Little Har quickly lay down next to her, wanting to let her lean against him to feel more comfortable.

Lucifer and I stroked Little Bing’s body gently, saying softly, “Little Bing, take a rest. You worked hard.”

Little Raf took out another two eggs from the pile of poop. Little Bing had laid five eggs! No wonder she was exhausted.

Little Raf put the eggs into his pouch carefully. Then, he began to clean the nest because they were animals that liked cleanliness.

“Hold on!” Suddenly, Lucifer stopped Little Raf. Little Raf looked at him in confusion while Lucifer lifted his chin and sniffed. Then, he picked up a branch and took a look. He seemed to find it too thin, and he threw it away. He then saw a small tree. Suddenly, his body bulged, and he transformed into the shape of sky tribe. He grabbed the small tree, and it became a thin branch in his hand.

He wielded the tree and swept half the poop, revealing a small white egg inside.

Little Raf looked at it in surprise. He quickly carried the egg to Little Bing and placed it down softly.

Little Bing touched the egg gently with her beak happily. Then, Little Har picked it up and stuffed it into his pouch. The two of them rubbed their heads together intimately before she closed her eyes, leaning on Little Har.

It was such a heartwarming scene. I was moved with tears.

When Little Raf was busy cleaning the nest, Lucifer and I sat at the edge of the nest. It became the commanding point in Radical Star.

Lucifer looked far away happily. I saw him smiling, and I felt at ease. “It turns out that you were here to keep Little Bing company during her labor. Why didn’t you tell me that Little Bing was going into labor?”

He continued to smile, looking forward. He answered, “Bing is very busy with official duties these days.”

“There’s nothing more important than family. Little Bing is my family.”

Lucifer looked at me with his eyes twinkling like a brilliant diamond.

“We were worried about you because we didn’t see you. Your Brother Xing Chuan thought you are still angry at him, and he sent me to apologize on his behalf,” I told Lucifer. His gaze flickered, and his smile faded as I spoke.

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