Book 8: Chapter 37 - Lucifer Went Missing

Raffles was shy, and he was a nice person. He wasn’t good at rejecting people sternly. Haggs was better at it, but he viewed it as wasting his precious time. He couldn’t be bothered.

Dian Yin looked up at Xing Chuan fearlessly, saying in determination, “This is what you said. Her Highness loves everyone, and she treats everyone fairly. So, I naturally have my chance too.”

Coldness immediately soared from Xing Chuan.

Flurry came forward and tugged Dian Yin, saying, “Dian Yin, you don’t stand a chance.”

“You don’t stand a chance doesn’t mean I don’t!” Dian Yin said imposingly. Flurry was stunned, and murderous intent surged across his face. He looked away, crossing his arms. He looked like he couldn’t be bothered if Dian Yin were to be dead or alive.

Humph,” Xing Chuan smirked coldly, asking, “Are you willing to die for the Queen? Every man around her is willing to die for her.”

“I do!” Dian Yin replied without hesitation, looking at me proudly. It made me feel even more embarrassed.

“Come after you have died once then!” Xing Chuan suddenly said grimly.

Dian Yin was stunned. I immediately looked at Xing Chuan, saying, “Xing, you can’t put it that way. Dian Yin will take it literally!”

“If I were to die once, will Her Highness really let me be her man?” Dian Yin took it seriously.

I immediately looked at Dian Yin, saying, “Don’t have wild thoughts. Even if you died once, I would only give you a merit medal. I won’t let you be my lover.”

Flurry burst out laughing, looking at the stiffened Dian Yin.

I looked at Dian Yin solemnly, saying, “I don’t know how you view the relationship between my men and I. Raffles, Harry, Ah Zong, Xing Chuan, and I have been through countless storms until we came together. We love each other not because of appearance or....”

“I know,” Dian Yin replied in disappointment. “What happened between General Harry and you spread in Star Capital. Everyone admires you for not leaving him. But I have never expected that... His Highness Xing Chuan and you…,” he paused, looking at Xing Chuan suspiciously.

Xing Chuan looked at him grimly, roaring, “What are you looking at? Don’t you dare think that I’m going to die soon, and you will stand a chance then!”

Dian Yin creased his eyebrows, but he didn’t stop looking at Xing Chuan with a provoking gaze. It seemed that Xing Chuan’s speech and his hoary appearance made him feel complicated. 

I helped Dian Yin up, saying, “Get up.”

Dian Yin was still unwilling to admit defeat, asking, “Do I really stand no chance?”

I smiled at him, replying, “I thank you for admiring me. But I don’t have that kind of feeling for you. But I do think highly of you, for sure.”

“You think highly of me!” Dian Yin repeated my compliment happily. He combed his fingers through his purple ombré hair smugly, looking at Flurry. He seemed to be suggesting, Look! I still have a chance.

Flurry rolled his eyes at him disdainfully, saying, “It’s time to go.”

“Your Highness!” Dian Yin continued to stare at me excitedly. He obviously didn’t give up pursuing me. He said, “I will definitely fight with my all in the war against Silver Moon City. Your Highness, please watch me. After the war in Silver Moon City, I will follow you.”

“Sure,” I gladly accepted it. Dian Yin was a speed metahuman and also a multi-metahuman. It was great to take him in. Then, there wouldn’t be a position vacant in terms of speed even when He Lei was not around.

Dian Yin smiled proudly, lifting his chin before Xing Chuan. He narrowed his eyes, saying, “Your Highness Xing Chuan, live well. Because I am going to prove to you that I am qualified to become Her Highness’s man too!”

Humph,” Xing Chuan chuckled lightly and coughed, “Cough, cough. Take a number.”

Dian Yin was stunned. Flurry couldn’t help but laugh. He tugged Dian Yin, saying, “Let’s go. Get in the queue.”

Dian Yin rolled his eyes, speechless. He dragged Flurry with him and vanished from the room. There were only sparks of his lightning reverberating in the room. It seemed like he was fully charged that day.

Cough, cough. He’s really unstoppable. Cough, cough.” Xing Chuan said, irritated. He added, “When Ah Zong comes back, I’ll get him to turn Dian Yin into a woman!”

I looked at him with a funny look, saying, “Star Capital shall become the Kingdom of Women then!”

Xing Chuan thought about it, and he chuckled too.

But he was a petty person. For a man like Dian Yin, he would definitely not bear with the idea of keeping him around. Even if he were to stay in Star Capital, I reckoned he would be allocated with the guards, keeping watch over Star Capital, far away from me.

The Great Ghost King’s spacecraft left Star Capital the next day. Its similar design to Silver Moon City reminded Xing Chuan and me about Silver Moon City.

When Dian Yin was doubting the world and his life, the Great Ghost King, who had found out that he was a manmade human, was probably doing the same too. He probably wondered if his life and his memory were real.

The Great Ghost King might have finally understood why he should place utter importance upon his family. He no longer wanted to go to Silver Moon City to avenge but to look for an answer, an ultimate answer. 

Dian Yin wasn’t troubled like Flurry before. He seemed much more at ease than Flurry. He looked like nothing had happened, but his admiration towards me was on full display then.

“The Great Ghost King has really changed. He looks like he is not in a hurry to take revenge anymore,” Raffles commented, looking at the spacecraft leaving.

Xing Chuan nodded, saying, “He only wants the truth. Sometimes, truth is more important than taking revenge.

“Dian Yin looks like he is high-spirited, like Lucifer,” Raffles added with a smile. There seemed to be an innuendo meaning behind his smile. His grayish blue eyes let out Haggs’s coldness when he looked at me, sending chills down my spine. Haggs was jealous, and it was something even scarier than Xing Chuan!

“Oh yeah. Where’s Lucifer?” I quickly redirected the topic, responding to Raffles’s comment.

Raffles wondered too, “Yeah. I think I haven’t seen him since last night. It has been a day.”

“It’s all my fault….” Xing Chuan lowered his face, looking worried. He said, “I might have pushed him too hard. Lucifer is a great child. He loves me, but he wouldn’t want to be my substitute….”

“Now you know?”

Xing Chuan held my hand, looking up at me, “Go and see him for me. Apologize to him for me. I have Raffles to keep me company here.”

“Mm, okay.”

He let go of my hand and got Raffles to bring him back.

I looked up at Jun and Zong Ben, who were standing on the glass dome and asked, “Where’s Lucifer?”

They took off, flying in the direction of Little Bing’s nest.

Lucifer and the lucid birds were good friends. It turned out that he would find them when he was upset.

I entered the observatory elevator connected to their nest. It was the huge stadium when I came out. But the stadium was covered in branches, becoming a huge nest. 

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