Book 8: Chapter 36 - Crazy Fan

“Before I met her, I never believed that there would be anyone who would love this world and love others. I thought the world only had selfishness and hatred. But she came along. She believed in the future, perfection, the existence of kindness, and justice in this world. She eradicated the Ghost Eclipsers. She saved people who aren’t related to her, even the human pigs trapped behind the fence….” Xing Chuan’s speech brought us through the wars we fought.

“No matter who the person is, she gave her love fairly. She helped every person who was once harmed in this world. She helped them up to stand on their feet and told them that they are humans. If you can’t believe in this world, you only need to believe in her. She will definitely brighten your hearts!” Xing Chuan said, looking at Flurry and Dian Yin sincerely. There was no longer coldness in his eyes, but simple, innocent feelings.

I watched him, dumbfounded. It was his first time speaking to others so sincerely.

I slowly came back to reality and realized that Xing Chuan just gave me compliments. His compliments made me feel embarrassed. I looked at Dian Yin and Flurry in embarrassment, saying, “I….”

“I saw it,” Flurry replied. His gaze upon me was no longer in pain. He continued, “I saw everything you did for everyone. I saw you rebuilding their homeland with them. I saw you sending them seeds and precious resources. I saw you building them houses and finding them water source!” Flurry said and his breathing slowly sped up. He looked away, hanging his head low. He said, “I was confused then. I was in a mess. I know that I saw the truth, but I told myself that those were merely your tactics to rope people in. I fooled myself, so I could feel better… I’m sorry… Your Highness….” His apologetic voice was husky. His head was still hung low, but I accepted his apology. Plus, I understood his confusion from back then.

“That’s how you view her?!” Dian Yin suddenly got pissed off. He seized Flurry, roaring, “It is her who wiped out our enemies and the demonic Ghost Eclipsers in this world! She is the one who saved our people! How could you see her that way?!”

“I know! I know it all!” Flurry roared hastily. He had been calm until then, but he suddenly lost control. He said, “But I followed the Great Ghost King for so long. I believed in him! Worshipped him! Respected him! He, he was the hope in my heart! My father! What do you want me to do?! I was very confused! The Great Ghost King was my belief! He gave us faith to live one!”

“You are such an idiot!” Dian Yin shoved Flurry and rolled his eyes, saying, “I am different from you. When I first laid my eyes on North Star, I knew that she would definitely bring about drastic change….”

“Because you are attracted to her!” Flurry uttered, rolling his eyes at Dian Yin.

Dian Yin blushed.

Flurry continued disdainfully, “We all knew that you took the initiative to propose to North Star and wanted to be her man. But you were rejected.

Dian Yin was stunned on the spot. His blushing face grew grave.

I lowered my head and let out a stifled laugh. Xing Chuan looked at me, creasing his eyebrows. There was distress in his eyes as though he was blaming me for being a social butterfly. 

I looked at the stiffened Dian Yin and the disdainful Flurry, saying, “It seems like both of you have calmed down.”

Dian Yin became awkward and looked away.

Flurry looked sideways, brooding about their earlier argument.

I continued, “Prepare for war against Silver Moon City. I am looking forward to seeing you put your superpowers on full display!”

“Yes!” Suddenly, Dian Yin and Flurry bowed at me simultaneously. The very next moment, they were dumbfounded and blushed.

I couldn’t help but laugh. They blushed even harder, seeing me laugh. They looked away as though they were regretting something.

I tried hard to hold back my urge to laugh, replacing it with a dignified look, “There’s something even more important. I need you to achieve it!”

“Your Highness, please say it!” They bowed at me solemnly again. They were acting much more naturally.

I looked at them with a serious look, saying, “You have to return alive!”

They lifted their chins to look at me. Their eyes quivered, looking at me. 

Suddenly, Dian Yin took a step forward and knelt on one knee, asking, “Your Highness, what do I have to do to become your man?” He looked at me with a burning gaze, revealing his anticipation.

It was my turn to be dumbfounded.

Flurry rolled his eyes impatiently, shaking his head with a light chuckle. He seemed to be laughing at Dian Yin’s fantastic nonsense, and his audacity to propose to me in front of Xing Chuan.

“Your Highness!” Dian Yin moved closer to me on one knee, looking at me with a burning yet sincere gaze and said, “Please give me a chance!”

I was stiff, although I knew that many men admired me.

Due to the fact that the ratio of men and women was severely out of balance, there would be many men who wanted to marry me even if I wouldn’t have been the Queen but an ordinary woman. In Noah City, an ordinary woman with no superpower would have three or four husbands too. Some of them even had seven husbands to take turns in a week.

So, it was normal that men admired and pursued me.

But there was hardly a man like Dian Yin, who had the courage to express their feelings for me so straightforwardly because I was the Queen, the most powerful North Star. When they saw the men around me, they would have lost their confidence and felt inferior.

In actual fact, Xing Chuan didn’t need to stop them. The men knew to keep their distance from me. 

The powerful Harry, the beautiful Ah Zong, the wise Raffles, they were men of all men, and elites of all elites. They no doubt formed a heavy pressure for the men who admired me, and they would hang back. For example, Moto, Gru, and the other men.

They kept their distance to continue staying near me because they knew that they might get transferred away once they crossed the line.

I knew things, but I kept quiet about them.

Plus, as the ratio of men and women in Star Capital were to gradually grow equal, there would be lesser men crazy over me because they would have more choices.

For one, like Dian Ying, who kept plodding away, ignoring the powerful men, it was rare. I should say he was the only one as of then. I admired his courage.

Humph. Every man around her is powerful. Who are you to propose? You are only a multi-metahuman!” Xing Chuan said coldly, blocking before me. He was the one in charge of blocking off my admirers.

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