Book 2: Chapter 29 - The Reason Why They Fought

“No scientist could explain the phenomenon.” Ice Dragon spread his hands, as elegant in his actions as always. “Of course, there is also another speculation. Some say that it wasn’t an ordinary aerolite that hit the earth, but possibly an energy condensation or an interstellar weapon. Because the instant of impact created huge energy beyond imagination, that formation of energy could have acted as a shield of a vacuum. As the external force spread, it transformed into destructive energy. Hence, the further it was from the hit spot, the worse the damage was. Of course, this is merely the scientists’ speculation.”

The phenomenon is illogical but what is impossible in a scientific world? The same applies to a vapor cloud explosion. The further one is away from the source, the more severe the damage. Of course, the range of vapor cloud explosion is much smaller, but I could view the scene before me as a huge vapor cloud explosion. There was also a kind of neutron weapon that a scientist invented, which would cause little damage to a building but could kill all living things in the building. A scientist’s world is already God’s world to me.

“Unexplainable phenomena could only be explained with God.” Ice Dragon sounded like a pastor. An AI who always speaks of theology. Would the person who wrote his program be a theologist as well?

“The best scientists are now all in Silver Moon City. They are working hard to improve the environment on Earth. As for this question, they wouldn’t have the time to resolve it because there is no one who could enter the center of the radiation zone and bring them the research data. Although there are robots that can enter, somehow all robots would go missing after entering. The rumors say that…” Ice Dragon suddenly slowed his speech, putting his face closer to me with a haunted expression. “... there are spirits in there…” Then, he started making spooky noises, which extremely terrifying in the silent cockpit.

“Luo Bing! Please reply!” Suddenly, Harry’s bright and clear voice resounded. Fully absorbed in Ice Dragon’s horror story, I got a shock. “Ah!” I nearly jumped up from my seat and my heart was racing!

Ice Dragon laughed and he disappeared from the screen. “Connecting Harry.”

“Why did you give Raffles a present out of nowhere?!” Harry sounded very impatient. It seemed like he’d been holding himself back from arguing with me for a very long time.

The surroundings returned to normal and the cockpit reappeared again. The screen before me showed Harry crossing his arms before his chest, looking extremely impatient with his eyes narrowed as he stared at me.

I couldn’t be bothered with him. “It is between Raffles and me. I don’t have to answer you.”

“I am your captain. You have to answer!” He shouted.

I got angry and glared at him. “Report, captain! I think this has nothing to do with the mission!” I reported loudly.

“It is related if I say it is! You have to report to me! Do you know what it means in Noah City when you give another male a present?!” He pointed at me as he asked impatiently.

I glanced at him. “What does it mean?”

He took a deep breath and combed his fringe. Then, he stared into my eyes and said, “It is a pledge of love! It means you want to marry this man!”

I was stunned as I looked at his puffed-up cheeks. He threw a tantrum at me the whole morning just because I’d given Raffles a present? Was he angry because I’d given Raffles a present but didn’t give him any?! He is so childish! But is what he said true? Even if it’s true, I believe Raffles wouldn’t misunderstand me because he knew I’d lost my memory. Even if I didn’t lose my memory, I wouldn’t know that it is the culture in Noah City because no one had told me before.

Harry furrowed his eyebrows tightly and looked away. It seemed that he didn’t want to see me.

“Oh, thanks for telling me. I nearly gave you a present too.” I decided to tease him. Who told him to throw a tantrum for such a small matter and even affecting our teamwork?

He was stunned and he immediately looked at me. I continued, “Now that you’ve told me, I wouldn’t dare to give you any present, captain!”

“You!” He stared wide-eyed at me, speechless. His expression stiffened and the corners of his lips twitched.

I rolled my eyes at him, happy with this outcome. Looking to the front, I suddenly saw some broken trails. I spotted the remnants of skyways between buildings, and there were also bases of buildings peeping between the trees. What a strange destructive power. It is true that the further from the hit spot, the more severe the damage was. Now that the building remains are in sight, it means that I am close to the center of the radiation zone!

“Ugh, no, Luo Bing. Raffles would misunderstand,” Harry’s attitude suddenly took a positive turn. He stopped yelling and spoke to me calmly, “How about this? You give me one too. Then, I will explain to Raffles that you don’t understand our culture in Noah City. That way, he wouldn’t misunderstand,” he suggested with an extremely awkward smile.

I looked at him and said calmly, “I believe Raffles with his two brains wouldn’t misunderstand.”

*Pfft.* Harry leaned back in his seat and glanced at me twice. “You don’t believe me? Alright, I will ask him now.” Then, he looked at the screen and said, “Connect Raffles.”

Raffles appeared on the other side of my screen. However, he looked like he was facing Harry because the way they looked at each other made it seem like they were right opposite each other.

“Harry! You know that it is the first time Ice Dragon is heading out and also the first time Luo Bing is going on a mission! How could you put your personal emotion into this?!” Raffles was really angry. It was the first time I’d heard him so stern. “You’re going to severely affect the mission and could even bring danger to Luo Bing and Ice Dragon! As a captain, don’t you even understand this?!” 

“Shut up!” Harry cut Raffles off impatiently, “I am here to explain to you since Luo Bing doesn’t have the guts to tell you.” 

I rolled my eyes at him. Pfft. Who doesn’t have the guts to say it?

“Luo Bing didn’t know about the culture in Noah City. So she didn’t give you a present because she wanted to marry you.” Harry immediately looked relaxed.

Now it was Raffles who had a strange expression on.

I immediately said, “Raffles, it wasn’t because I didn’t have the guts to tell you but Harry…”

“Oh, I understand now!” Raffles suddenly realized something. He pointed at Harry angrily, “Harry! You are jealous!” Raffles really said it out loud!

Harry immediately rolled his eyes at him, “I am jealous?”

“Aren’t you?!” Raffles smirked, “When Elder Alufa named Brother Qian Li as Noah’s Eye, you were unhappy. When he called me Noah’s Brain, you were again unhappy!”

“The old man likes to give nicknames to this and that. I don’t care, humph!” Harry looked away.

“Luo Bing gave me a present and you are jealous because she didn’t give one to you! You knew Luo Bing didn’t know about the culture in Noah City, obviously her intention of the gift was very innocent. You were just angry when you saw that she’d given me a present but didn’t give you one! On top of that, a pledge of love would be a ring and a necklace! We used to give each other presents too! Humph!” Raffles humphed as he puffed up his cheeks and stared at Harry.

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