Book 8: Chapter 35 - Doubtful Life

Dian Yin and the others probably never thought of leaving the name in history. They only wanted to take revenge. Unlike Xing Chuan, Raffles, and the others had bigger ambitions.

They live and breathe to take revenge. They constantly worked hard to take revenge. They were proud of their superpower. They were arrogant and in disdain of others, just like Gale and the others on Silver Moon City. They didn’t want to become a useless laughing stock. They would find their life a failure.

“You bottled up your anger for so long. You endured for so long. Didn’t you do all those things for a war?” I looked at them calmly and said, “I am a warrior too. I understand the agitation of a warrior, who is unable to go to war. Dian Yin, we are warriors, so we have to control our emotions better. I know that you are angry, but it isn’t time to be angry. The moment you step out of this door and speak the truth, it wouldn’t make a difference to me. However, you would lose the chance to fight a war because you messed up morale of your team. I wouldn’t choose to fight alongside you against Silver Moon City.”

Dian Yin shot his eyes open. It was obvious that the war was incredibly meaningful to him.

It wasn’t only meaningful to him, but it was also extremely meaningful to the sixteen Ghost Messengers. They were proud to fight against Silver Moon City because Silver Moon City was like the existence of God to this world. It was simply a piece of shocking news to the people on the ground that someone dared to challenge God!

The sixteen Ghost Messengers would be remembered by the public because of the war. They would no longer be a nobody.

“Dian Yin, we can’t lose this opportunity!” Flurry said, looking at Dian Yin solemnly. “We worked so hard for so long just to go to war! Do you think I am not wavering? Do you think I am not in pain? I once trusted the Great Ghost King too! But His Highness Xing Chuan told me everything, and it confused me. I seemed to lose the direction in life and the worth of my existence suddenly. Who am I fighting for? Silver Moon City or the Ghost Eclipsers? Both parties are enemies that I hate. I was confused and lost. But now, I know. I am fighting for myself! I am living for myself! I am going to war for myself! I am no longer going to war for the Great Ghost King! So how does his identity matter?”

Dian Yin’s eyes flickered. What Flurry said seemed to have calmed him down for real.

Flurry held Dian Yin’s shoulders and looked at him with his burning gaze, saying, “No matter if the Great Ghost King fooled us or used us, it is a fact that he raised, nurtured, and trained us. He taught the sixteen Ghost Messengers many things. That’s why we can fight against Silver Moon City today. I also heard that he really fought for the opportunity for us to fight the war against Silver Moon City. I also heard that he will tell us the truth after the war. We can decide if we want to forgive him and follow him by then. Everyone will find out about the truth, but later. It is really not the time now. Dian Yin, we are fighting for ourselves in the war against Silver Moon City. We are no longer fighting for the Great Ghost King! Do you understand? That’s why we have to unite!”

Flurry shook Dian Yin, looking at him sincerely. Every word he uttered was from his heart.

After keeping calm and silent for so long, Flurry finally shook off the agony of confusion, finding himself and his direction.

Dian Yin took a deep breath, closing his eyes slowly. He seemed to have calmed down after finding out the truth. He slowly opened his eyes, and he looked calm. He said, “You are right. We are fighting for ourselves. It is a fact that he raised us, but it is also a fact that he fooled us! I will not forgive him but don’t worry, I won’t spread this news.”

Flurry looked relaxed and slowly let go of Dian Yin.

The inhibitor removed itself from Dian Yin’s neck. His eyebrows twitched due to the discomfort. He rubbed the spot where it stung, looking at Xing Chuan in confusion. He asked, “How could you possibly be His Highness Xing Chuan? If you are real, the one on Silver Moon City…?”

“Is a manmade human,” Xing Chuan replied calmly.

Dian Yin looked at Xing Chuan in shock, exclaiming, “Just how many manmade humans are there on Silver Moon City?!”

Xing Chuan looked at him coldly without any expression and explained, “There aren’t many real humans on Silver Moon City. Those who participate in the war are all manmade humans. They took the form of a human within three months in the amniotic fluid cabin.”

“How, how about their memory?” Dian Yin looked at Xing Chuan in confusion and asked, “If Xing Chuan was a manmade human, how, how does he know that he is a real human and not a manmade human?”

“Implantation,” Xing Chuan replied coldly. Flurry and Dian Yin were shocked at the answer.

Humph,” Xing Chuan smirked coldly. “Their memory is implanted in them. They will wake up in the room, and their brain already contains memories of their past. So, they thought they are humans who have been living in Silver Moon City. Heh, they are living a more pathetic life than you are. Their bodies are fake, and their memories are fake too. After they die, Silver Moon City will make another one. Now, are you still envious of or hate the people on Silver Moon City?”

Dian Yin and Flurry looked at Xing Chuan, dumbfounded.

“Your Highness, you mean… they have never really lived?!” Flurry looked at Xing Chuan in disbelief.

Xing Chuan nodded heavily, adding, That’s why I hope that the batch of people on Silver Moon City now is the last batch of manmade humans. I hope they can live on with dignity!”

Xing Chuan should be referring to Gale and the other men. They were once in his knight group. He obviously didn’t respect them back then. I remembered that Gale had made a joke with me when we had first met, and Xing Chuan had given him a tight slap.

Gale used to hate me back then.

Any member within the knight group who objected to me would be slapped by Xing Chuan, including girls like Moon Dream. 

Then, Xing Chuan learned how to love. So, he began to miss Gale and the others. He treated them like his own brothers, so he didn’t want them to find out that they were actually manmade humans.

“Heh,” Dian Yin suddenly let out a light chuckle sarcastically, asking, “What is real in this world?”

I became quiet.

Flurry became quiet too.

Dian Yin, who had suddenly found out the truth, was still wondering what else was real in the world. The truth that he learned made him doubt his life and the world. 

They had treated the Great Ghost King sincerely. Hence, the impact was great.

The more one loved, the greater one hated. In his anger towards the Great Ghost King, it contained the anger towards himself for doing nothing earlier, as Flurry had mentioned.

“Your Queen’s love towards this world is real!” Xing Chuan suddenly said solemnly.

Dian Yin and Flurry looked at me simultaneously while I looked at Xing Chuan in surprise. 


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