Book 8: Chapter 34 - Regain Trust

Dian Yin took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down. But it wasn’t the kind of calming down Flurry wished for.

Dian Yin constantly shook his head in disappointment, saying, “We should have seen this long ago. The Great Ghost King doesn’t care about the life and death of the people on the ground. Nor does he even think about saving our people! He told us to be patient! In the end, we caused more death among our people. God knows how many people were eaten as human pigs and how many people died mining blue crystal energy for the Great Ghost King. But we kept enduring! We are the ones who caused their death! Flurry, what were we thinking back then?! We could have done so much more, but we didn’t do anything because we trusted in Great Ghost King, and we were waiting and enduring! I can’t forgive him. I can’t forgive him for fooling us!”

“Dian Yin!” Pak! Flurry called and suddenly slapped Dian Yin. He roared, “You can’t forgive yourself! Just like me when I first found out about this! That’s why you have to calm down!”

Dian Yin looked at him furiously, saying, “You still trust him! You still wanted to hide this for him! I have to tell everyone the truth!” There was lightning flashing on Dian Yin’s body.

Suddenly, there was a flash of light that flew past from behind me. It hit directly at Dian Yin. It was a miniature superpower inhibitor!

Once the mini superpower inhibitor hit a human body, it would immediately insert a fine needle, injecting the inhibitor and rooting it on the human body.

It was the inhibitor that Raffles and Haggs had newly invented. It became smaller and harder to remove. Sometimes, I found it eerie just looking at it. We called it the brutal spider.

The lightning on Dian Yin’s body vanished, and he grew weak. Flurry immediately held Dian Yin, looking in my direction in shock.

Dian Yin looked in my direction in shock too. I was also looking at Xing Chuan, who was sitting up.

He still looked weary. He put down the gun in his hand slowly, creasing his eyebrows. He coughed and complained, “You are so noisy. Cough, cough.

“Your Highness…” Flurry held Dian Yin in his arms. Dian Yin had become weak because of the effect of the injection.

“At the beginning… I wanted everyone to know the truth about the Great Ghost King more than any of you…” Xing Chuan said, looking at Dian Yin and Flurry grimly. Flurry hung his head low while Dian Yin chuckled in disdain and said, “How is it possible? You are the Great Ghost King’s son!”

“That’s right. I am his son. I am also… His Highness Xing Chuan,” Xing Chuan said and his gaze instantly turned sharp. Even he looked like a hoary old man, he gave out his almighty vibe of the prince of Silver Moon City. 

Dian Yin was shocked.

Xing Chuan got off the physiotherapy cabin, and I held him as he walked toward Dian Yin. He continued, “Do you know why I am such a b*stard? Why did I ignore everyone’s life and death? Because my father is your Great Ghost King! I hated him. I am his son, but he abandoned me to fight over the authority of Silver Moon City. Since then, I never believed in any form of feelings. Family? Humph, that’s simply a joke. Speaking of hatred, none of you could surpass me. You are merely his adopted sons!” Xing Chuan spoke with arrogance. His disdainful gaze agitated Dian Yin. He glared at him, roaring, “Everyone from Silver Moon City is a b*stard!”

“That’s right! We are all b*stards! Your Great Ghost King is the b*stard of all b*stards! But I am still jealous of all of you!” Xing Chuan smirked coldly.

Dian Yin and Flurry were stunned by Xing Chuan’s speech.

Xing Chuan looked away and his gaze became gentle. He said, “He took all of you in. He took care of you, brought you up, taught you how to use your superpowers, and helped you to evolve into a multi-metahuman. He treated all of you as a real father….”

Dian Yin’s expression became complicated. Flurry’s somber expression was fueled with memory.

“I wanted to reveal his true identity to everyone more than any of you! I hoped to see him being hated and betrayed. That’s why I intentionally let Flurry overhear me. I intentionally told him the Great Ghost King’s secret and put him in agony…”

Dian Yin looked at Flurry, and he lowered his head in silence.

“I am also a b*stard. I always hurt the people around me…” Xing Chuan said, holding my hand tightly. He looked at me apologetically, and I smiled at him. His expression grew gentle and he wore a smile in his eyes, looking at me lovingly. He said, “But someone changed me. She also changed the Great Ghost King….” Xing Chuan turned to look at Dian Yin, saying, “The Great Ghost King fought for the right to go to war against Silver Moon City for all of you because he knows that all of you need the war. It is what he owes all of you….”

“Owes us?” Dian Yin chuckled sarcastically.

“Does the Great Ghost King really need the war against Silver Moon City?” Xing Chuan asked grimly. Dian Yin looked at Xing Chuan with a confused look. Xing Chuan’s gaze resumed its sharpness as he asked, “The Great Ghost King once wanted to use Bing to eradicate the Ghost Eclipsers and Silver Moon City. But he never expected her to rule over the western hemisphere when she eradicated the Ghost Eclipsers. He had no power or strength to control her. Silver Moon City is also her target. Do you think she needs your force to attack Silver Moon City?”

Dian Yin and Flurry were stunned.

I looked at them, adding, “That’s right. Your foster father fought for the right to fight the war against Silver Moon City for you. He told me that he owes all of you a true war. He knows that you are dying for war but his selfishness made you miss the fight against the Ghost Eclipsers and the opportunity to take revenge. So, he requested for me to hold back my soldiers and give his children a chance to fight, to give full play to their superpowers, to prove themselves.”

Once, I was the one who was requested by the Great Ghost King to be in charge of attacking Silver Moon City. But I wouldn’t send a single soldier to fight for his selfish desire. I would only watch by the side.

Then, the Great Ghost King requested to fight the war against Silver Moon City, sending Dian Yin and his men. It was to give them a chance to prove themselves and not put their lifetimes handwork in vain.

There weren’t any changes in terms of the dispatch troop but the meaning behind it was completely different.

Sometimes, the meaning itself would bring qualitative change.

It was also the reason why I spoke for Su Yang back then. He was willing to change, and I was willing to give him a chance.

Dian Yin’s expression grew complicated. They had been preparing for the war. It would be very demotivating if they couldn’t join any war in the end.

It was as though they had sharpened their knives for years, but the war ended the moment they flashed their knives. They would only stand there blankly, realizing that they had missed the historic moment. They were supposed to be heroes, but they had become a nobody instead.

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