Book 8: Chapter 33 - Dian Yin Calm Down

I sat by Xing Chuan’s physiotherapy cabin, holding his cold hand while he slept peacefully in the cabin. I massaged his wrist gently and touched the bracelet on his wrist. It was the bracelet that only I had the power to open.

The silly boy had insisted not take it off even after we had met again. It was as though the bracelet was my substitute, and I would be there wherever it was.

His love for me was mad.

I touched the bracelet and slowly rolled down his sleeve to cover the bracelet. Did he treat it like a pledge of love, keeping it close to him?

His data was relatively stable but not great. As he mentioned, the treatment didn’t bring actual improvement but only made him feel better and extended his lifeline by a little bit. However, it couldn’t stop his passing.

He was like a flower that was going to wither. Its petals were falling off one by one. The time that the world gave him wasn’t much longer, as he said.

That was why I couldn’t let his time just stop ticking.

Every one of us, including Raffles and Haggs, was working hard. We had a little improvement every day. We figured out many backup plans if we still couldn’t heal him after getting back to Silver Moon City.

In short, we prepared many backup plans for him, and we definitely wouldn’t let him vanish next to us.

Xing Chuan, trust me, trust Raffles and Haggs. Please trust us and continue to live!

Someone came in. It was Flurry.

He leaned at the door frame without looking at me. He asked softly, “Is it convenient for me to speak to you?”

I looked at him calmly and asked, “What would you like to talk about?”

He creased his eyebrows, asking, “Is His Highness doing okay?”

“He will be,” I replied, holding Xing Chuan’s hand tightly.

He went silent for a while before he spoke again, “I heard it. I heard the Great Ghost King said that he would tell us the truth after the war with Silver Moon City."

I smiled at him and asked, “Are… you scared?”

“Heh,” he chuckled lightly. “I already know that truth. What’s there to be scared about?” He said, lifting his chin, “Sometimes, I hate my superpower. There are things that I don’t want to know. It would have been great if I didn’t hear anything. I would have felt much better hearing it from the Great Ghost King himself.”

“Yeah. There are times that it would be better to hear the truth and an apology from the person you trust. You would forgive him then. You will forgive him, right?” I asked, looking at Flurry. “No matter whether he was from Silver Moon City, he is your Great Ghost King. It was only normal for him to take revenge….”

He nodded, “Mm….”

“What?! The Great Ghost King is from Silver Moon City?!” Suddenly, there was a flash of lightning. Dian Yin appeared at the medic room, gawking.

Flurry was shocked. Dian Yin looked at him in disbelief, questioning, “When did you find out?! How could the Great Ghost King be someone from Silver Moon City?! Flurry, what have you been hiding?!”

“Calm down, Dian Yin!” Flurry immediately seized Dian Yin’s shoulder as though he was worried that Dian Yin would run to inform everyone else. With Dian Yin’s speed, it would only take a split second for everyone to know.

“Keep it down. No one else knows yet!” Flurry held Dian Yin firmly.

“The more reason for us to tell everyone!” Dian Yin was agitated. He said, “We agreed that we will forever be brothers and sisters. We are a family! We keep no secret! How could you hide something so major from us?!”

“Flurry heard it by accident,” I said solemnly, standing up.

Dian Yin looked at me. Flurry seemed to be in agony.

I looked at Dian Yin, explaining, “You know his superpower. He overheard by accident. Look at him. He is in pain too.”

Dian Yin turned around and looked at Flurry, saying, “No wonder you have been behaving strangely after your trip with the Queen.”

“Sometimes, it is painful to hide a secret. No matter who the Great Ghost King was in the past, he saved all of you. He tapped into your potentials and nurtured all of you. He is still your father. It doesn’t change that.” I had never thought that there would be a day when I would speak for Su Yang. It would be impossible if it were back then.

“Heh, you spoke for our Great Ghost King?” Dian Yin looked at me funnily.

“You said it yourself. Your Great Ghost King,” I repeated, looking at Dian Ying. He was stunned, and there was a flash of chaos surging in his eyes, like how Flurry was back then. I continued, “Your Great Ghost King said that he would tell all of you everything after the war in Silver Moon City. Now, pretend that you didn’t hear anything and give him a chance to admit it himself.

Dian Yin looked even more agitated than Flurry. He roared, “Why? Why did the person we trusted, worshiped, and revered be someone from Silver Moon City? I understand now! He is using us! He is using us to avenge Silver Moon City! That’s why he didn’t kill the Ghost Eclipsers! He needed the power of the Ghost Eclipsers! Am I right?” Dian Yin was getting very emotional. His reaction was completely different from Flurry’s when he had first heard the news.

Flurry had heard everything from me, and he couldn’t accept it. But Dian Yin had speculated the entire situation by hearing one sentence. Dian Yin became more furious. He looked angry and disappointed like he was betrayed. 

In actual fact, Su Yang had betrayed them.

“We are fools! We are being used!” Dian Yin’s response should be related to his character. He lost control like every single lightning cells knocking into one another in his body. He couldn’t calm himself down quickly.

“Dian Yin!” Flurry held his arms even tighter, saying, “The Great Ghost King needed the Ghost Eclipsers’ power, but he didn’t fool us. He said that he would tell us his identity after the war in Silver Moon City!”

“That’s because he still needs us!” Dian Yin roared angrily. “He needs us to win against Silver Moon City for him. He, of course, wouldn’t dare to tell us. We follow him to avenge the Ghost Eclipsers. But we are being fooled by him in the end! He said he wants the Ghost Eclipsers to attack Silver Moon City so he could use Silver Moon City to eradicate the Ghost Eclipsers and weaken Silver Moon City’s forces at the same time. We trusted him and let the Ghost Eclipsers live! We watched them bully our people, but we held back and waited for the opportunity that the Great Ghost King was talking about.

“Dian Yin!” Flurry looked at him solemnly and stole a glance at the door. He held Dian Yin firmly with one hand while he slammed the button to close the door with his other hand. Flurry roared, “Calm down first!”

“How could I calm down?!” Dian Yin’s voice was shivering. “The person we trusted and adored the most fooled us for our entire life! He treated us like idiots!”  Dian Yin roared at Flurry furiously.

Flurry stood on the spot in silence for very long.

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