Book 8: Chapter 31 - Fresh Flower Withered

The world was full of metahumans, and the children gradually showed their superpowers. That was why we would also initially teach the children to get familiarized with their superpowers and then to control them during walks.

Such curriculum arrangement was so entertaining that I wanted to become a child and attend school again. It was legit happy learning that every child could fall in love with going to school.

After kindergarten, it was followed by the primary school curriculum. It was mainly focused on discovering interest. Besides basic courses for math and language, there was music, art, science, etc.

Science covered simple physics and biology, which prepped them for specialized subjects in secondary school.

During the five years in primary school, the children would discover their preferred subjects when they attended the basic courses. They could specialize in those that were of interest to them more during secondary school. Then, all rounded their talents would show themselves, and we could further nurture them in secondary school and university.

They had optional courses of study during secondary school. These included politics, archeology, philosophy, economics, etc. Anyway, none was my favorite, but some people might like them. 

For example, Xing Chuan liked to study politics and economics. He viewed nation-founding, nation-building, and nation-ruling as three separate matters. It required different talents. Some were good at war but inadequate at running a nation. I felt like he was referring to me...

But there was a mandatory course during secondary school, which was law. The course was for children to recognize Radical Star law and to remember it. So that they would know and understand to not violate it.

Then, it would be followed by university courses. The subjects were classified into different categories. Radical Star allowed students to prioritize certain subjects at the expense of others, and there wouldn’t be any university entrance examination. Everyone was only required to select a course that they preferred. Then, they could vie with each other to prove who was better when they were in the specific course.

We believed that everyone had their talent. They could become pillars of the state once their potentials were tapped.

Xing Chuan talked to me a lot about nation-ruling for the past few days. However, I believed it was sufficient to rule a nation with compassion and love. Then, he gave me a longboard lecture. Because nation ruling was not restricted to humans only but also included the affairs. Compassionate wouldn’t increase agricultural production, and love wouldn’t catalyze base building.

Maybe that was the difference between men and women. I faintly felt that Xing Chuan was in a hurry recently. 

“There’s no problem with the school curriculum,” I approved and returned them to Xing Chuan.

“Next will be the planning of shuttler stops...” he said, sending me another folder. “According to our current resources, we can’t activate shuttler stops in all the cities as of now. Some shuttler stops require repair. So, we have to pick a few city central stops and activate them first...”

I looked at his hoary face, creasing eyebrows, and the occasional coughing but never took a break.

“Ledo has successfully incubated the first batch of poultry. They will need to continue in farming...” 

“Xing Chuan,” I cut him off. He coughed lightly, looking up. “Cough, cough. What’s wrong?”

He took a glance at me and continued to look at his tablet. He said, “I have no time to rest.”

“Resting is for you to work better.”

“Time is simply a luxury to me.”

“Xing Chuan! Stop talking like you’re dying!” I was agitated.

He pursed his lips, keeping quiet.

I looked at him seriously, asking, “Did you go through your treatment recently?”

He remained silent.

My face grew sullen, saying, “Put down all tasks on hand and get your physiotherapy with Raffles.”

“That’s wasting time... Cough, cough.” He got emotional, coughing softly. He said, “Can physiotherapy help me to become young again? I will have to be in the wheelchair like now, looking like your grandad! Cough, cough, cough…

I immediately got up, patting his back gently. He suddenly flung my hand off and shoved me, roaring, “If I have to die tomorrow, I need to spend every second I have now in Radical Star instead of wasting time on treatment that doesn’t bring actual results.”

“Xing Chuan, I know that the treatment now doesn’t have a great effect, but you have to have confidence in Raffles and Haggs.”

Xing Chuan shook his head, saying, “They have more important things to do. Don’t waste time on me.”

Time, time, time! He always talked about time as though every second was in his hands, and he had to use it cautiously. Even his lifeline wasn’t as precious as the time in his hands.

“What’s wrong with Brother Xing Chuan? Did you fight again?” Lucifer landed on the balcony, keeping his wings folded. He looked at Xing Chuan with concern. He walked behind him and looked at me, saying, “Bing, Brother Xing Chuan’s body is not doing well. That’s why his temperament became bad too.”

I understood that a patient’s physiological changes would lead to agitation and hot-temper.

“How long has it been since your Brother Xing Chuan went for physiotherapy?” I asked, looking at Lucifer. Lucifer was stunned, and he was surprised after some thinking. I looked at him angrily, reprimanding, “Don’t you love your Brother Xing Chuan the most? Did you take good care of him recently?!”

Lucifer lowered his head guiltily. He pouted, saying, “I have been studying… recently…”

I knew that Lucifer was in love with studying. He had been seeking advice from Raffles frequently. Plus, he was extremely smart and picked up all the subjects just from self-learning.

“Don’t blame him,” Xing Chuan said, holding Lucifer’s hand. “He has been protecting Star Capital. He is a man now, not a child. How could you make him a patient’s nanny? He has a brighter prospect. He has many things to learn!” Xing Chuan said, sounding like a strict father.

Lucifer hung his head low, saying, “I want to learn more medical knowledge… So that I can help Brother Raffles to heal Brother Xing Chuan…”

I pushed Xing Chuan’s wheelchair, saying, “It is Sunday today, the lawful off day in Radical Star. So, I, the Queen, command you to take a break!” Then, I pushed him forward.

“Let me work! Cough, cough. Do you know that I don’t have time! Cough, cough, cough!” Xing Chuan roared.

“No! Go for treatment! Are you trying to go against the law?! An off day will be an off day. Do not use any reason to work overtime!” I was sterner than he was.

“Brother Xing Chuan, be good. You know Bing’s temperament,” Lucifer said, walking next to Xing Chuan.

Xing Chuan let out a heavy sigh and looked away. How dare he show me his moodiness?

Sunlight shined through the glass dome, pouring over the indoor garden. There was an emerald pond, and there was a merman statue in the pond. The merman was holding a vase, and water was gurgling out of it. The bright sunlight cast over the flowing water, shimmering like golden crystal.

The corridor was quiet. After the people left Star Capital, the city became empty. Xing Chuan preferred silence, and he would always take a walk alone in Star Capital. It was as though he wanted to imprint every single corner into his head so that he could save part of his memory after he died and reincarnated.

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