Book 8: Chapter 30 - Ain’t Easy Being A Queen

Lucifer peeked at me cautiously and asked Raffles softly, “Brother Raffles… Did Brother Xing Chuan make Bing angry again…?”

Raffles nodded, stealing a glance at me, and said, “Bing, I have things to take care of. I shall head to the lab first.” Then, he quickly returned to his lab, taking the repaired cliff elevator.

Lucifer pushed Xing Chuan next to me as he continued to walk forward in the base that was under renovation. The spaceships belonging to various cities and the spacecraft belonging to Napoleon and Gehenna left. The entire base became spacious.

Only the Great Ghost King’s and our spacecrafts were remaining. The building of one of the spacecraft was still in progress. The war had yet to end, and we had to strengthen our armaments. 

Flurry, Dian Yin, and their men were maintaining the Great Ghost King’s spacecraft, but they were also going to leave soon.

Flurry saw us and turned away. Dian Yin smiled after seeing Flurry’s response. He greeted us, bowing, “Your Highness. Your Highness.”

Xing Chuan nodded faintly. Dian Yin looked at me smiling. “Your Highness, the celebration was an eye-opener. The delicious food in Star Capital is making us loath to leave.

“Stay then. You should know who can provide you a future,” Xing Chuan said sternly.

Dian Yin’s smile grew stiff.

Flurry creased his eyebrows and walked next to Dian Yin. He looked at me, saying, “Our war has yet to start. We can’t do nothing and become history.”

What Flurry said made Dian Yin’s expression grow complicated. The mood suddenly became awkward too.

In the awkward silence, Feng You walked out of the spacecraft. She walked while commanding the people inside, “Hurry up. We are going back to Ghost King City in a few days.” Feng You turned around and saw us. She was stunned for a while before she flipped her green coat proudly, walking towards me gracefully. Then, she rolled her eyes at me, asking, “Your Highness, are you chasing us away?”

I smiled, saying, “No, I want all of you to stay.”

She blinked rapidly from shock. She then looked up proudly, playing with her hair while asking, “How? Because you are the Queen? Humph. We, the sixteen Ghost Messengers, aren’t easily bought over.”

I looked at Flurry, Dian Yin, and Feng You, saying, “You will have a bigger space to give full rein to your superpower, staying with me…”

“Stop! We will not follow you!” Flurry suddenly lost his usual gentlemanly bearing. His strong emotions surprised Dian Ying and Feng You.

“Don’t think of buying us over. We are only loyal to the Great Ghost King!” Flurry roared and took huge strides into the spacecraft.

Dian Yin smiled at me. Then, he nodded before he left.

“What’s going on? Is that necessary? Seriously!” Feng You was vexed. She smiled, saying, “Your Highness is so charming. Even Flurry, who likes men, was confused. Humph!” She flipped her hair and walked back to the spacecraft.

The sixteen Ghost Messengers’ loyalty for the Great Ghost King was respectable.

Xing Chuan’s face grew somber, and he glared at the Ghost Messengers standing at the hatch. He said, “If I could tell them the truth, the sixteen Ghost Messenger will…”

“Don’t,” I cut off Xing Chuan. I looked at Flurry, whose shirt corner was still visible at the side of the hatch, saying, “Don’t mess up everyone else like Flurry. They need to focus on Silver Moon City. They need to focus.” When I finished, Flurry’s shirt disappeared from the hatch.

I sighed, turning to return to Star Capital with Xing Chuan.

The sixteen Ghost Messengers followed the Great Ghost King with the goal in mind to change the world, to avenge using their superpower, to eliminate the Ghost Eclipsers and the injustice of this world.

I did all of that in the end. They kept their anger bottled up and had nowhere to vent. It made them even more upset. That was why they needed to fight the war against Silver Moon City in order to prove their existence.

If they were to find out the truth then, they would be confused like Flurry and would be in agony of searching for the meaning of their existence. The war against Silver Moon City was approaching, and it was inappropriate to shake the Ghost Messengers’ belief. On top of that, Xing Chuan and Su Yang were already on good terms. It would hurt Su Yang if we were to do so.

It was only a matter of time until the sixteen Ghost Messengers found out the truth. The truth shouldn’t be heard from outsiders but from Su Yang, the Great Ghost King who served as their pillar.

After the celebration, there were more official duties lined up before me. Agricultural, manufacturing, industrial were all awaiting a speedy recovery.

Relying on the metahumans and current technology, the development of Radical Star had advanced by leaps and bounds. Xing Chuan reckoned that we could slow down slightly. Otherwise, we might be out of control.

I have never thought that there would be so much work in managing a nation. I thought I was only required to make sure the nation still existed every time I opened my eyes.

I felt that my knowledge in managing a nation was severely lacking.

Luckily, I had Xing Chuan and Raffles.

However, due to the merger of Napoleon, Gehenna, and Nubis’s territory, Raffles and Xing Chuan felt the strain too. We needed more talents in management.

“This is the academic subject in school. Take a look,” Xing Chuan said, sending the folders to my tablet. I creased my eyebrows, asking, “Do I have to decide on such small matters too?”

“Do you think your duty as the Queen is only to eat and sleep?” Xing Chuan asked rudely. He was getting more annoying because he was an “old man.”

I looked at him in distress, asking, “Can’t I just be in charge of war?”

“What do we need He Lei, Harry, and the other men for then?” Xing Chuan chuckled coldly in reply.

I looked at him angrily, roaring sternly, “I definitely have to get you healed completely soon!”

He glanced at me calmly, wearing a disdainful look, “Are you so thirsty for me nowadays?”

I blushed, refuting, “What I mean is for you to recover and take care of all these things.”

Humph,” he smirked. “Don’t you think about lazing off? You will only have an extra man to sleep with you at night if you heal me. Nothing else will change.”

I hated Xing Chuan’s mouth!

Does he have to be so straightforward?!

“Get to work!” He knocked on the table. How dare he give me commands?

I suddenly felt aggrieved that I had a lecturer pressing me to complete my tasks on hand.

I looked at the table, full of grievance. These were academic subjects that schools drafted.

During kindergarten, they mainly focused on cognitive ability in subject matter and self-acknowledgment.

There would only be two classes a day. They would play games in the morning, where they would be learning topics such as recognizing words and numbers, simple math, self-care to basic knowledge of poison, and how to save themselves.

In the afternoon, they would observe nature. They would get to know the world by taking a walk around outside—for example, plants, animals, insects, etc.

The subjects were very suitable for young children. Instead of boring reading materials, they would be raised with fun. The children would pick up a basic knowledge of various fields without them realizing it.

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