Book 8: Chapter 29 - Strict Husbands

As Gehenna and Napoleon’s spacecraft left, the transformation of the three old nations kickstarted. Gehenna, Napoleon, and Nubis’ livable zones would be redivided into cities and named. Harry and Ah Zong’s mission was actually pretty onerous. They would be required to stay back in Gehenna and Napoleon’s livable zones for quite some time as the special envoys of Star Capital.

Nubis’ livable zone’s transformation would be carried out by He Lei, Inge, and others.

The resources allocated for Nubis’ livable zone were moved onto Inge’s spaceships.

Inge and Baby bid me farewell. Baby maintained his child form as he extended his hand towards me. “Your Highness, carry me!” He said with his tender, childish voice, sounding cute.

“How about I carry you?” Xing Chuan’s face grew grave. His elderly, wrinkly face looked terrifying, like a hot-tempered, creepy uncle.

Baby’s face turned pale. Although all the mayors knew of Xing Chuan’s identity as the prince of Silver Moon City, they revered him despite being angry at Silver Moon City. He served as a deterrence force among them, and that was precisely where Xing Chuan’s charm was.

Inge picked up Baby like he was carrying a chick in his hand. Then, he bowed at me and turned to his spaceship.

Baby turned around in his hand, and crossed his arms, puffing his cheeks. He looked at Xing Chuan in irritation with a pout.

“Heh… We will rely on you in the future, Xing Chuan,” Raffles chuckled awkwardly. Why did Raffles want to rely on Xing Chuan?

Xing Chuan kept his scary expression and turned slightly, looking back. He said, “You are too soft-hearted, Raffles. Cough, cough…

Raffles looked down, smiling bashfully.

I looked at them in confusion, asking, “What are you talking about?”

Raffles blushed, looking away. Xing Chuan creased his eyebrows, coughing lightly, “We are talking about keeping the men far away. Cough, cough…

I looked at them, speechless. Were they too free?

These men definitely couldn’t have free time. Else, they would be like the busy-body aunties, bothering the men around me whenever they were free.

I was the Queen, and everyone working for me was a male. So, it was inevitable for me to be in touch with them unless I turned all of them into women or turned myself into a man.

“Are you too free?” I couldn’t help asking.

Cough, cough,” Xing Chuan coughed and continued, “It is imperative to control the men around you. Don’t I know you well enough? Once you spend a fair share of time with a man and develop feelings, you will naturally bring them back… Cough, cough…

“I don’t!” I objected loudly.

He rolled his eyes at me as though he was telling me that he knew me well enough to say that. I was stunned as he rolled his eyes. He coughed lightly and continued, “If you can like me, then who else can’t you fall for? Cough, cough…

I looked at him and said, “Xing Chuan, you are looking down upon yourself…”

Cough, cough… I know how bad I am. I don’t need you to comfort me. Cough, cough…”

How was it comforting? Xing Chuan isn’t that bad…

“Stop talking, Xing,” Raffles patted his back gently, looking at me like he was blaming me for causing Xing Chuan’s strong emotion.

Hold on. Since when did the two of you become so intimate?! You called him Xing?! Was Raffles pinning the blame on me?

Xing Chuan calmed down, and his face grew grave. “That’s why we can’t give them any chance to get in touch with you. We have to cut off the idea right when it pops up!” Xing Chuan said harshly. His murderous intent sent chills down my spine.

So brutal!

But that was his style.

Suddenly, a wicked idea popped up in my head, and I decided to make fun of him.

“Sure. You have to live longer then. Because Raffles, Harry, and Ah Zong can’t control me. There will be many men that I have to deal with in the future. There will be so many beautiful men…” I looked at him tauntingly. He looked back with a gloomy face, and his emotions started boiling. He clenched his armrest, questioning, “Who are you eyeing?!” He sounded like he would kill the person the moment he found out his identity.

Raffles turned to look at me in surprise. There was anxiety surging in his grayish-blue eyes. He seemed to understand something when he saw my wicked smile. Then, he smiled with ease and sniggered behind Xing Chuan’s back.

“He is…”

Suddenly, He Lei’s imaging device landed. Then, He Lei’s figure appeared between us simultaneously. He was solemn as usual, saying, “I am leaving. When are you coming?” However, his seriousness was inappropriate for the current mood.

He seemed to notice the strange mood. First, he looked at me, then at Xing Chuan and Raffles. Finally, he creased his eyebrows, asking, “What’s going on?”

“Nothing,” Xing Chuan’s face was grim, billowing with murderous intent. 

Raffles didn’t speak but sniggered behind Xing Chuan’s back.

I looked at He Lei smilingly and replied, “They are talking about watching after me so that I don’t bring any other man home.”

“Is that so?” He Lei looked at Xing Chuan seriously and said, “You watch her closely then because I am the last man who can enter this household!” He told Xing Chuan in a commanding tone.

Cough, cough… Don’t worry. I will watch her closely, so no one gets any chance,” Xing Chuan said somberly. He seemed like the oldest wife, who had found out that her husband was getting another concubine, feeling angry and helpless because she couldn’t stop him even if she wanted to.

Xing Chuan was petty-minded. Look at Raffles. He had never said anything about Harry, Ah Zong, or even Xing Chuan joining our household.

“Mm, that’s great. Remember what you said,” He Lei said, looking at Xing Chuan grimly.

Xing Chuan looked up at him, saying, “Same goes to you. You are not qualified to treat yourself as a member of this household before you settle your problem.”

He Lei was left speechless at Xing Chuan’s comment and was drowning in his own thought.

My head started aching. They were really too free.

“Are you guys done?! Don’t you have work to do?!” I finally couldn’t hold myself back from putting my dignity as a Queen on display.

He Lei immediately came back to reality. He saluted and said, “I shall make a move first.” He instantly vanished from the imaging device, and the device flew towards Inge and Baby, who were far away. Then, they too left Star Capital in the spaceship.

I looked at Xing Chuan gloomily while he looked back at me equally grimly. Only he had the guts to show me his sullen look and fight against me. So, the men always sent him at the forefront to offend me.

“Let’s go back!” I turned and left. Xing Chuan looked away with a sullen look. Raffles smiled, pushing him forward. Lucifer suddenly landed and took it over from Raffles, “Brother Raffles, let me do it.”

Raffles moved out of the way, and Lucifer pushed Xing Chuan like before.

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