Book 8: Chapter 28 - The Formation of Factions

“Go! All of you, go!” I shoved Ah Zong.

Ah Zong let go of my waist lazily, like a shower bubble that couldn’t be shaken off. I pulled him off me, but he was firmly attached to me again.

“Promise us. Don’t let Lucifer get onto your bed,” Ah Zong leaned down to kiss my lips. He parted his lips and bit mine, giving me a warning.

I looked at him speechlessly. I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. I replied, “I watched Lucifer grow up. That’s enough. Stop imagining things."

“Alright then,” he said after letting go of my lips. His eyes were fueled with playfulness as he said, “Even if you want it, you’ll have to wait for us to return. Without our permission, we wouldn’t let that boy enter our house.” He lifted his hand and tapped the tip of my nose.

“Go, go, go,” I hushed. It felt like they were concubines fighting over attention. The Queen had already conspired with the other two concubines too.

They were simply forming factions at home! 

No way!

I definitely couldn’t let the few men form factions at home. It posed a great threat to me!

I had to send them out like in order to dissipate their power. Humph.

“Although Lucifer is really cute, and he might be able to do it with you in the sky…”

“Go now! Stop picking up the bad habits from Harry!” I couldn’t stand him anymore.

Ah Zong smiled flirtatiously, narrowing his eyes.

Ever since Harry and I had resumed our normal husband and wife lifestyle, Harry was extremely addicted to his underwater experience, and he was extremely proud too. The men seemed to be competing about it behind my back too. He was proud that he was able to provide me an extraordinary experience!

In short, they were all shameless!

“Your Highness! We have loaded the resources!” Sia, who was in charge of loading, reported. He and Joey were accompanying Harry. They were going with a bunch of old comrades, which made them very happy.

Harry waved at Ah Zong, standing next to Gehenna’s spacecraft.

Ah Zong flashed me a flirtatious smile, exhorting, “Be a good girl!” Then, he turned to enter Napoleon’s spacecraft.

Gehenna and Napoleon came before me. Gehenna’s eyes were welling up in tears. He said, holding my hand firmly, “Sissy, thank you! Thank you! You saved all of us. You really did…” He choked with sobs.

Napoleon looked at him in disdain. He said, maintain a gentleman’s bearing, “Please go. The way you look when you cry is so disgusting.”

Gehenna’s tears were flowing down his cheeks. He wiped his tears and rubbed his hands on Napoleon’s clothes. Napoleon was soaring with murderous intent. Although he was wearing a smile, he obviously was hiding a knife behind it. 

I didn’t know if Gehenna really didn’t understand or if he was pretending. He continued to wipe his tears on Napoleon, saying, “I know that you harbor hatred towards me because you loved me. That’s why you like to say things that make me angry. Although I can’t love you, I wish we could be good brothers. I hope… you understand. Do you… understand?” Gehenna looked at Napoleon with concern as though he was being considerate of Napoleon’s feelings.

I tried hard to hold back my urge to laugh because Napoleon’s face grew graver by the minute.

Suddenly, Gehenna’s body turned into a white fossil gradually, starting from his hand touching Napoleon!

Gehenna was shocked and said, “That’s not right…” Before he could finish his sentence, Gehenna turned into a white statue completely! He looked just like the street performers, who wouldn’t move an inch.

Napoleon smiled, saying, “Finally, silence. I did wrong. I shouldn’t make fun of people who are obsessed with themselves.” Napoleon bowed, expressing his gratitude, “Your Highness, thank you for your assistance.” His sincere speech compounded with deep gratitude. He looked at me gratefully, going on one knee, and held my hand. He lowered his head, took off his hat, and placed his forehead on the back of my hand. He said, “Thank you for bringing us future. I am willing to contribute my loyalty for the rest of my life.”

“Uncle Napo…”

“I don’t deserve it…” He said, standing up. He put his hat on and smiled at me politely, saying, “How dare I be the Goddess’s uncle? I really don’t deserve it.” He then bowed at me again before walking to his spacecraft.

Their spacecraft slowly took off like a huge black island leaving the ground.

Lucifer flew past them, and landed before us, flashing me a wide smile. Lucifer was always high-spirited. He used to always play games and eat when he was young. He had grown up overnight and become an adult for real, giving up games. He went on patrol with Jun and Zong Ben every day to watch over Star Capital. He wore a wide smile whenever I saw him.

Raffles pushed Xing Chuan next to me. Xing Chuan looked up at the two spacecrafts leaving and asked, “What did Ah Zong and Harry say to you? They definitely told you not to be close to Lucifer, didn’t they?”

Xing Chuan was good at reading people’s minds.

Harry always made fun of Xing Chuan. He behaved like he couldn’t wait until Xing Chuan recoverd and joined their men-band. But I reckoned they would be “crying” if Xing Chuan were to really join them. How could they win against Xing Chuan with their petty thoughts?

“You know how’s Harry like. Ah Zong is turning naughty because of Harry’s bad influence too.” Ah Zong, who was infatuated with me and was obedient, had become more light-hearted after spending more time with Harry.

“Ah Zong was born in Honeycomb. Harry probably learned his techniques from Ah Zong. Cough, cough.” Xing Chuan sounded in disdain. 

I glanced at him but I saw that Raffles was in deep thought behind Xing Chuan, and he suddenly chuckled.

Xing Chuan turned slightly, asking, “What did Haggs say? Cough, cough.

I was confused. How did Xing Chuan know that Raffles was talking to Haggs?

Raffles blushed, replying, “Haggs said that, judging from Harry’s character, he probably didn’t even know how to do it the first time without anyone teaching him.”


Haggs viewed Harry that way!

It was easy to tell that Raffles actually looked down upon Harry at the bottom of his heart. It must be because Harry used to bully him and call him names. In the end, it had cultivated the cool Raffles and cold Haggs.

Xing Chuan knew that Raffles was conversing with Haggs. Xing Chuan was really impressive indeed.

I felt that Harry would no longer be the dominant one at home once Xing Chuan recovered.

Plus, Haggs seemed to be getting along well with Xing Chuan. It is only natural that Haggs looked down upon Harry who was light-hearted.

Raffles and Haggs worshipped people like Hagrid Jones and they once admired Cang Yu too. So, it was obvious that they preferred people who had a “brain.” For instance, people like Xing Chuan.

Xing Chuan was wise, steady, cautious, deliberately careful, and knowledgeable. Raffles, Haggs, and he shared a lot of common interests. Xing Chuan could provide them advice and suggestions in various leagues.

Hence, I could faintly feel that there was no doubt that Harry and Ah Zong would be in the same faction while Xing Chuan and Haggs would form another one at home.

Fortunately, my men loved one another. Otherwise, our home would be separated into two factions. The one who was going to have a headache would definitely be me.

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