Book 8: Chapter 27 - Farewell

“Now, Zi Yi has no sexual desire for my female form. His heart… is finally clean…,” Ah Zong said happily. “We can finally be brothers. I am happy for him. Maybe, there will be a day when he finds a girl that he truly loves. Because he knows that I am going nowhere,” he sounded playful. He hugged me firmly in his arms, saying, “Bing, I suddenly feel like becoming a girl and continue to hug you without wearing anything…”

“Go away.”

“Hahaha! Hahaha!” Ah Zong let out a burst of hearty laughter like a child who had pulled off a prank successfully.

I chuckled in his embrace. We had finally become true husband and wife. Ah Zong had finally and truly become my husband.

From Ah Zong, I understood Zi Yi’s complicated feelings towards Ah Zong. When Ah Zong was a girl, Zi Yi was crazy over him. He was obsessive, and he also had a sexual desire for Ah Zong.

But Zi Yi didn’t have the same feeling when Ah Zong was a man. It was also the reason why Ah Zong hated him. Zi Yi had loved Ah Zong because he couldn’t differentiate what kind of love it was—whether it was a love for family, romance, or friendship. Zi Yi’s love towards Ah Zong was a mixture of all. There were too many people like him in the world. The new complicated kind of love was developed because of the situation where there were more men than women.

The complicated feelings that wandered at the borders of various relationships would gradually fade with the increasing number of females. Zi Yi had finally removed himself from being infatuated with Ah Zong’s female form. He had begun to look at the other girls around him. As there were more and more females around him, he had begun to look into his feelings and learned how to love truly.

The celebration lasted for three days, and everyone left Star Capital after that. We had more affairs on hand, building our beautiful homeland together after the celebrations were over.

The people from the cities were willing to bring the men and women who were once human pigs. They brought them back and made them their family members. They let them join their human life and helped them to become humans again by living in a human environment.

The women with children stayed back in Star Capital. They were taken care by the female guards led by Xiao Ying.

Harry and Ah Zong drove a spaceship loaded with resources each and returned with Napoleon and Gehenna. They would be helping Napoleon and Gehenna in transforming their habitable zones.

After grabbing Harry up from the river, Raffles spent a lot of time with Ah Zong. They had been “sharing secrets” behind my back. Harry would wear a malicious smile sometimes, and Ah Zong would glance at him occasionally.

The two of them definitely had something brewing.

Zi Yi and Xiao Ye were going with Ah Zong. Ah Zong was right. Zi Yi’s gaze hardly lingered on him anymore. I remembered how Zi Yi used to look at Ah Zong back then. It was that kind of gaze that used to make Ah Zong upset.

Zi Yi was different from Ah Zong. Ah Zong couldn’t be bothered no matter how the other men looked at him. However, when his own brother looked at him that way, one could simply imagine how angry and upset he felt.

If Zi Yi could have understood the reason behind it earlier, he wouldn’t have made Ah Zong upset and made himself live in agony.

Although Zi Yi looked as solemn and serious as before, he was obviously more relaxed, standing next to Ah Zong. Sometimes, he would be in deep thoughts, not knowing what he was thinking about. He wasn’t having eyes only on Ah Zong like before. There wasn’t struggling pain that I used to see in his eyes in the past.

I hope that I could see him walk towards Ah Zong and me with the girl that he liked one day and tell us that he was getting married. It would definitely be Ah Zong’s happiest moment.

Everyone was busy loading resources onto Gehenna and Napoleon’s spacecraft.

Since the beginning of the National Day celebration, the Great Ghost King had never made direct contact with Gehenna and Napoleon. He seemed to really treat his trip as a true holiday. He only spent his time with the Queen and his son, Xing Chuan, watching sunrise and sunsets together, taking walks in the mountains and the garden.

He seemed calm and at leisure. But in actual fact, I knew that he was merely taking a break before the great war.

I stood at the foothill where the spacecraft hanger had yet to complete, seeing Harry, Ah Zong, and the others off.

“Waifu, waifu,” Harry came close to me, nudging me with his cool body.

I was the Queen. I couldn’t be flirting with my man in public. It was such frivolous behavior. How could the people in Radical Star believe in me, as the Queen?

“Don’t fool around! Be serious!” I roared in a low voice.

Harry smirked naughtily. He turned slightly, blocking everyone’s view. He raised his eyebrows and said, “Waifu, I especially like how you lecture me.”

Seriously! I can’t stand him!

“Waifu, were you happy last night?” He asked, wriggling his eyebrows.

I immediately blushed. The chaotic scene of twinkling water appeared before my eyes. The cold touch and the movement between us in the water made my heart race.

“Wait until I’m back. I’ll compensate you,” he said, giving me a flying kiss. He then turned and left coquettishly. 

I held my forehead impatiently. He’d better make a move right now!

If it wasn’t because I was a metahuman and I harbored full blue Crystal energy in me, I wouldn’t be able to satisfy that lustful b*stard.

“Did Harry exhaust you?” Ah Zong asked, walking towards me. He put his hand on my cheek and smiled flirtatiously, asking, “We loath to part with you, seeing you like this.” His bicolored eyes had churning flames in them.

I tried hard to stay solemn, roaring, “You’d better leave too!”

Ah Zong was different from Harry. When I told Harry to leave, he would turn and leave happily.

On the other hand, Ah Zong leaned on my shoulder and coaxed, “You want Harry and I to leave because we exhaust you?”

I really wanted to die. Why did I provoke these two? One of them was flirty while the other was monstrous.

“Mm. You know we loathe to part with you too. We are going to leave for so long, and Raffles isn’t as fit. How could he satisfy you?” He said, holding my waist. He continued, “We are worried that you will go and look for other men. For example, the little fly with a great stamina that is constantly flying around you.”

Ah Zong’s purring voice sounded like how a concubine would flirt with her master.

D*ng. They called Lucifer a fly!

“Sigh. It’s a pity that Xing Chuan can’t do it anymore. Otherwise, he would keep you company.”

They didn’t even let Xing Chuan off the hook!

But the few of them liked to make fun of one another, poking at one another’s flaws. For instance, Harry called Xing Chuan ‘old man’ while Xing Chuan called Harry ‘show-off merman.’

None of them were leaving anyone out, yet none of them minded. On the contrary, the old man and the show-off merman got closer and friendlier with each other.


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