Book 8: Chapter 26 - Make It Official

The red, translucent curtain fluttered in the night breeze, covering his body. His body became vague under the dim moonlight. He looked dreamy yet sexy, fueled with extreme temptation. The scene made my breathing stop.

“My Queen… My Bing…” A familiar, burning gaze landed on my face once again. He leaned down and kissed my lips. He ran his warm hand along my face, neck, shoulders, and down. His kisses brought along his love towards me, imprinting it all over me.

His body began to shimmer in pink under the amazing fireworks, and his bicolored eyes enchanted me.

Many things would feel like they were further away when you rushed it.  And many things would be natural when the time came.

Ah Zong and Xing Chuan shared a similarity. Both of them are stubborn about me and crazily in love with me.

He was straightforward, while Xing Chuan took one step at a time.

He loved me so much that he could die for me.

Xing Chuan loved me so much that he could kill everyone fighting over me.

They were so similar yet so vastly different. I couldn’t help but smile when I thought about it. Somehow I found it funny.

It wasn’t smug nor vanity, but it was simply funny. Both of them were equally silly, stupid, and funny in romance.

The golden sunlight tainted his long pink hair in golden luster. I lay on his chest as I gently combed my fingers through his curly pink hair that was soft and silky.

I let out a stifled laugh, and it surprised him. He lifted his hand to touch my hair on my back. He asked huskily, “Bing, my love, what are you laughing at?” The way he spoke was just as slow, lazy, and flirtatious. It was the same as when I had first known him as a girl.

“I am thinking if Zi Yi would kill me.” I knew back then that I was simply courting death when I brought up about Zi Yi, but I couldn’t stop myself.

“You are teasing him,” I rubbed my shoulder gently, fueled with dotting love.

“I am not. It’s just that… I have a complicated feeling, as though I was taking away his love.” It was a strange feeling. The world messed up the normal understanding regarding the relationship between men and women.

In the world where I came from, it was absolutely normal for a man to like a woman.

However, homosexuality was met with resistance. People were constrained by the concept of gender and neglected the nature of love. The truth about love was to be in love, nothing to do with gender.

There were more men and fewer women in the world. Hence, the people viewed romance between two men as natural as the romance between men and women.

That was why I had a feeling that I had taken away Zi Yi’s lover.

In actual fact, it was so true.

“Ah Yi grew up with me. We went through a lot. We were like Harry and Raffles. I remember that Harry once mentioned that he used to like Raffles when he was young…” Ah Zong spoke huskily as he took a stroll down his memory lane.

That was true. Harry had taken a long time to understand the true meaning of being in love.

“That’s why Ah Yi was also charmed by my female appearance… He was just like the other men who were charmed by me.” Ah Zong said, resting his chin on the top of my head. “Bing, Ah Yi, and I didn’t know what’s true love. He protected me like a family. He is just like me. Before I met you, I took family love as romance. He thought he loved me.”

“He thought?!” I looked up at Ah Zong in surprise.

Ah Zong’s pink lips were glistening under the sunlight. He smiled, saying, “Did you forget that I could sense it? He was the same as the other men. He was charmed by me, and he was sexually attracted to my female body. He was infatuated with my female body. That’s why he actually… likes girls…” He looked at me, and his bicolored eyes looked as calm as a frozen lake. He continued, “That’s why I hated him. I treated him as a brother. If he loved me, he should love my male self too. However, he was just like the other men, and it disgusted me.”

“I know. I can tell that you aren’t fond of Zi Yi.” I remembered how he looked at Zi Yi back then. He said that Zi Yi loved him, but his tone and his expression were fueled with disdain.

“He was loyal to me, so I kept him with me. He is willing to serve you with me. I think it wasn’t because he still loves the female me, but… he finally saw a real girl, a powerful one…” Ah Zong smiled widely. His eyes were fueled with pride as he said, “My love, my Queen, you are the brightest star in this world, attracting everyone’s attention…” He hugged me tightly, just like before. It was as though he was worried that I might disappear even though I was next to him.

“Bing, there are many male and very few females in this world. That’s why the men in this world are dying for women, and powerful women drive us crazy. So, Zi Yi worships and adores you too…” He kissed my cheeks, feeling extremely proud.

“How is it possible? He looked like I owed him an awful lot of money every time he followed me out for a mission. He’s always ignoring me.” I remembered how Zi Yi always wore a sullen expression when he was with me.

“Humph…” Ah Zong let out a light chuckle. His voice was gentle yet husky, “He is obviously embarrassed to admit that he adores you.” He leaned down and rested his head against my forehead, saying, “I know him well. It’s all about his ego. He lost face when I was crazy about you back then. He thought he was not second to you. He was even taller, more handsome, and more manly than you were. But I love you instead of him. He was unwilling to admit defeat!”

“I understand then. It was because I was a man. but I wasn’t charmed by your female self!” As Ah Zong hated men who were crazy over his female self, including his best brother, he was in awe of me, a straight “man” who wasn’t interested in him.

In other words, he was simply doing something demeaning despite knowing so.

“Mm, you’re right,” Ah Zong said, smiling flirtatiously and supporting his head on his hand. His pink hair hung low. He said, “He hated you and wanted to kill you then. When he found out that you are a woman, he was surprised for very long, although he didn’t show it on his face.”

But Zi Yi didn’t really wear much of a facial expression in general besides the irritated expression as if I owed him a huge debt when I saw him.


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