Book 8: Chapter 25 - My Men, My Love

When shapeshifting metahumans walked past us, there were all kinds and sizes of creatures and animals. They looked just like a magical circus passing by, and the children were screaming with excitement. When weapons weren’t used to kill our enemy, they were merely a tool to chop firewood. Our metahumans could bring so much joy to children instead of instilling fear.

The celebration became livelier. After the performance of our metahumans, it was the turn of the eleven cities’ people.

The eleven mayors led their people to the sky corridor accordingly. They were dressed in their best festive clothes. They were smiling widely with rosy cheeks. They marched while singing and dancing. They formed different shapes using their dance, like a kaleidoscope. There were too many things for the eye to take in, and we didn’t want to miss any performance.

The celebration surprised us again and again. Everyone was high-spirited. When the people shook off the oppression and horror, they were so free and easy. It was exactly what we wanted—for Radical Star to be a happy kingdom—one for the people to live happily.

I held Harry’s and Raffles’s hands. Then, we jumped off the rooftop and landed on the sky corridor that was covered in flower petals. We danced and spun with everyone else to the melodious music. Ah Zong pushed Xing Chuan’s chair down too. There were more and more people coming down. Gehenna, Napoleon, Xiao Ying, Sia, Joey, Fat-Two, Silver Snake, Gru, Lucifer, and many others lined up in rows and danced along with us in the cheerful music.

The Great Ghost King and the Queen stood up and watched us from the rooftop with He Lei. Their expressions grew gentle and happy in the joyous mood.

The night gradually descended, and the music grew soft. Everyone watched the brilliant fireworks under the night sky. Harry, Ah Zong, Raffles, and I stood in the balcony, leaning close to one another under the fireworks.

I held Raffles’s and Harry’s hands while Ah Zong leaned sideways against the balcony railing. His long pink hair glistened in pink under the fireworks.

“We have yet to have an official wedding,” I said, looking at the fireworks.

Harry and Raffles were stunned.

Ah Zong looked at us in shock, asking, “Haven’t you… had a wedding ceremony?”

I shook my head, looking at Harry and Raffles. I asked them, “Don’t you feel sorry for me? I became your wife out of nowhere.”

They became embarrassed. Raffles’s eyes flickered, turning away bashfully as he apologized, “So-sorry…”

“Sigh,” Harry waved, saying, “It is an era of war. It’s okay. I don’t mind.”

Harry is an idiot.

Ah Zong became tense.

I flung his hand off and stomped heavily on his foot, saying, “I mind!”

“I’m sorry, waifu!” Harry immediately went on one knee. He was quick when it came to kneeling down. Should I prepare him a washing board, especially for him to kneel on? 

“My dear, please marry me,” Harry suddenly said as he held my hand, even though I was already wearing the ring that belonged to him, and it was shimmering under the firework.

Raffles lifted the ends of his robe, and he also knelt before me. “Luo Bing, please marry me too,” Raffles asked seriously and affectionately, holding my other hand.

Ah Zong smiled, saying, “My Queen… Please allow me to become your husband.” He then went on one knee before me, placing his right hand on his chest sincerely.

I felt blessed and happy, and there was also a tinge of vanity melting upon my chest like an extremely sweet jam. I pursed my lips happily, looking at them. I had yet to say yes, but Harry suddenly said, “Waifu, are you happy now? We came to propose in a group. Is this enough? Should we get Xing Chuan and He Lei too?”

UGH! Harry is such an ass who is good at ruining the mood.

“Go away!” I flung Harry’s hand, and he sniggered maliciously, kneeling on one knee.

Raffles looked at him in distress, commenting, “Harry, you are an expert in ruining the moment! You weren’t this stupid in the past!”

Harry broke into a smile, saying, “It’s because we are an old pair of couples, and there are things that don’t have to be done so intentionally. Am I right, Waifu?” Harry stood up then he held my shoulder and hugged my waist before he planted a heavy kiss on my cheek.

“Go away!” I shoved him away.

He hugged me even tighter, saying, “I know that you actually like me sticking onto you like this!”

“Go away!”

Sigh…” Raffles sighed, pulling Ah Zong up on his feet too. He commented, “I really think you are getting more and more like Uncle Mason. Uncle Mason always gets beaten up by Sis Ceci.”

“Oh! Raffles, you reminded me!” I grabbed Harry’s arm, exerted strength using my core, and threw Harry off the balcony without hesitation.

“Ah! Waifu, do you have to do this?” Harry fell off instantly. It took a while until we heard, “Splash!” as he landed in the river.

I clapped my hands. This b*stard needs to be taken care of.

Ah Zong’s expression grew stiff.

“Bing… This ain’t right…” Ah Zong said awkwardly.

“Ah Zong, you don’t know that Harry falls deeper and deeper in love with Lil Bing from the beating he gets. You don’t have to sympathize with him. Some people like to get beaten. Harry enjoys it a lot,” Raffles said, wearing the same cunning smile as Ice Dragon.

“Is, is it…?” Ah Zong looked even more awkward.

Raffles smiled at him then he kissed my cheek before he turned to leave. He said, “I am going to pick him up.”

My face grew grave. I reckoned he should be left in there. He was a water ghost, and he wouldn’t drown anyway. But he might possibly fall off the cliff at the waterfall if he continued to flow along the river.

Mm… It seemed that I have to install netting at the end of the waterfall so I could always throw him off like that. 

“Bing… Harry…”

“He’s fine. When I first saw him, Sis Ceci threw him off the building just like that. I was also shocked back then. Hahahaha,” I reassured Ah Zong.

Recalling what had happened back then, I couldn’t help but laugh. I was really shocked when Sis Ceci told Da Li to throw Harry off the building just because he was unbreakable.

I faintly felt that Harry was getting more similar to Uncle Mason too. He was getting openly loose and more light-hearted. 

“That’s nice…” Ah Zong suddenly said. I looked at him, and I saw his eyes fueled with envy as he said, “Harry shares such a past with Bing. I am really envious of him.” Ah Zong looked at me and said, “There’s nothing between you and me, Bing…”

“Who says so?” I said, looking at him. “I remember everything about us in here…” I said, pointing at my head. “I will never forget every single thing you said to me. You said that I am yours and you wanted me…” I blushed. The scene where Ah Zong had stood on the balcony naked, watching me with his burning gaze replayed in my head. I had found it disgusting back then, but it made my heart race now.


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