Book 8: Chapter 24 - The Celebration Began

“Cough!” Xing Chuan coughed and said, “Lei, keep yourself together.”

“Lei, you acknowledge none of us. Do you?” Ah Zong said, looking at He Lei with a smile, but his eyes let out a cold gleam.

“He Lei! Don’t add to the trouble!” Harry walked out, huffing and puffing. He flipped his long red hair, roaring, “Lucifer takes petty advantage of my wife all the time. Let’s take care of that b*stard first.”

He Lei narrowed his eyes, and his gaze turned resentful as he said, “As what I have expected. Lucifer is no simple man.”

Sigh… All of you…” Raffles sighed, pushing Xing Chuan forward. The few men then directed their gazes at Xing Chuan.

Harry lifted the corners of his lips into a wicked smile. He leaned against Xing Chuan’s armrest and said, “Hey, is it because you can’t do it yourself, so you persuaded your son to seduce my wife?!”

Cough, cough…” Xing Chuan coughed lightly. He said in disdain, “If Bing likes him, none of you can stop her.” He let out a cold chuckle as though he was laughing at how childish Harry was.

Harry narrowed his eyes while Xing Chuan glanced at him coldly and asked, “When are you going to stop being jealous? You are the Queen’s husbands! Can you stop behaving so childishly?”

Ha! Xing Chaun lectured all my men.

Then, Harry and the others revealed an embarrassed expression. Raffles let out a heavy sigh, looking at Harry. It was as though he was disappointed that Harry didn’t live up to his expectation. 

After all those years, there were parts of Harry that could never change. But that was why he was cute too.

Ah Zong couldn’t help but chuckle, shaking his head. He resumed his flirtatious conduct, looking at me, “My Queen, please get in the car.” He extended his hand to me as his long pink hair fluttered in the wind.

Gru, who was driving, was stiff. He didn’t dare to look around. It seemed that my men made him feel really pressured.

The men were fighting among themselves for affection but forgot about me entirely! Xing Chuan lectured them well!

Harry stood by the car and extended his hand as Ah Zong did. One of them was flirtatious and enchanting, while the other was monstrously charming. Whoever saw them would have their hearts racing and be enchanted.

I extended my hands and placed them in theirs. They smiled, helping me onto the flying vehicle decorated with fresh flowers. Then, Raffles pushed Xing Chuan onto the flying vehicle after us.

The driver, Gru, was still stiff all over. He ascended the flying vehicle without looking anywhere else, bringing it up to the viewing stage high above.

The sky corridor was lit up in blue. The high-spirited music that was once popular resounded in Star Capital. The entire city was suddenly busy and lively.

We were all young. We wanted to throw a huge party that each and every one of us could participate in on National Day. The oppression that the people once felt could be completely cast away, and they could start a new life with us.

My flying vehicle flew past Sun Palace, and the people from all eleven cities were on Sun Palace. They were dressed in their best colorful festive clothes. They cheering and waving the colorful ribbons in their hands.

We then flew past Moon Palace. Xiao Ying, Sis Ceci, Uncle Mason, and the rest were on Moon Palace. Xiao Ying had two braids embellished with gem beads of different colors. She was wearing her favorite puffy princess dress. She dressed herself up like a barbie princess. She was almost twenty, but she was trying to play young. 

Joey, Sia, Fat-Two, and Silver Snake were around her. They were also dressed in their best festive clothes. They looked extraordinarily handsome and dignified.

Huh? Why is Fat-Two suddenly so skinny?  

Just how much exercise he had to do in order to slim down in two days? I couldn’t help but think of something else.

Xiao Ying waved at me. Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci behind her looked more like the kindergarten principals because they had brought all the children with them. They were in a huge playpen so that they couldn’t climb out. They were at the rooftop. It would be a disaster if any of them fell off.

But some children were already showing their superpowers, and how could a playpen contain them? For instance, Butterfly could fly up to a certain height, and she was already leaning on the playpen, watching everything curiously.

The bustling scene and colorful world made all the children excited.They were jumping and hopping within the playpen.

“Long live Your Highness!”

“Long live Radical Star!”

“General Harry!”

“General Ah Zong!”

“General He Lei!”

“Professor Raffles!”


The cheering reverberated among the three palaces.

We stopped on the rooftop of Star Palace as they cheered. The Great Ghost King and the Queen were already seated. Gehenna, Napoleon, and the others were seated behind them.

I got off the flying vehicle and stood on the luxuriant carpet. Harry, Ah Zong, Raffles, and Xing Chuan got off the flying vehicle one after another. Then, Gru drove off.

I walked up to the platform as though I was standing right under the sky. I spread my arms, and it became quiet. The mood was like a billowing ocean, stirring and lapping waves in the sky.

I looked at every member of Radical Star under the blue sky. I had said whatever I needed to in the past. On that day itself, it was merely a day to enjoy happiness. It was unnecessary to say bullsh*t to ruin the joyous mood.

So, I said loudly, “Today, Radical Star is officially established! Let us party! Let us celebrate the birth of our nation!”

“Yes!” The reply of over five thousand people reverberated in unison. The people in Napoleon, Gehenna and Nubis’s zones would be seeing it live and celebrating together too.

“Let the celebrations begin!” I announced. The gun salute resounded in the sky, and flower petals showered from high above.

Little Bing, Little Har, and Little Raf flew past above us, followed closely by Jun and Zong Ben. All metahumans who could fly flew past the sky above us neatly under the lead of Lucifer and Blue Feather.

They hovered in the air and lined up into various shapes, building different kinds of high spirits in the blue sky.

Then, the speed metahumans came forth. They were in bright clothes. They ran on the pathway, drawing brilliant rays using their speed—the rays formed into the map of Radical Star. Every city, every mountain, and every river was shimmering. 

Next up were the elements metahumans. They manipulated every element in nature. There was breeze howling, snow falling, water swooshing, and fire dancing. They formed a painting with the movement of great momentum. They were also like every living thing in the universe that had turned into elves, dancing in a painting scroll. It was a magnificent scene that made one excited.

After that, were plant metahumans. Under the nurturing of nature, the tree vines grew, and fruits and flowers blossomed. A huge spirit flower bloomed in the well-lit sky corridor. Then, Jun and Zong Ben dashed out from within, flying into the high-sky. In Radical Star, any tribe in any form respected one another and prospered hand in hand! 

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