Book 8: Chapter 23 - National Day

Napoleon came back to reality, and he shot a sudden chilly gleam at Gehenna. Gehenna’s body tensed while Napoleon narrowed his eyes. He said, smiling, “Gehenna, don’t you know that the one I like all this time is…” Napoleon said, walking slowly towards Gehenna. Gehenna’s body stiffened while Napoleon took off his hat and swept it past Gehenna’s chest, and asked, “you?”

“Ah! Ah!” Gehenna began to scream as though he had seen a ghost, moving backward. He shouted, “I knew it! The way you look at me has always been strange! Ah! This is so disgusting! No wonder you always invited me to go and look for Margaery together. It turns out that you wanted to do me! Ah!” Gehenna rubbed his arms, then he turned to run, shouting, “Don’t come any closer to me. Ah!” He grasped his long hair anxiously, saying, “It’s all my fault. I am too charming. Ah!”

Gehenna ran away.

I watched Gehenna speechlessly, then I looked at Napoleon, saying, “Uncle Napoleon, that’s not nice of you to frighten him. He is so childish. He would believe it.”

“Hahahaha!” Napoleon burst out in a hearty laugh. He rested one hand on his waist as his curly hair fluttered in the breeze. He said, “I am really surprised by Su Yang. I have never imagined a day when he would have the courage to remove his mask. I thought that I would never see his real appearance in my life. One… can only leave at ease without the mask. Am I right, Your Highness?” He bowed politely at me and put on his hat again. Then, he moved forward in dancing footsteps.

I didn’t know why Napoleon suddenly said something so random to me out of nowhere. So did he like Su Yang or not?

But, one thing’s for sure, he must have been paying close attention to Su Yang all the time. That was why he could tell that Su Yang had once lived cautiously. Maybe, he was happy for Su Yang.

I watched Napoleon and Gehenna walk away. I couldn’t help but chuckle in the mountain breeze. In similar dancing footsteps as Napoleon, I marched forward with my arms spread open, humming a cheerful melody. He Lei’s figure was right next to me the whole time, watching me in silence.

We sounded gun salute on the next morning, signifying the beginning of Radical Star’s National Day celebration!

We had taken a long time to prepare for the celebration. Many metahumans would be joining our National Day celebration.

Our National Day celebration started at ten sharp. The viewing stand was located at the top of the three palaces. There was a sky corridor circling around the three palaces. When the time came, the eleven new mayors led the people of their respective cities, walking past the sky corridor. They performed and sprinkled fresh flower petals as they walked past the three palaces. Everyone inside the palaces could see their performance.

I stood in the room, wearing a gown embellished with crystals. My heart was beating vigorously. I had never felt this nervous before. I would be officially crowned as Radical Star’s Queen at the National Day celebration.

Raffles was dressed in a blue silk suit. His grayish blue long hair were shimmering with a greenish-gold crown pinned to his hair, setting off his elegance.

Ah Zong was in a white suit with gold thread outlining the border. It looked luxurious yet simple. The clean white set off his pink hair and his charming bicolored eyes. There were too many colors on him, so the white suit suited him the best.

“Where’s Harry?” I looked at Raffles and Ah Zong anxiously. I felt uneasy without Harry in sight.

Raffles and Ah Zong exchanged a glance and smiled mysteriously.

Suddenly, a flinch of red flew past the empty balcony like a curtain fluttering before my eyes. I turned and saw fiery, red curly hair that looked like blazing fire. 

Harry put one hand on the door frame while combing his redhead with the other hand. He raised his eyebrow and flirted, “What do you think? Are you charmed by me, your husband?”

I laughed. He was wearing a formal suit too. His suit was mainly in green with a  complicated silver thread pattern. There were purple gemstones embellished in the design, and they were equally loud and luxurious as his character.

“I didn’t dare to look in the mirror when I woke up this morning too,” Harry said. He stood straight and combed his fingers through his long hair, saying, “I was worried that I would die seeing how handsome I look.”

I really can’t stand him!

Raffles and Ah Zong lowered their heads and sniggered.

I was happy, but I was worried about his body too. I asked, “Is it really okay for you to wear it like this?”

“No problem,” Harry spread the collar of his shirt and revealed a unique bodysuit underneath. It was his moisturizer suit. “Raffles improvized it for me!” He said proudly. He took out a bottle of mist spray from his pocket and sprayed himself, grinning widely. “As long as I keep spraying this, there’s no problem for me to be in this the whole day,” he sprayed again smugly.

Ah Zong chuckled, looking at him.

“I get to see someone behaving all coquettish so early in the morning.” Xing Chuan’s voice suddenly resounded from the direction where the door was. Lucifer was still the one pushing him. Lucifer was in his vest because he was going to perform in the sky later. He wore a silver wind coat on the outside, which made him look even cooler.

Harry glanced at Xing Chuan, who was in a black suit with golden embroidered pattern, and taunted, “Why? Does it bother you, you secretly coquettish old man?”

Cough, cough,” Xing Chuan coughed lightly, smiling.

“Bing, kiss!” Lucifer rushed towards me. He cupped my cheeks and kissed my lips before any of the men could respond in time.

He didn’t peck me like a chick, but he kissed my lips with his eyes closed. He didn’t leave my lips for a long time and kissed me like there was no one around us. I watched his quivering eyelashes and his satisfied smile, and my heart stopped along with my breathing.

Lucifer was fueled with irresistible youthful charm after mutating!

He was the definition of youth, and one couldn’t resist the temptation that arose from youthfulness.

“You pervert!” Harry was the first one to charge forward and pull Lucifer away. Lucifer continued to look at me with a smile while Harry shoved him away. Lucifer turned to grab Harry’s shoulder, asking him happily, “Brother Harry, I haven’t kissed you today...”

“Dream on!” Harry punched, and Lucifer dodged happily. Suddenly, he spread his wings on his back and got off the ground, flying out from the balcony. He made a silly face at Harry in the air, taunting, “Bing will be my wife too!”

“You pervert!! I knew you have had your evil plan for a long time!” Harry wanted to chase after him, but Ah Zong stopped him, “Harry, watch your image. You are dressed handsomely today. Don’t crumple your clothes. While Ah Zong talked, Xing Chuan sent Lucifer an eye signal, and he flew away excitedly.

I raised my eyebrows. I had a feeling that there would be billows of gunpowder smoke behind my back among the men.

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