Book 8: Chapter 20 - Everyone Is Here

“Brother Harry, we haven’t kiss yet!” Lucifer finally let go of Raffles and pounced at Harry.

“Go away!” Harry abruptly increased his leg size and kicked Lucifer onto the wall. His huge leg looked like he was stepping Lucifer under his foot.

Everyone looked upset that Harry was the exception who wasn’t kissed.  

Harry flicked his helmet like he was flipping his long hair. The water in his helmet whooshed, saying, “Only my wife can kiss me. No men can kiss me too!”

“Ah! Brother Harry, your foot stinks!” Lucifer shouted under Harry’s huge foot, creasing his eyebrows while holding onto his nose and sticking his tongue out as though he was suffocating from the foul smell.

Harry raised his eyebrows, refuting, “Nonsense! I have no sweat glands. How can my foot stink?”

Harry was telling the truth. He had no body odor. But different water regions had different water smells.

“Ask Brother Ah Zong if you don’t believe in me,” Lucifer said, pointing at Ah Zong because he was the most sensitive towards smell.

Ah Zong immediately held his nose, saying in disdain, “It has become huge and stinky!” Ah Zong complained about the smell too. I couldn’t help but become suspicious too. Would water ghosts have stinky feet too?

Harry immediately retracted his foot in suspicion, wondering, “Why would it stink?” 

Just then, Lucifer pounced at Harry, shouting, “Brother Harry!”

Harry was knocked off his feet. Lucifer’s speed was undodgeable and as fast as a tiger jumping at its prey. 

Lucifer pushed Harry off balance and pressed Harry’s helmet against the side of Xing Chuan’s bed.

Bang!” Harry was seized under Lucifer, but he quickly lifted his hand to push Lucifer’s chin. He shouted, “Go away! Your mouth stinks!”

“I am not stinky!” Lucifer pouted proudly, explaining, “I haven’t eaten any heavy-smelling food for very long.” Then, Lucifer shoved his face forcefully at Harry. It was a tug of war between the both of them. 

“Now, this is fair,” Ah Zong said smilingly, squatting next to Harry. He unlocked Harry’s helmet and said, “Lucifer, kiss him nicely!” 

“My dear son, kiss Harry dearly. Thank him for me too!” Xing Chuan said glumly, glaring at Harry. 

“All of you are framing me!” Harry pushed Lucifer’s face strenuously.

“Harry, I think this is Lucifer’s love towards us. Don’t refuse him,” Raffles said after wiping his face too. It was the first time he revealed a cunning smile like Ice Dragon. He said, “Ah Zong, let’s lend Lucifer a helping hand.”

“Raffles! Since when have you become so evil?!” Harry shouted, opening his eyes widely.

“Come on,” Ah Zong pulled away Harry’s hand that was blocking Lucifer, and Lucifer immediately plunged down to peck all over Harry’s face.

The scene was simply unbearable.

Ah Zong was in charge of pressing Harry’s struggling hands on the ground. Lucifer was lying above Harry, kissing him passionately. Raffles and Xing Chuan were watching by the sides.

Muack, muack, muack.

“Hahahaha!” The men let out a hearty laugh at the sight.

Jun and Zong Ben flew in from outside the balcony and watched.

The scene before us could be considered as a historic moment because they had never laughed so happily altogether.

Raffles did a thorough check-up for Lucifer, and everything came back with great results. What made Haggs and Raffles excited was that Lucifer’s human and flying corpse genetics intertwined perfectly. That was why Lucifer had wings in his human form too. It lived up to his sky tribe’s name.

When Ah Zong brought Lucifer to choose for new clothes, Gehenna and Napoleon finally arrived!

It was an exciting moment when everyone gathered again.

Raffles handed me a new imaging device. The silver and blue futuristic-looking imaging device hovered above my palm. On its matte surface, there was an image of a bitten apple. I couldn’t help but laugh at the sight.

“Why?” Raffles asked suspiciously.

I shook my head, replying, “Nothing. The image looks like a brand logo from the world I came from. That’s why I feel like laughing every time I see it.”

“Oh yeah. That’s such a coincidence,” Raffles replied, looking at the bitten apple logo that we had used since forever. His gaze was fueled with memory. He said gently, “You brought us apple back then. An apple was nothing to Radical Star, but it was the representation of hope back then. It symbolized a bright future, which was the reason why we used it as our logo.”

“Yeah...” It seemed like it was only yesterday. I was in the current world for almost five years now. Time flew, and things that happened seemed to be so vague. However, some things were deeply engraved at the bottom of my heart, and I would never forget them.

For example, the two young men I had met when I first fell into this world...

I looked at the imaging device, and the lights formed an image, outlining He Lei’s miniature figure.

“Commander He Lei, connected,” it was Ice Dragon’s voice resounding from the imaging device.

He Lei stood in my palm, looking at me as he asked, “Are Gehenna and Napoleon there yet?”

“Yes, thank you for your hard work. I wish that you could stay by my side, but...”

“I understand,” he replied, hanging his head low. He went silent for a short while before he lifted his head and continued, “I heard that Lucifer mutated.”

“Yeah, Ah Zong took him to pick up new clothes. You’ll be surprised when you see him. He looks entirely different now.”

He Lei’s face immediately grew grave as he muttered, “If so, I have another extra competitor.”

I held my forehead, saying, “He Lei, let’s get to business.”

“Lei, Lil Bing has been very busy recently. Don’t make such a joke,” Raffles said, looking at He Lei, not knowing if he should laugh or cry.

He Lei’s gaze turned to him sharply as he said, “Raffles, you are a kind man. I think Haggs would share the same thought like me.”

“Lucifer kissed all of us today. He would have definitely kissed you if you were here,” Raffles said, looking at He Lei with a smile.

He Lei’s face grew tense as he asked, “Do you mean... he kissed all of you?”

“Yes... So, Lucifer is still a child... to a certain extent...” Raffles said awkwardly.

I stood up, saying sternly, “Let’s not talk about Lucifer. We shall go and greet Gehenna and Napoleon.” I couldn’t stand it when the men wanted to talk about nonsense instead of real business.

“Sure,” He Lei replied glumly. His expression remained glum as though the number of men around me was his priority.

Raffles sighed, shaking his head. I had never seen him sighing melancholically even before we went to war. 

The imaging device hovered in the air, and He Lei’s figure grew to scale, looking lively as he stood before me. He would also attend the upcoming celebration in his current form.  

Gehenna and Napoleon’s spacecraft taxied before our Morning Star Palace like the Great Ghost King’s spacecraft. He Lei, Harry, Raffles, and I welcomed Gehenna and Napoleon as they exited their spacecraft. 

“Brother He Lei!” Lucifer suddenly called excitedly. He Lei turned to look in confusion, but Lucifer was already running towards him, with Ah Zong following closely behind.


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