Book 8: Chapter 19 - Kissing All Around

Sh-lack! Suddenly, a pair of flesh-colored wings spread on Lucifer’s back. I looked at him in shock while he flapped his wings in pride, saying, “I have wings in my human form too! Bing, hurry up and touch them!” He seemed to be showing off as he moved his wings before me.

I touched the pair of flesh-colored wings and was astonished. The wings quivered at the tip of my fingers as though they were alive. Of course, they were alive as they grew on Lucifer but what I meant was that they were like an individual themselves. It was as though the wings had their own life, parasitizing on Lucifer.

It was beyond our expectation that Lucifer had a pair of wings even in his human form after his mutation. I gently touched the thin feathers connecting the wings and the bones. It was soft and smooth and warm as well. The touch took me back to the time when I first knew Lucifer. Time was flowing backward then. It felt like I was touching the pair of small wings from back then.

“I want to show Brother Xing Chuan too!” Lucifer’s bright, cheerful voice pulled me back from my stroll through the memory lane. When I came back to reality, he suddenly held me by my waist and hugged me firmly in front of him, pressing me onto his clean, damp chest. His arms around my waist were strong yet gentle. His muscles didn’t tense and make me feel uncomfortable from him exerting strength.

He looked down at me happily as he began to flap his wings. My feet left the ground as he took off. He hugged me firmly in his embrace, flying slowly. It felt like I was floating forward. When we flew past the water curtain, he dived backward along with me in his arms.

“Ah!” I screamed in shock. He held me even tighter. He leaned into my ears and said, “Don’t be scared. I will hold onto you. Haha!” He continued to free fall with me in his arms happily. He was super excited! When we were about to reach the ground, I subconsciously held his warm body tighter and buried myself into his firm chest.

Whoop! Suddenly, we went vertically upwards and soared into the sky at high speed. Then, he let out a burst of a hearty laugh, “Hahaha! Hahaha!” He was thrilled with excitement.

I unburied my face from his chest and opened my eyes. My capital city filled my sight. Many people were looking up at us curiously.

Jun and Zong Ben flew next to us, and Lucifer looked at them happily, taunting playfully, “Brother Jun, Brother Zong Ben, let’s race!” He suddenly held me tight and plunged at full speed. He was so fast that he shook off Jun and Zong Ben in an instant.

Whoop, whoop. I could only hear his wings flapping in my ears. Suddenly, a huge shadow was cast from above. Little Har caught up with us.

Howl. Little Har let out a long howl, seemingly to congratulate Lucifer on entering adulthood. 

Lucifer did a backflip with me in his arms, and we were above Little Har. Lucifer and Little Har flew parallel with one above and one below. They spread their wings tacitly and happily in the blue sky. There was an unprecedented calm feeling from their tacit understanding of flying that warmed my heart. I somehow forgot all my worries and flew along with their flapping wings.

Lucifer lowered himself, stopping right above Little Har. He rubbed Little Har’s head using one hand, and Little Har let out a satisfying howl before he left us. He circled us before he soared into the sky and flew towards his nest. It looked like he was going to share the good news with Little Raf and Little Bing.

On the other hand, Lucifer rushed toward Star Capital. There was only the sound of wind piercing in my ears. I had never thought flying could be this exciting. Although I used to put on my flying suit all the time and had even dived off Silver Moon City before, it was an entirely different feeling, especially this feeling of setting myself free.

When Lucifer landed, we had already arrived at Xing Chuan’s balcony.

“Brother Xing Chuan!” He let go of me and barged in.

Xing Chuan was still in bed. He gently pushed his body off the bed when he heard someone calling for him. Before he could see who it was, Lucifer pounced on him, saying, “Brother Xing Chuan, kiss!”


Before I could remind Xing Chuan, Lucifer was already kissing Xing Chuan passionately, cupping Xing Chuan’s face.

I covered my mouth subconsciously, looking at Lucifer kissing Xing Chuan crazily as he did to me. But… he never kissed Xing Chuan’s lips!

I was dumbfounded, feeling a little awkward.

Lucifer pecked Xing Chuan’s face like a chick pecking at rice. His long white hair was half-dried from the flying earlier and hung by the side of his handsome face and on Xing Chuan’s bed.

“Lucifer! Cough, cough, cough, cough…” Xing Chuan pushed his face away, wanting to stop him. Unfortunately, Lucifer was beaming with passion and was unstoppable.

“Lucifer, the pervert, is back!” Suddenly, Harry barged in angrily. He instantly froze when he saw Lucifer kissing Xing Chuan enthusiastically on the bed. 

“Harry! Don’t barge into Xing Chuan’s…” Ah Zong, who was about to stop Harry from barging in, saw them and froze too.

“Wait for me…” Raffles rushed in behind and froze along with Harry and Ah Zong.

Lucifer heard everyone’s voice, and he turned to look, still cupping Xing Chuan’s face. He then flew happily, saying, “Brother Harry! Kiss!” He then pounced on Harry.

Harry returned to reality and used Ah Zong as his shield, saying, “You can just kiss Brother Ah Zong!”

“Brother Ah Zong!” Lucifer just kissed whoever was shoved towards him. He immediately cupped Ah Zong’s face and began to peck at him. He quickly turned to Raffles, saying, “Brother Raffles!”

“Huh?!” Raffles moved backward, frightened. But Lucifer pounced on him and began to kiss him, hugging him.

Cough, cough, cough…” Xing Chuan sat on the bed, wiping Lucifer’s saliva off his face while looking at Lucifer, who was kissing Raffles. He reprimanded, “How do you watch after him?” He seemed to blame me for not watching over our child and letting him out to kiss everyone as he wished.

I felt wronged, “Lucifer loves you the most. He came to kiss you first…”

Xing Chuan’s face grew grave.

“I am at ease, seeing that Lucifer loves you…” Harry escaped from behind Ah Zong and said, leaning against the bed next to Xing Chuan.

Xing Chuan glared at him while Harry broke into a malicious smile, saying, “It shows on Raffles’ data that Lucifer’s hormones are increasing tremendously. I was worried that he might harbor evil intentions against Lil Bing. I guess he likes males…” Harry said, and his smile grew wider. He looked at the few men who were kissed earlier, gratified by their experience.

“The steep rise in Lucifer’s hormones should be from excitement,” Ah Zong said, wiping his face in distress. He looked at Harry for a while and then at Lucifer. He then flashed a seductive smile, saying, “Lucifer, your brother Harry is there.”

Lucifer turned around, and his gaze immediately locked on Harry, who instantly went stiff.


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