Book 8: Chapter 18 - Lucifer Grew Up

Jun’s luminous braids made him the most beautiful existence in the world, but there was a faint gray blurriness. It was like a fading colored-photo. 

“Jun, up until now, what’s there that we can’t do?” I clenched his shoulder, saying confidently, “When I first fell into this world, I was once hopeless. I never imagined that there would be a day when I would unite the western hemisphere. But miracles do happen. So, we can do it, Jun. Raffles, Haggs, and I will definitely find a way for you to become humans again!”

I held his hands firmly.

He smiled, placing his hand over mine on his shoulder. He gripped my hand, saying, “Lil Bing, I am more than happy now. It was you who brought Zong Ben and me out of the center of the radiation zone. You brought us out of the little world that was our prison. You enabled Zong Ben and me to look at this brand new world on everyone else’s behalf. We can even fly in the sky…” He looked up, wearing a satisfied smile. His gentle gaze was like a soft paintbrush that swept past the sky. He repeated, “I am really happy and content. Really. I am.”

“Jun…” I didn’t know how to comfort him, so I leaned on his shoulder quietly. I really wanted to cheer him up, but I reckoned all attempts would backfire. Keeping him company in silence was the best thing.

His hand wrapped around mine warmly.

I slowly closed my eyes, leaning on his shoulder. I was enjoying the warm breeze as I said, “I want to be with you and Zong Ben in reality like this. Sitting together, enjoying the scenery…”

His hand clenched. He leaned his head sideways, gently resting against the top of my head.

The corner of my lips lifted into a happy smile as he said, “So, I will continue to work hard for it. Raffles and Haggs are so smart. They can definitely help you be reborn…”

He held my hand firmly, placing his chin gently on my head. He said, “Lil Bing… You are so kind. Thank you for always thinking for us…” A soft, gentle kiss landed on top of my head. It was like a family member’s kiss, filled with love.

Splash. I heard the water. I slowly opened my eyes. There was a vague figure in my blurry vision. It was hard to differentiate if it was reality or a dream. 

A person stood in the water curtain, letting the water run down his body. The sunlight shined through the water curtain, pouring over him and dyeing both the water curtain and the figure in a warm golden luster.

He was looking at his body. He lifted his arms in the water curtain covered in sunlight. It was a slender and proportionate human arm, shimmering in the water reflection under the sunlight.

Xing Chuan…

The memory of Xing Chuan standing at the water curtain in Lavre City replayed in my head. I quickly sat and rubbed my eyes. When I looked again, I saw tufts of white hair on the man’s body.

He was happily looking at his slender fingers and arms. He lowered his head, and the water dripped along his sharp chin, past his equally slender neck, pooling in his deep collar bones before flowing down his chest.

He moved his hands along the flowing water past his chest, tight abs, delicate belly button, tight waistline, loosely hung grey pants, and further down.

I recognized Lucifer’s pants! Raffles had specially made it for him. Just like Harry’s, it was a piece of clothing that could change in size when he transformed.

The water flowed down his pants, outlining his long legs. He lifted his legs and wriggled his toes. Then, he put his foot down happily. His gaze met mine when he lifted his chin.

“Bing!” He ran out of the water curtain towards me excitedly.

I was dumbfounded, looking at Lucifer, who was beyond recognition.

His facial features were matured. There was no trace of his younger look. Although I could roughly tell that it was Lucifer, he looked entirely different. I wondered if it was because the growth was overnight, and it made me feel as though his appearance had changed drastically. It was as though I couldn’t recognize the young man who I once knew after parting ways for many years.

“Look! I am all grown up!” He said to me excitedly. Even his voice sounded different. It was no longer the tender, childish voice but a cheerful, clean voice.

He squatted before me and grabbed my hand to put on his face. He closed his eyes and enjoyed my touch. His habit of asking for love didn’t change one bit.

Coo.” Little Har looked up, startled. He measured the brand new Lucifer up and down curiously. He seemed to be confused. He obviously couldn’t understand how Lucifer suddenly looked different. 

As Lucifer rubbed his face against my hand, I lifted my other hand to touch his fine silver eyebrow, slender eyes, the lifted corners of his eyes, an unusually tall nose, and delicate lips. His drastic change was astonishing.

I should have known that Lucifer would turn out good-looking. He looked extremely cute when he was young. His face was merely round because of his baby fat. He looked just like a European man from a painting. His white hair was flecked with gold under the sunlight, giving him the aura of an elegant prince.

His long white eyelashes fluttered as I touched his face. He suddenly opened his eyes, and they looked equally clear and innocent as before. It was the only unchanged feature, the only feature I could recognize.

His innocent smile looked the same.

“Bing,” he called.

“Lucifer?” I asked in reply, looking at him in surprise.

“Kiss!” He suddenly said happily.

“Huh?!” I was stunned.

Before I could respond, he leaned down and kissed me. He cupped my face and pecked my cheeks and my lips. Smooch, smooch, smooch, smooch. Just like a chicken pecking at the rice.

He pecked me harshly. His lips had become warm, and they were no longer cold like before. He exerted strength over my body, and I was pushed on the ground while he continued to happily “peck” me, cupping my cheeks.

Coo!” Little Har stood up and lowered his head, staring at how Lucifer pecked me.

Jun and Zong Ben landed one after another, standing on both of my sides. When they looked like they wanted to stop Lucifer, he finally stopped kissing me and smiled happily and innocently above me.

“I want to go and see Brother Xing Chuan!” He suddenly said, looking extremely excited.

He pulled me up from the ground with ease, full of youthful spirit.

“Bing, look!” He held my hand, saying excitedly.

I had yet to come back to reality from his pecking. I asked, dumbfounded, “What is it?”

I looked at his naked body. His bone structure was well expanded, and his muscles were more defined. It wasn’t like He Lei’s, bulging and stiff. It was toned with a decent firmness in a balanced manner. He was a real man then. His body was healthy and handsome with defined muscles and firm skin, emitting an overpowering youthful vigor.


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