Book 8: Chapter 17 - Put Myself To Sleep Instead

Jun returned. He held a big bag in his hands and threw it on the ground when he flew past me, landing next to me. The things in the bag scattered all over, including a towel, blanket, and a set of clean clothing for me.

I first picked up the towel to dry Lucifer. Then, I put the blanket over him.

Whoop! Something huge flew into the serene space. It was Little Har. The lucid birds seemed to be worried for Lucifer and had sent Little Har to check his condition.

Little Har’s huge body almost filled up the entire space.

He crooked his head, looking at Lucifer. Suddenly, he wriggled his body and splashed the water all around. Jun and Zong Ben quickly hid behind Lucifer.

“Little Har!” I quickly called. Little Har looked at me blankly as though he was asking, What do you want? He looked silly.

I looked at him, irritated, and said, “I just dried Lucifer, and now he is wet all over again.”

Little Har seemed to feel wronged. He lowered his head and moved to the side, watching me cautiously. His cumbersome body flattened the grass that had finally grown. 

He looked at me timidly before finally lying down next to Lucifer, leaning against his body. It was as though he was trying to keep Lucifer warm.

I dried Lucifer once again and smiled, stroking Little Har’s warm feathers. I said, “I forgive you."

Coo.” Little Har lowered his head and rubbed his cheeks against mine. His head was too big, and he toppled me by accident. I hugged his big, warm head happily, stroking the soft feathers on his cheeks. I commented, “You are going to be a father soon. Be steadier.”

Coo.” He moved his head back onto the grass, slowly closing his eyes. They only acted spoilt in front of their families because of their nature to love fighting.

Zong Ben and Jun flew out from behind Lucifer. Zong Ben landed on Little Har’s head, lying down comfortably, like a lazy seductress.

I moved Lucifer’s head off my thigh and got up to change out of my drenched clothing. I faintly felt people staring at me. I immediately turned and met Zong Ben and Little Har’s gaze. Both of these b*stards were peeping at me.

Turning around, I rested my hands on my waist. They quickly turned to look elsewhere, playing innocent!

Jun flew before Zong Ben and blocked his vision with his wings.

I shook my head in distress and continued to change.


The waterfall outside was babbling. Little Har shook off the water and made the grass all wet. Luckily, Jun had brought a waterproof mattress. I spread it and tried very hard to stuff the mattress under Lucifer’s huge body. But he was too hefty. His one leg simply felt like a huge rock that was impossible to be moved.

Crack. I got a shock. It sounded like a bone cracked inside Lucifer. It wasn’t significant. Nor was it loud.

Crack! There it was again. I looked down, worried. But I couldn’t see anything, and I wasn’t sure which piece of his bones was growing in secret.

Crack, crack! Here and there. His body began to make sounds of bones dislocating all over. I couldn’t see what was happening under his skin, but his body was experiencing changes.

Hoo… Hoo...” I quickly returned to his face. I felt that his skull seemed to have grown bigger as I held his face. However, the change wasn’t significant and wasn’t noticeable straight away. It was like a newborn baby who went through drastic change every day. You could feel it, but you couldn’t see it.

I placed his head on my knees again and gently stroked his long hair while he humphed in agony.

Humph… Humph… Humph…Humph…

“It’s okay… It’s okay… I’m here…”

Crack, crack!

I supported his head, stroking it while I rocked. I thought it might make him feel better. I rested my head on his and continued to rock back and forth.

Rock and rock… 

Sway and sway…

In the end…

I put myself to sleep… by accident…

Looking at Jun in front of me, I realized that I had fallen asleep. Jun was smiling brightly at me.

“I fell asleep?” I asked like an idiot.

“Pfft.” Jun let out a stifled laugh, sitting next to me. There was a beautiful mountain river and a rainbow in front of us.

“Yes, you put yourself to sleep instead,” Jun said, holding back his urge to laugh.

I patted my cheeks. How could I fall asleep so quickly?! I intended to make Lucifer feel better, but I fell asleep instead.

What if I fell asleep before my child when I was putting my child to sleep in the future.

“But Lucifer seems to be doing much better. He is very happy to have you with him,” Jun comforted, holding my shoulders.

I scratched my head, saying, “I have to look after him."

“Don’t worry. Zong Ben is looking after him. Plus, Haggs and Raffles are monitoring his data. He will be fine.”

“How is he doing now?” I asked hastily.

Mm…” Jun looked to the side as though he could see through to another world from the current one. He seemed to be daydreaming for a while before he looked at me again. His gaze turned as gentle as the sunlight, saying, “He looks bigger in size than before.”

I relaxed a little, saying, “I can’t tell when he is growing.”

“Of course. His changes are minor every second, but you will realize that his arms are actually longer and his hands are actually bigger.” Jun said, gesturing, “He is entering adulthood. It is my first time seeing the mutation of someone from sky tribe. It is quite interesting. We are all humans, but we are so different…” Jun looked into the distance, saying emotionally, “They are still considered humans, but we…”

“Jun, your father said that you are living as long as you exist,” I bent my knees, hugging them in my arms. I looked at him, saying, “You and Zong Ben are alive but in a different form compared to Lucifer, Harry, and the others. Plus, you can reside in the robots that we have invented. Who knows, we might be able to invent a living body for you next.”

Jun wore a weary expression as though he saw the end of times, saying, “It… is quite impossible. When we come out, the flesh would be burned into ashes. Heh…” He seemed to be making a joke, but there was heart-aching hopelessness seeping out.

I looked at his faint smile, and a heavyweight pressed down at the bottom of my heart. Xing Chuan looked old in appearance, while Jun was old at heart.

Although he was really old, his mentality wasn’t as old as Zong Ben, who was of the same age. Jun was always thinking of making merry while he could.

Zong Ben looked dispirited but lived actively, while Jun looked positive but took a passive attitude when it came to life and death.

There were always two sides to a human. I saw the other hidden side of the happy Jun then.

I placed my hand on his shoulder while he continued to look far ahead, as though he was going to see through the world of consciousness.


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