Book 8: Chapter 16 - Go Lucifer!

“Lucifer!” I shouted hastily.

He paused for a short while in the air, and his snow-white eyes glanced at me. Then, he flew towards the balcony.

I pushed Harry off and chased after him. Just as he tore off all the cables and dashed out of the balcony, I leaped and landed on his back, putting my arms around his neck.

His white hair fluttered in the night sky. Jun and Zong Ben caught up and surrounded him.

The cable terminals were still all over his body, so Haggs could still collect his data even though he disconnected all the cables.

I held his neck firmly, lying on his back as I shouted, “Lucifer! I am still here! I know you are suffering in great pain. Hold on a little longer. You will be fine soon!”

Howl! He let out another painful howl. His body shook in agony in the air, knocking into the glass windows of Moon Palace. Bang! The glass debris shattered in all directions under the moonlight, scaring the people in the rooms.

They looked at us with concern. I waved at them and urged, “Get someone to repair it. Don’t worry. Lucifer had too much to drink…”

Everyone nodded simultaneously and shouted in reply with concern, “Your Highness, be careful.”

“I will. Help to clean up and have a good rest.”

Lucifer suddenly soared up, and I held his neck tight. Jun and Zong Ben continued to fly by our sides, protecting me.

“Lucifer, let’s land. It’s too dangerous for you to fly around. You might hurt yourself, and you might hurt others,” I shouted in his ears.

Howl! He let out another howl. I tried hard to lean next to his ear, saying, “I know. I know that you are suffering. I’m here. I will be by your side. I will always be.”

Suddenly, his body grew weak as I was talking to him. His wings instantly folded up and hung down. His head suddenly plunged, and we were crash landing. 

I was terrified. I shouted hastily, “Lucifer, you can’t pass out now!” I didn’t have the superpower to fly. If I wanted to float in the air, I would burn Lucifer!

Jun and Zong Ben immediately flew towards the ends of both his wings. They held his folded wings and spread them out. As his huge wings were spread, we were lifted up, and our flight grew steadier.

Jun and Zong Ben continued to hold Lucifer’s wings, controlling his direction. He was like a gliding kite, preparing for landing while I looked forward as though I was paragliding. 

“Take us to Falls Garden!” I told Jun and Zong Ben. It would be safer there.

Jun and Zong Ben adjusted Lucifer’s wings, and we flew in the direction of the waterfall. It looked like a silver glacier under the moonlight, shimmering in the dim light. The fog was tainted in a silver luster. The gurgling waterfall seemed peaceful under the mask of the moonlight, like a beautiful lady washing her hair by the mountain, hanging her charming silver hair over the cliff.

We were getting closer to the beautiful waterfall. As the refreshing water splashed upon my face, we dashed through the waterfall.

“Wow!” Lucifer flew into the waterfall, and I was instantly drenched too.

Bang! Lucifer crashed landed behind the waterfall, which was a piece of lawn at the mountainside. He glided forward for a few meters and flattened the lawn, leaving a deep track behind.

This empty space was somewhere Lucifer often visited. He liked it here because he could see the curtain formed by the waterfall whenever he looked out from here. It looked exactly like his hometown.

It was a waterfall garden that we were repurposing as an observatory garden. It was temporarily covered in turf. We were planning to plant fresh flowers and equip the place with long benches later on. We probably would continue to dig to the sides and make it into an observatory room. 

“Hoo, hoo, hoo,” Lucifer gasped for air, lying on the turf. He looked much better than before.

“Bring me a blanket,” I ordered, getting off Lucifer’s back. I held his huge face, and his snow-white, long hair slid off the back of my hand onto the green lawn. His hair seemed to have grown longer too.

Jun immediately took off and flew out.

Zong Ben spread his wings lazily and stretched. He landed gently on Lucifer’s back, which was heaving up and down vigorously.

“Lil Bing, are you okay?” Harry and Ah Zong’s worrisome voice resounded in my ear.

“I’m okay. Lucifer landed.” I held Lucifer’s huge head and placed it on my knees. I stroked his forehead that was covered in a cold sweat, feeling a heartache.

“Phew. This boy’s strength is great. I feel like he became stronger after he mutated,” Harry gasped in admiration.

“It’s a pity that I can’t help him. It’s saddening to see him suffer. I hope that his mutation ends soon,” Ah Zong said.

“He was a pretty cute child. He is suddenly turning into a man. I am not used to it,” Harry complained awkwardly.

I said helplessly, “He was only an infant when I first saw him. He became a youth when we met the second time. You’d better not behave awkwardly when you see him tomorrow.”

“Don’t worry. We won’t. We will continue to treat him nicely. Unless…” Harry’s tone suddenly became malicious as he said, “...this b*stard is trying to fight over our wife.”

“Harry…” Ah Zong was speechless.

I rolled my eyes impatiently too. I said, “Harry, everyone looks like they are fighting over your wife to you.”

“Waifu, you are so outstanding, and the men can’t hold themselves back. Plus, you have such peculiar taste now… Mm… So peculiar that I am worried whether you could resist the temptation of the sky tribe…”

“Ah Zong, send Harry away!” I was pissed off. He was always making inappropriate jokes.


“Harry, stop. You know how Lil Bing feels.”

“Where’s Raffles?” I was looking for Raffles.

“Lil Bing, our data here shows that Lucifer has passed the peak. The numbers are descending. His body temperature is on the lower side due to excessive energy consumption. Pay more attention to keeping him warm,” Raffles reminded. “We are not sure if he would lose control again. It’d be best to let him stay in the waterfall garden. It is warmer there. It is safer for him and everyone else.”

“Alright. All of you, go and rest. I have Jun and Zong Ben to keep me company,” I told them. It was a tiring night.

“No way, Waifu! I am worried! What if this b*stard…”

“Ah Zong! Put him to sleep!”


Then, I no longer heard Harry’s voice. The guy’s head was flooded with lust recently. He assumed anyone he came across had male hormones raging like his.

Phew. Phew. Lucifer’s breathing became longer. He was drenched in the water from the waterfall. There was only his heavy panting in the space confined by the water curtain.


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